Free science fiction Kindle books for 24 Dec 15

Agent Smith and the Naughty Elf: A Utility Company Story

by Will Swardstrom

It’s Christmas Eve at the Utility Company — a secret government organization — but Agent Smith can’t go home yet. A package from Area 51 arrived with a little extra cargo: an elf. It’s up to Smith and his boss, Director Wall, to put a stop to the tiny meddlesome creature so everyone can enjoy Christmas.

This is a short story around 8,500 words.

Dangerous Shores: The Journey Home

by Christine Conaway

An act of terrorism or an act of God, no one knows for sure. The consequences are the same. The power grid is down, people have already begun to act as if the last days have started, thievery, murder and mayhem ensue. The first 24 hours have shown what people are capable of. A staged protest against the Palmetto Police Department escalates into a full blown riot. The town is on fire.

Ellen, a single sailor finds herself placed in a position of a reluctant rescuer when she sails into port to find out why the lights have gone out on shore. At the marina, she walks into the middle of a robbery gone wrong. With no other recourse she ends up having to flee aboard the Annie-C, her 34 foot Catalina sailboat. While it goes against her basic instincts to be held accountable for anyone other than herself, she offers an escape to a marina employee. By day two, having him along would prove to be the right thing to do.

Ellen continues to find herself labeled “The Rescuer” as their crew grows in size. With no more room on board and her resources stretched to the max, it’s time to take her crew and go home. The question that haunts her is which way to go. Washington State is thousands of miles from Florida, no matter which course they decide upon. How could she know the decision would be taken out of her hands, with the last rescue.

Hexad: The Factory (Time Travel Thriller) Book 1

by Al K. Line

“WARNING: This books contains both humor and a dark side, with scenes some readers may find disturbing — not for the faint-hearted. If you have a firm grasp on the nature of time travel then this book may not be for you, for the rest of us it’s confusing as hell and full of contradictions. Trust us, we’ve been there.” – Dale & Amanda


Dale dug furtively, feeling like a muppet but unable to get the previous evening’s conversation with Amanda out of his mind. A stupid, drunken conversation, full of conjecture about the possibility of time travel. Then one of them, he couldn’t remember which, had come up with the idea that if it really was possible at some point in their future then they’d go back in time and bury proof under the apple tree in the garden.

Dale knew he was acting foolish, and prayed Amanda didn’t wake up to find him digging in the dirt. He couldn’t help it though, however ridiculous it seemed. There was that nagging at the back of his mind: what if?

Tour To Midgard: The Forgotten Land

by Keith McArdle

Tasked with a mission in Iraq, an Australian SAS patrol deploy deep behind enemy lines. But when they activate a time portal, the soldiers find themselves in 10th century Viking Denmark, a place far more dangerous and lawless than modern Iraq. The soldiers have no way back. Join the SAS patrol on this action adventure and journey into the depths of a hostile land, far from the support of the Allied front line. Step into another worldâ?¦another time.

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