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Hitler’s Last Secret Weapon

by Hastings Cavendish

The last days of World War II are winding down. Hitler’s horrific regime is on the ropes. But, he has one last weapon, one that nobody knows about….

In this gripping World War II historical fiction novella, Hastings Cavendish takes you on a journey into those final days of the war and brings you an exciting tale, his first historical fiction novella.

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Hitler’s Last Secret Weapon Part 2

by Hastings Cavendish

In Part One Hitler turned away from the world he appeared to have changed. Now, it appears the call of the ancient stone time travel device is far too powerful for him to resist.

The box has the immense power to send the megalomaniac dictator back to 1945 to allow him to save Fatherland and destroy the Allies with the knowledge has gained from secretly living undetected in the future in England from 1945 to 1982.

With the dusty skeleton of his old colleague Reichsmarschall Hermann Wilhelm Göring at his feet what will happen as Hitler, Blood-Norton and Charley are hurtled back by the box to the maelstrom of the Battle of Berlin, April 1945. What terrible plan does the Führer have? Will General Patton listen to Blood-Norton and Charley crazy stories about how the evil dictator has returned from the future with top secret knowledge that could utterly destroy the allied armies from within?

Buff Hitler Gets White Socks for Christmas

by Hastings Cavendish

The next installment of the alternate history series from Hastings Cavendish is here, entertaining as ever!

Hitler’s step niece, Claudia, has a very hot athletic friend called Heidi. Heidi falls under Hitler’s charismatic spell at breakfast and ends up getting more than Claudia would have wanted for her for breakfast, resulting in them canceling their Christmas morning sports trip to Berlin University stadium as Hitler takes a long bath and reads the morning papers.

Claudia has been having an illicit affair with very good looking young princeling SS Officer who is on a cushy posting in the Fuhrer’s bunker as way to escape bitter fighting on the eastern front.

Hitler doesn’t take kindly to Claudia and Otto getting into bed without his explicit permission and this leads to him enlisting Heidi, his beloved Alsatian Blondi and some chocolate drops in a plan to teach the two lovers a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry!

Battle Damage Assessment: BDA

by Brian Parker

In the unforgiving countryside of eastern Afghanistan, Private First Class Tyson York is thrust into a situation with improbable odds of survival where he learns the difficult lessons of loss, unshakable loyalty and love.

Tyson, who is deployed to an active theater of war for the first time, is initially appalled at the casual way that his fellow soldiers discuss the deaths of their enemies and he vows to retain his decency as a human being. But when he is injured and witnesses the true horrors of combat, unbelievable boredom between missions and experiences betrayal from the home front, he finds himself enthusiastically wishing for the destruction of his enemies.

After he returns from the war, Tyson realizes that he’s changed and seeks help to cope with his altered emotional state. Over time, and with the help of a beautiful young woman, he learns how to cope with his PTSD and overcome the adversity that he faces upon his return.

WARNING: Graphic Language throughout.

Hell on the Solomons


Hell on the Solomons is a fictional account that takes place on the Solomon Islands during the year 1944. It represents American minorities as U.S. Army soldiers of Company L 10th Infantry Battalion. The young African-American Infantry Captain Robert McCray receives the first call to lead his battalion in a highly dangerous amphibious landing assault on the heavily fortified beach of Bougainville Island, which is occupied by the Imperial Japanese Army. Captain McCray has the frontline assistance of a tough Hispanic-American U.S. Army Battalion Sergeant John Martinez and a Japanese-American U.S. Army Major Jack Yoshida (consultant of jungle warfare). With no support from U.S. Army battle tanks or U.S. Army aircraft on this mission, Company L 10th Infantry must start the assault as the first battalion to land on the beach and disarm the thunderous Japanese 88-millimeter howitzer cannons that align the beach shore.

American Sniper

Former professional baseball player, Thomas Denim, is killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. He had sought patriotism when he joined the Army after 9-11, but the Army can be like any large organization, which is to say that it is a soup sandwich at times. U.S. Army Ranger units are high-speed, low-drag. But people factors can make good situations bad.

They burned a journal to keep a lid on the story. They burned the wrong journal.

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