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Hardtack and Coffee: The Unwritten Story of Army Life

by John D. Billings

John D. Billings was a veteran of the 10th Massachusetts Volunteer Artillery Battery during the Civil War, but he is best known for his 1888 book Hardtack and Coffee, a reference to the most common food and drink given to soldiers during the war. Billings’ book is not about battles so much as it recalls everyday life for the Union soldiers of the Civil War, who spent a huge majority of their time in camp and on the march. Hardtack and Coffee quickly became a best seller in its day, and is now considered one of the most important books written by a Civil War veteran. 

9/11: Case Closed: The Day The CIA Hijacked America

by Michael Fleming

Americans have been arguing for over a decade about how the CIA blew up American buildings and led us into a fake war afterwards.

Now, it’s time to put aside the details of the crime – and arrest the perpetrators with the official documentation.

9/11 families may now sue the CIA, and the NYPD and/or New York State Police may extradite them for the terrorist attacks committed against them and the rest of the world.

This short-book contains no “conspiracy theory” regarding how the crime may or may not have occurred. This book contains only the necessary information needed to convict the CIA of civil and criminal charges for the crime of 9/11 itself.

Behind the Door of Hope: A True Story

by By diane fitts

In the 1960’s birth control was limited to married couples. It was the dawning era of free love but getting pregnant outside of marriage was often a disaster for a young girl, her boyfriend and the families. Once pregnant, options were few.

Di found herself living this nightmare in 1968-69. The panic, the shame, the confusion and desperation led her finally to take residence in a Salvation Army Home for Girls: The Door of Hope. There was little hope on entering; girls were virtually imprisoned, their families estranged, the babies chattel for the Children’s Home Society. There was no mental health counseling or therapy for us during our stay. Girls and their parents were discouraged from and even tricked into giving up the babies, everyone just wanted the problem to go away.

This story is told with courage, humor and raw emotion. All is true.

After 1970 social attitudes changed; planned parenthood offered birth control options, the Roe-v-Wade decision in 1973 provided a choice.

Mingling in the CIA: Observations of an Underdog

by Shelly Mateer

In this first installment of the Mingling in the CIA series, the reader is introduced to the “cast of characters” at the Central Intelligence Agency. A humorous short story, the reader will meet the five most common personality types that populate the Agency.

Purple Hearts & Wounded Spirits

by Brian Moore

In the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States, Christian educator Brian Moore found himself unable to quiet the horror and rage in his heart. When his unit of the Army National Guard deployed to Iraq about a year later he gladly took up his gun, prepared to seek justice for his country. Yet from his first step into a battle-zone in the Middle East it became clear that his expectations of Iraq, its people, and war in general would be challenged. From occupying one of Saddam Hussein’s former palaces along the Tigris River to trekking through the Himalayan Mountains during a tour in Afghanistan, Moore details his war-time experiences with honesty, directness, and grit. His physical and spiritual strife while abroad changed his relationship with God and his fellow men, while reminding him what it means to be a witness for Christ – even to one’s enemies. Brian’s journey is inspiring and challenging – an exploration of overcoming the spiritual issues of war.

A portion of sales from this book will go toward charitable organizations supporting veterans.

True Detective August 1983 (True Crime Magazine Book 57)

An archive of the magazine from 1983 with all the artwork, advertisements, and stories included This is a graphic port of the magazine suited best for Kindle Fire tablets pinch and zoom feature.

The Marijuana Smuggler’s Guide, Volume 1: How I Got Here (The Marijuana Smuggler’s Guide Series)

by Larry David Sr.

This story includes murder, kidnapping, sex, gun fights, and robbery, along with the life lessons learned along the way that will inspire the reader to make the most out of their own lives.

The Marijuana Smuggler’s Guide is the real life, extraordinary, coming of age adventures of an illiterate teenager who became one of the largest drug smugglers in the country.

The Marijuana Smuggler’s Guide is a heartfelt, fast paced, “must read” for anyone thinking about involving themselves or their family in the marijuana industry.

Martyrdom of Barsamya of Edessa

by Anonymous

Edessa in Mesopotamia became one of the centers of early Christianity in the first few centuries A.D. The precise date of the introduction of Christianity into Edessa is not known. However, there is no doubt that even before AD 190 Christianity had spread vigorously within Edessa and its surroundings and that (shortly after 201 or even earlier?) the royal house joined the church. According to a legend first reported by Eusebius in the 4th century, Armenian King Abgar V Ukāmā was converted by Addai, who was one of the seventy-two disciples, sent to him by “Judas, who is also called Thomas”. Yet various sources confirm that the Abgar who embraced the Christian faith was Abgar IX. Under him Christianity became the official religion of the kingdom. As for Addai, he was neither one of the seventy-two disciples as the legend asserts, nor was sent by Apostle Thomas, as Eusebius says, but a missionary from Judea who evangelized Mesopotamia about the middle of the 2nd century, and became the first bishop of Edessa.

Under Roman domination many martyrs suffered at Edessa, including St. Barsamya, who was martyred during the reign of the Roman emperor Decius around 113 A.D. In the meanwhile Christian priests from Edessa had evangelized Eastern Mesopotamia and Persia, and established the first Churches in the kingdom of the Sassanids. Atillâtiâ, Bishop of Edessa, assisted at the First Council of Nicaea (325). The Peregrinatio Silviae (or Etheriae) gives an account of the many sanctuaries at Edessa about 388.

It is not known who authored Martyrdom of Barsamya of Edessa. 

Maria Theresa

by George P. Upton

George P. Upton was an American journalist who translated and wrote several works about European history, including this one about the famous 18th century Habsburg queen Maria Theresa. Maria Theresa was the only female ruler of the empire, and she was the mother of Marie Antoinette.

Tattle Tales and Some Sure-Shot Short Stories

by Ian Reid Fleming

Written and Collated by Ian Reid Fleming, and his son, Ross Ian Fleming, these stories reflect the glory of an age of gracefulness.

Over the years many tales have been passed on from generation to generation, aurally, and there has been no written record to which reference could be made to substantiate or verify details or data.

The few tales that have been assembled here have been deemed worthy of being collected, collated and recorded for the generations that find themselves associated with the tales and others who enjoy reading short stories. So read on and enjoy the written word.

The fourteen Tattle Tales here recounted were from the pen of Ian Reid Fleming, while “Silas comes home” was written by Ross Ian Fleming.

A Naive HAVE & Some HAVE-NOTs

by Mary Onnis Waid

A Naive “HAVE” & Some “HAVE-NOT”s

By Mary Onnis Waid

Growing up as a â??socially protected’ preacher’s kid in small Southern communities in the 1940s and ’50s resulted in Mary being extremely naïve.  Her graduate school advisor finally insisted she must learn, first hand, about â??ordinary life’ for non-privileged/non-protected/regular folks if she is to succeed as a behavioral scientist.  To do so, Mary moved to Miami to be a waitress and secretly live as a lower-class person with only a high school education.  Her â??totally-new’ experiences in doing so there and in further adventures greatly impacted her emotionally in both bad and good ways.

Several unusual professions plus living in eight States with a wide variety of people over many years gave Mary the â??ordinary’ experiences and wisdom needed for both her professional and private lives.  Various noteworthy — and often intense — interactions provided these deeper understandings while also greatly expanding her life.

Mary’s story is unusual, entertaining and inspiring… one that will leave you uplifted.


Why am I feeling so nervous?  This shouldn’t be scary; it’s a vacation in Miami! Well, okay, a â??learning’ vacation – sort of.

Oh dear! I’m about to blow this whole thing!

“If you cause trouble, the manager will simply call the police and have you hauled away on a morals charge.  Is that what you want?”

I look back toward the beach and see it is slowing as it heads directly towards me.  I jump up, ready to run for my life. 

My life here has been almost unbearable.

As he says it, his hand reaches under the driver’s seat and gets a large pistol.

I wanted different and educational experiences, and boy, I sure got them!

Whatever this terrible secret is, it sure makes life very difficult for them.

I’m an official adult and I have the money, time and determination to do what I want.

Tears of anger and fear flood my face. I punch my pillow, scream into it and sob…

I feel an overwhelming rage.  Yet a new, very troubling reality soon emerges.

“I can’t call the policeâ?¦you are the police!  They’re your buddies here.”

I notice his face is like a mask and that he wrings his hands…

At a low point in my life, I am definitely unhappy. 

Oh, Mary!  Dear, dear Mary!  What – have – you – done?

“â?¦you make a legal commitment to permit outside control of your life.”

We all realize each day may be our last one alive.

Of all possible “have not” situationsâ?¦.seems like the very worst.

“We are surprised he is still alive.  I must warn you to not get your hopes up.”

I will stay until he is able to run me off — if that is his choice.

“We were considered to be one of the “Haves” in our area.  But I felt like the lowest, least desirable, â??have not’ person anywhere.”

“This may be truly devastating for you, Mary. To be specific, I must tell you that I seriously fear for your happiness.”

It makes me very sad and also angry; no child should ever have to endure that!

When the train enters Germany, some Russian border policemen get on board.

I also realize a growing awareness and distress from taking to heart what Daddy had told meâ?¦

” You have no obligation or legal tie to him and no reason to forfeit your life for him.  It would be a waste.”

â?¦he seems like a caged bird who has been profoundly abused all its lifeâ?¦

© Copyright 2015 – Mary Onnis Waid – All Rights Reserved.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

by Adrian Ortiz

Nonfiction short story about a helicopter crash in Afghanistan and a dilemma faced by the author.

Mystery: Bluff Mystery (A Suspense Thriller Mystery Erotic Romance novella): (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Thriller Mystery)

by Maya Moss

It would have been a wonderful wedding for Pablo and Wendy. But for two years, the strings of romance that hooked them both together had faded, all because of Michael, the strongest and most charming employee at Pablo’s Enterprise who proved to be better in bed than Wendy could ever wish to resist. The strong friendly ties that could be maintained between both men turned to a rather licentious con for Pablo’s wealth. He masked his health condition and faked medical reports with a deadly infection, knowing his wife and confidant had turned against him. Having a short time to live, he wouldn’t wish to end up in peril, as he could pretend his death came earlier than proposed by his doctor.

His silence and observation were keen to understanding what was schemed in malice. His cheating wife and his confidant were plotting to make away with over forty million worth of his assets and ready cash. Nevertheless, Pablo’s plan to pretend to die sooner than the doctors had proposed continued, all for the sake of undoing them with their malicious con. Michael and Wendy were faced with the biggest question of their licentious fate. Is he going to die and leave his estate to Wendy? On the other hand, will he opt for the euthanasia by his doctors so that they have no blood on their hands over his death? It was just a matter of time for what plans Pablo had for such extreme deceit by his very own love… his wife.

Wellington and Waterloo 200 years.: A concise account of Wellingtons journey to Waterloo;

by Sarah Giles

This book bridges the gap between the worthy and weighty tomes presently featuring the Duke of Wellingtons lifetime career and a what you need to know to celebrate 200 years of victory at the Battle of Waterloo. Starting with his unsettled childhood, we learn how the French taught him military tactics which he employed so successfully in the Penninsular War in Portugal and Spain. Continuing up to the Battle of Waterloo and a succint account of how the battle was nearly lost with victory gained due to The Dukes own hard efforts and that of his horse Copenhagen. A must read for all who are interested in this great man who became the darling of the Victorians and who is once again being honoured 200 years later.



The Duke of Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo;

Chapter 2;

The â??Iron Duke’;

Chapter 3;

The Road to Waterloo; the Peninsular War;

Chapter 4;

The Battle of Waterloo;

Chapter 5;

Consequences of the Battle of Waterloo;

Chapter 6;

Sites to visit;

Chapter 7;

First-hand accounts of the period;

True Police Cases August 1979 (True Crime Magazine Book 23)

An archive of the magazine from 1979 with all the artwork, advertisements, and stories included This is a graphic port of the magazine suited best for Kindle Fire tablets pinch and zoom feature.

A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms

by Shaun Kaufman

***** FREE December 25 + 26, 2015 — Merry Christmas! *****

A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms is a front row seat inside the big top of justice, where a lawyer presents the world of litigation and lawbreakers. Audiences: Writers crafting legal thrillers, fans of legal movies and TV shows, researchers and armchair legal eagles.

Sampling of Book Topics:

A History of Trials

Players in the Courtroom

The Courtroom Setting

Jury Experts

Types of Courts

Types of Lawyers

Lawyers and Ethics

Lawyers and Technology

Trial Preparation

The Steps of Civil and Criminal Trials


Articles on Crimes, DNA Testing, Forensics, Personal Injury Cases and More

Recommended Legal Films

A Life Of Crime Volume 2 the 70’s: True Crime Magazines

by Kipp Speicher

This is a book to archive the True Crime Magazines of the 70’s giving you a reference of what magazines contain what stories and writers. I give you as much info including the writers, location, dates =, and plenty of photos

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