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Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons: Schedule a 10-game winning season to help develop your son into the man God intended him to be

by Mark LaMaster

Finally, a Game Plan for dads to help develop their sons into the men God intended them to be.

Many fathers and sons crave a stronger connection with each other and with God. Unfortunately, most of the time, we’re not sure how. Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons provides an answer. Discover how to schedule a 10-Game Day season with your son. Each Game Day is designed to engage dads and their sons in conversation on topics ranging from faith and friends to prayer and purity.

Each Game Day includes:

· A Game Day Theme (character and integrity, work and money, service, and many more).

· God’s Key Play (Bible verse)

· A Scouting Report for dads

· Personalized Pre-and Post-Game Day Prayers

· A Pre-Game Planning Session for dads

· A Game Day activity for fathers and sons (laser tag, disc golf, and test-driving dream cars).

· Post-Game Day Analysis Questions and Press Conference

· Plus, many more father and son bonding experiences

Mark LaMaster’s purpose and passion is to help good dads become GREAT dads by providing intentional, biblically based activities to help them raise their sons to become godly young men. Mark is also the founder of Playoff Parenting, LLC, whose mission is to help transform well-intended, passive parents into active and intentional Playoff Parents who teach valuable, Christian-based lessons to their children.

My Parents Hidden Skeletons (Trapped Book 1)

by Viviana Hayes

Sienna a young woman, who’s mother is on a list for a kidney. Her parents forbade her from getting tested to see if she was a match. She went behind her parents back, and got tested anyway. The Doctor not only told her she wasn’t a match but her mother wasn’t her birth mother. So she hunts for the truth. Her parents told her it was none of her business, and told her to drop it. When she didn’t drop it, her parents pulled out all resources to try and get her to stop they even had her attacked. She is a timid 22 year old who usually always does what’s she is told. Never questions her parents until now. They make her dress and act a certain way to control her. But then she finds so many hidden secrets of her parents one after another. She finds out her parents have killed. She begins to search for her birth parents, and the FBI begins to dig into her parents. Her parents won’t stop hurting everyone she knows and loves until she is dead or drops her search. No matter what she chooses it comes with consequences she is not prepared for. So she is trapped no matter what she does. She seeks justice through the justice system, but she quickly realizes her parents have powerful people in their pocket. She realizes that the justice system won’t be able to help. An that they won’t stop unless they die. So she is trapped.

My Darkest Hour (this miracle book is Foreworded by Martin Pistorius): A miracle story and motivational story of a father and his son’s (Zeke Smiley) miraculous healing.

by James Warren Smiley

My Darkest Hour, by James Smiley, foreword by Martin Pistorius author of international best seller Ghost Boy.

Be inspired by this jaw-dropping, behind the scenes view into the dramatic and miraculous recovery of Zeke Smiley, a boy born with half a heart and who at age six sustained a medically unrecoverable, global brain injury. Read the real life accounts of how Zeke defied death countless times, endured high-risk surgeries, and was even revived through CPR by his daddy. This book reveals a family’s journey of faith, hope, and love through the eyes of a father, James Smiley, a public speaker, entrepreneur, and Fortune 10 business leader. Settle in as James uncovers his darkest hour of being a father driven by hopelessness into eventually losing faith that Zeke might recover. See how a father dealt with inconceivable stress and frustration, and how he kept his family united and believing that there was destiny behind the struggle. Be amazed as you hear how Zeke is doing today and what his future holds.

* Foreword by Martin Pistorius, author of Ghost Boy

* Second foreword also by Kenn Gulliksen

* Book features the true stories of Zeke Smiley and his miracle life

* See how God played a role in healing

* Motivational stories pile up here, check them out!

Escaping a Manipulative Relationship: A step-by-step guide to leaving a controlling sociopath and becoming who you are destined to be.

by Chris Doelle

Is your partner a selfish manipulator? A sociopath? Does he make you feel like all the problems are your fault? This book will help you find out. More importantly, this book will help you figure out what to do about it.

Walking Away From Legalism: The Journey Towards Grace

by Marisa Boonstra

One woman’s experience with a destructive organization that manipulates and coerces members. This is the story of her journey towards recognizing the group’s abusive practices, eventually leaving, and then learning how to replace their lies with the truth.

How to get over a break up in ten easy steps.: Get Your Life Back!!

by M.E. Thompson

You may be in the state of depression following a break up and don’t know what to do. Well I advise you get this ebook and get your life back in ten easy to follow steps. If followed correctly you will find yourself surrounded with new people and a new life with little to no grievance of your ex. Very fun and unique book pick it up and regain your life back. If you like the information in this book then try or How To Win In The Game Of Life, Love And The Pursuit Of It All, Enter The Mind Of An Alpha Male. Right here on Amazon!

Baily Bug

Baily Bug is a clever rhyming story about a new bug in town who struggles to make friends at her new school because, well, she is a little different. However, thanks to a unique assignment from her teacher, Miss Molly Millipede, Baily is given an opportunity to explain her differences to her new classmates. Together they discover that our differences are what makes us uniquely beautiful.

Brooke Explores: Children’s Books: Where’s is the Zebra? SWB Publishing

by Elizabeth Ash

Brooke has just found out that she and her classmates are going to the zoo for a fieldtrip. Brooke had seen a zebra in a cartoon, but never a real live one. Explore with Brooke as she and her classmates tour the zoo, and see all of the wonderful animals that live there. Can you help Brooke find the zebra?

Cannon Balls For Girls

by Barbara Moore

This book has 53 full color custom pages.

Is your child a victim of bullying? Is your child being a bully to others?

This children’s book can assist girls in dealing with the effects of bullying. It is written in a unique way from which both victims and bullies can relate to and benefit. â??Cannon Balls for Girls’ emphasizes the â??Golden Rule’.

The book helps girls deal with not only the trauma of victimization, but can potentially help bullies rethink their actions. This book helps open up discussions on the subject between girls, their parents, grandparents and counselors.

Bullying in today’s world is not like it was years ago. Today’s kids have access to so many electronic devices that it can be difficult to escape bullying and almost impossible to deal with. Bullying often causes physical illness and serious anxiety. The results on children can be catastrophic.

If your child has talked to you about being bullied there is a good chance that it’s already become an unbearable issue. Please listen closely to what she is saying. The author’s daughter was the victim of bullying in school. Initially, what sounded like casual girl arguments proved to be so much worse.

It is the author’s goal that â??Cannon Balls for Girls’ will help girls deal with the traumatic and sensitive issue of being bullied and cyber-bullied. This book will help them develop stronger and healthier mindsets about this issue as they enter middle school and even high school.

The consequences of bullying can range from diminished self-esteem to physical injury. If you feel your child is having difficulty with this issue, please talk with her. Help is available through school counselors or check online for local resources. We hope the girls you know and love will benefit from this book.

Goal Setting For Wedding Brides: … how to achieve your massive goals

by David Hyner

This book gives wedding brides the skills, confidence and knowledge to set and achieve goals for their wedding day and themselves.

The author has vast experience of organising weddings from a humble church hall buffet up to the poshest of marquee weddings organising everything from the cars and photographer through to entertainment and 7 tier cakes with waterfalls.

This book is NOT a traditional wedding planner, but IS the most effective goal setting process that when applied to any goal will help you achieve your massive goals.

It can help plan your big day. Be your own best wedding planner, wedding organiser, bride, wedding events team, dream wedding organiser, wedding reception expert, event manager.

It clearly shows you how top achievers set goals (based on 200+ research interviews with top achievers) in an easy to understand manner leaving brides with a clear pathway to the achievement of their goals. Goal setting for brides at its very best.

It explodes the myth around smart goals because they simply do NOT work !

Thousands of people every year benefit from live workshops in their businesses, schools and universities learning this process and many have achieved incredible results.

Published authors, sporting champions, academic achievers, charity superstars and many more have all used the MASSIVE goal principle.

The author (David Hyner) was managed over 200 weddings as a caterer and wedding planner, and knows the industry inside out.

What is coercive control? (Digital-Trust Book 1)

by Jennifer Perry

Last year, I helped campaign for a new UK law on Coercive Control. That law was passed in March 2015 and came into force on the 29th of December 2015.

While working on the new law, it became clear that what coercive control means isn’t very well understood by victims or the professionals supporting them. We shouldn’t be surprised that victims do not know they’ve been experiencing coercive control, when we are just now getting a law that recognises it.

Victims of abuse know that what has been happening to them wasn’t right, but they didn’t understand that it was domestic abuse and now it’s illegal.

I’m writing this book for all the women and men who experience the psychological, financial, isolating and monitoring forms of coercive control, so they can understand it and the new law.

Educating yourself is the first step in stopping abuse – to go from being a victim to being a survivor.

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