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The Societal human Capitalism Fundamentals part Three: part Three The Manifesto of Societal Human Capitalism (3 Manifesto)

by Elliot Ricardo

THE SOCIETY is human by nature of its dialectic and material formation despite of several idealistic factors added by intellectual human factor analysed in social sentiments and social behaviour , hence the society purpose was human by origin and chance.

All human activities within economic frame work should have human centred targets rather than money centred purpose at all levels of our civilization. Religion was a god referent at the beginnings as well as morality and tradition, however, after several hundred as well as basic economic and its fundamental ideas and concepts became a stop to all human progress, economic fairness and social justice.

The civilization achievements and innovation were achieved by individuals by chance and randomly not by any religion or philosophy in particular but for all human individuals without any division or discriminatory classification since then Economy as the basic for all human progress cannot be defined out of such human existence framework only for capital purpose but for overall wellbeing.

Finally, all wealth of the modern world was the work of all social classes indifferently to any public or private sector and have to be redistributed by the State or government leaders without any class dictatorship power.

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