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The Book of Rounds: The Lyrics

by Julie Flanders

The Book of Rounds: 21 Songs of Grace is a rapturous song cycle created and produced by Julie Flanders, Emil Adler and October Project. These are the lyrics to that project, in all their power, beauty and simplicity. Enjoy reading them aloud or silently, or let them accompany your experience of the recorded rounds.


The lyrics are designed to stand aloneâ??without musicâ??as modest yet profoundly affective prayers, capable of alleviating energies of negativity, challenge or difficulty. The titles of each round can be used as single word mantras, just as the lyrics may be repeated over and over for a similar effect.


The Book of Rounds is divided into three chapters of seven rounds each. Each round is a fugue of positive messages created to invoke a feeling of well-being in those that listen to, sing or speak them.


Using simple, prayer-like language, the rounds are essentially positive mantras that cascade, circle and relate in the same way the melodies do. The words create layers of affirmation that envelope the participant and offer a compelling journey of transformation and self-reflection. With every repetition, each lyric begins to acquire different shades of meaning, shifting the mind and the heart of the listener.

Julie Flanders, whose internationally acclaimed work in the expressive arts is complemented by her profound work as a healer and spiritual teacher, describes this as one of her most personal projects. The Book of Rounds was originally written for her son as an embrace of protection and comfort during difficult times. When it was finished, Flanders realized that “it was something everyone neededâ??we all need to receive that kind of love, and we all need to give it.”

Of the work, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat of say, it is “an uplifting collection of rounds that stirs the soul and enchants the mind with their beauty and meaning.”

Affectionately 360

by K.S. Oliver

Friends and family helped shape the concept of Affectionately 360: A reflection of confidants. It is the ink that details the rhymes of reason behind the mystery of love. Consider it: Who knows where love will eventually lead those willing to bet against the odds? When was the last time you flirted with love’s infinite possibilities? Have you ever been a fool in love? Our relationships are the scales that weigh life’s most defining moments. Through these pages your emotions are invited to travel the ups and downs of love at its best even when it feels like the worse. It is the purest example of the mightiest emotion. Remember to always trust God and walk by faith with no GPS. Follow his path blindfolded and allow yourself to embrace the love destined for you. Welcome to the journey of Affectionately 360.

Earth Psalms

by Angela Magara

Based on the biblical Psalms, but with the heart of Earth-based spirituality, Earth Psalms invites the human spirit to face divinity and see the reflection in the glass. As a daily meditation, or sometimes inspiration, this book of poetry calls us to continue to love and defend Life until defense is no longer needed.

La Shawna -Unlock The Door

This book is a collection of beautifully written poetry that would make you laugh,smile,cry and think about the world we live in. Each poem has been written by the Author for this publication. The poems cover a wide range of topics ranging from Love to Social Issues.

Prayers to Mother God

by Alysson Oaks

This book began as a very modest poem without any professional intention. I wrote The Cradle as an outpouring of what I was feeling during a very difficult meeting in Paraguay. One expression led to another and five or six poems were written that week. The idea of organizing them and exploring the feminine side of God and those attributes – tenderness, maternity, loving kindness (usually characterized as belonging to the female of the human species) – emerged as I wrote. This, in turn, led to poems written, as it were, by women to a “maternal” God.

Living and working in Latin America made the poems take on the shape, form and strength of the women of my continent. These are the women I see, I hear and to whom I have listened. These are the women who share their lives with me: their troubles, their woes, their victories, and their courage. They have been an example to me and have often shamed me to silence and awe by how they live. These are the women who silently carry Latin America on their backs in much the same way that many carry their children. I pray God I have done them justice, though I doubt it. Their personal voices are sweeter and wiser. Their personal lives carry more suffering than what I can here express.

My hope is that many women who have had difficulty coming into a close relationship with “God the Father” because of past human experiences with their own fathers and other significant men may be able to develop a new perspective about God.


by Diana Petzl-Lanius

This book features poems about heartbreak, lost love and lost causes. They were written for comfort and reassurance, for lovers and rebels and for those who see the beauty of what was and still could be.

Cover art by Malachai Pulido @malachai911

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