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The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy

by Holly Tierney-Bedord

The author of Right Under Your Nose: A Christmas Story brings you another sweet, festive holiday novella.

At just twenty-five years old, Elinor has landed the job of her dreams: She’s going to be Merry the Advice Fairy for the Snowflake Valley Gazette. She’s ecstatic that she’s about to embark on a fun, cushy career while living in the cutest, quaintest town she’s ever known.

She’s barely settled into her desk at work when that famous Snowflake Valley shimmer starts to fizzle. The real Snowflake Valley bears little resemblance to the picture postcard tourist destination she and her family loved when she was a child. Her new co-workers are uninspiring, to say the least, and the problems that people are submitting to the Gazette are much weightier than what she was expecting.

Losing faith in herself, Elinor considers cutting her losses and moving on. However, the attention of hot young reporter Nile might be enough to get her past her chilly start in Snowflake Valley, and back to seeing its charm once again.

This is a novella length book.

The Silver Link

by Gwen Kirkwood

Compelling Scottish romance

Elspeth is the last of the Elliots of Everanlea.

She shares her uncle and grandmother’s love of their Scottish heritage but when her uncle Andrew dies suddenly, Elspeth is overwhelmed by the prospect that Everanlea, the family estate, belongs solely to her.

In spite of her boyfriend Hamish’s plea to move to France, Elspeth decides to return to Scotland and is determined to preserve Everanlea.

She is even more dismayed when her estranged father advises her to sell out to her neighbour, the headstrong and arrogant Robin Armstrong.

Feuds between the Elliots and the Armstrongs of Arnhill are legendary, and Elspeth has never quite forgiven Robin for his conduct towards her at a dance when she was only sixteen.

Nor has she forgotten his dark, curling hair and bright eyesâ?¦

Meanwhile, in Elspeth’s absence, Grandma Elliot has engaged a manager to help.

He is charming, handsome, an eligible a bachelor – and his name is Howard Elliot, but he is unfamiliar with the ways of Border shepherds.

Gran Elliot seems completely convinced by his charming manner and winning smile, but Elspeth is increasingly concerned by the dwindling numbers of sheep and Howard’s habits of rising late and the stench of alcohol that follows him everywhereâ?¦

Robin Armstrong heroically steps in to help with the care of the sheep but he admits he has ulterior motives.

Although Elspeth finds his advances hard to resist she’s still under the impression Robin’s flirting is motivated only by his lust for her estate.

With Gran Elliot recovering from an accident, a wayward manager on the bottle and Robin pursuing her, how will Elspeth cope?

Will she be able to restore Everanlea to its former glory?

Will she ever get to the bottom of Robin Armstrong’s true intentions and find the happy ending she so desperately seeks?

Praise for Gwen Kirkwood

‘A classic story of love and hope’. – Holly Kinsella, best-selling author of Uptown Girl .

‘A gripping read’. – Robert Foster, best-selling author of The Lunar Code .

Gwen Kirkwood is the author of sixteen Scottish novels and six shorter romantic novellas, including A Question of Love , The Wary Heart and A New Beginning . She won the Elizabeth Goudge Trophy, judged by Richard Lee, when it was re-introduced to mark the millennium in 2000. She lives in Scotland.

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AFRICAN AMERICAN ROMANCE: The Princess and the Thug (Hood Alpha Male Pregnancy Romance) (Urban Love Triangle Second Chance New Adult Short Stories)

by Annabelle Hunter

Kennedy is a young African-American woman trying to run a small publishing business in the bustling city of Chicago.

For a limited time enjoy a free three book collection at the end of the story!

She married Jordan when she was young and has no way out of her unhappy, unsatisfying marriage. She lives her life day after day hoping that something will change while being too scared to let it.

But, what will be in store for her when she finally gets so fed up she plans a night out with her best friend, Deion, for some much needed harmless flirting? Does Kennedy stick to only minuscule infidelities when she meets Demarco, powerful kingpin in the drug scene, or will she surrender completely and head back to his place to share a passionate night under the covers of darkness and his king-sized bed?

When a secret pushes her to finally flee from her abusive husband, who’s arms will she end up in? And, what new danger does she find?

Read now and receive a free gift at the end of the story!

WARNING: This ebook contains mature language and content. Intended for 18+ readers only!

Forever Alphas and Shifters: A Collection of Steamy Paranormal Romance Stories

by Bella Love-Wins


Forever Alphas and Shifters contains over TWENTY DOLLARS worth of paranormal fantasy romance books for only 99 cents and available only for a limited time. Includes a massive Complete Bonus Story at the end of this bundle.

Forever Alphas and Shifters is a collection of steamy paranormal romance standalone and first-in-a-series stories. Growlers and howlers, meet the bad bears, alphas, mystics, vampires, and billionaire bear and lion shifters who will warm your heart on these cold winter nights. Get claimed!

Featuring books from hot paranormal romance authors:

Bella Love-Wins: Bad Boy Fire Bear

Chrissy Peebles: Blair: Daughter of Darkness

W.J. May: Shadow of Doubt

Tess Wilder: Western Bear Hearts

JK. Snow: Kodiak Bloodline Part 1

Sassie Lewis: Kidnapped by the Bil-LION-aire

MEGA BONUS Story: Bella Love-Wins – Cabin Bear Heat Complete Series.

STANDALONE and CLIFFHANGER NOTE: Four stories in this bundle are standalones with no cliffhangers. Three stories are part one of a series.

Mistletoe and Murder in Las Vegas (Affairs to Remember Book 1)

by Colleen Collins

***** “Mistletoe and Murder in Las Vegas” is FREE through December 26! *****

Book Blurb

All 31-year-old, Las Vegas criminal lawyer Joanne Galvin wants for Christmas is a clientâ??or threeâ??so she can make ends meet. Instead she’s roped into defending the notorious Timepiece Arsonist; tracked by a hunky special agent and his arson dog; and chased by a serial killer. Just when her life is starting to feel like the Nightmare Before Christmas, she receives an unexpected gift that offers hope that this holiday season could be the most wonderful time of the year…

A heartfelt, humorous, romantic-mystery story about a down-on-her-luck lawyer, a special agent visited by the past, and an arson dog named Maggie who join forces to rescue the holiday spirit!

Romance: Shapeshifter Romance: The Tiger’s Temptation (Tiger Shifter Paranormal BBW Romance) (Shapeshifter Fantasy Mail Order Bride Short Stories)

by Clare Hudson


Weddings are happy occasions – when two souls become one in love on their special night. But can an arranged marriage ever be happy?

Davy, a sexy tiger shifter with irresistible reddish hair and muscles in all the right places, is used to dating slender models. But always at the wrong moment, he cannot control his tiger’s urge to take control. But this time, Davy’s sure there’s no risk of losing control over his curvy bride.

Lara hasn’t eaten in weeks to fit her curves into her wedding dress. And little does she know, her insecurities will lead her to danger – a danger only Davy’s tiger can save her from – if he’s willing to see the vulnerable woman underneath her cool façade. Can she make him roar and purr? How far will he go to protect his new bride?

WARNING: Contains a tiger shifter who might be a softy underneath his strong physique, and an insecure woman who might find love for the very first time.

A full romance with NO cliffhanger.

Keisha & Trigga : A Gangster Love Story

by Leo Sullivan

Ain’t NOTHING like a thug…except maybe a fine ass thug with a trigger finger that has no mercy…

Forever the good girl, Keisha can’t help that she has an attraction for bad boys. So when she meets Lloyd AKA Black, a rich street king who ruthlessly runs Atlanta and everything in it, she has no problem shedding her good girl image to be his coke-addicted ride or die. But there is one problem—his wife Dior who Lloyd is NOT divorcing although he tells Keisha a different story. After a turn of events that almost ends in bloodshed for Lloyd and Dior at her hands, Keisha swears to never do coke again, goes back to the stripclub, and takes back her job as a bartender. And it is there that she meets Trigga…

Trigga is a boss nigga with an attitude. He’s all business and making money but he has a mean, sexy swag that makes him effortlessly attract women. One night, he’s in Pink Lips when he sees Keisha, but he’s not there for pleasure…he’s there for business. And his business involves putting a bullet straight through Lloyd’s skull. What he soon finds is that Lloyd won’t be an easy mark and one mistake ends up placing him and Keisha in the hospital fighting for their lives. When Trigga wakes up, the first person on his mind is Keisha–the woman he met who he now feels obligated to protect. And Kiesha is all too ready to allow him to do so as long as she can keep her best kept secrets regarding Lloyd underwraps.

Dior Mitchell-Evans has been cheated on one to many times by her husband, Lloyd, and she decides once and for all that she won’t continue to take it lying down. So she enlists the only man she knows just might love her more than Lloyd to help her with her plans…Lloyd’s cousin, Kenyon. Although Kenyon and Lloyd were raised like brothers, Kenyon can’t hide the fact that he’s loved Dior throughout the years and he won’t stand by idly any longer as Lloyd continues to use and abuse her.

Love and betrayal sometimes fall hand in hand. But when you fall in love in the streets, you can guarantee that betrayal will soon come. This isn’t the typical ‘good girl meets thug’ tale. This is classic romance meets thug love and it will leave you wanting more.

Timeless Passion Book 1

by KB Winters

Grant Christiansen is bored. His life is a series of habits and headaches as he does his duties to carry on the family business. Outside of the office, he has deep, secret desires that he meticulously guards.

When things at work explode into chaos and a scandal is uncovered, Grant goes to the annual marketing symposium at the local college to find some new talent. The woman he meets there nearly brings him to his knees. She’s intelligent, talented, and doesn’t sugar coat anythingâ??even once he reveals his true identity to her.

Megan Sinclair is a dark horse, determined to do whatever it takes to keep her family together while still chasing her own dreams of getting through college and launching her career in art. When Grant plants himself in her path, she can’t get himâ??or his words, out of her head. She knows there’s something about him that she won’t be able to escape. But at what cost?

Will Grant pull Megan into his world of dark secrets, or will she vanish out of his life before he gets the chance to show her his deepest, darkest fantasies?

The Timeless Passion Series is intended for a mature audience, 18+ only.

Romance: The Rancher’s Mysterious Bride, A Western Historical Romance (Mail Order Bride, Billionaires, Ranchers, Westerns, Single Authors)

by E. Wolfe


When Cora, Hailey’s sister, discovers her late widowed sister is a mail order bride promised to marry a cowboy in Dodge, she pretends to be Hailey and goes in her place.

But the tall, hot and handsome cowboy isn’t what he said he was either. He’s a rich cattle rancher and Cora can’t fool for him for long….

Vigil (Superheroes Book 1)

by V. J. Chambers

Super rich. Super Damaged. Super Sexy.

A Billionaire Superhero Romance

When newspaper intern Cecily Kane kisses a masked vigilante, she doesn’t realize she’s plunging headlong into a relationship with two separate identities.

As Vigil, he is dark, sensuous, and irresistible. His touch skyrockets her to heights of pleasure. As Callum Rutherford, he is a billionaire playboyâ??arrogant, cold, and untouchable. She looks good on his arm, but without his mask, he holds her at arm’s length.

Sex with a masked man. Dinner with a rich sophisticate. A fractured relationship with a complicated man.

Deep down, he is broken, twisted in some dark, hidden way. Some way he won’t reveal to her. She only knows that it is somehow connected to his obsession with The Phantom, the costumed villain whose murder spree has rocked the city.

She must unravel Vigil’s secrets. To make him whole. And to stop The Phantom.

**Recommended for mature readers due to explicit sexual situations, coarse language, and disturbing violence.**

Pond Lane and Paris

by Susie Vereker

A sophisticated Parisian romance

After faithfully nursing her late husband William for eight years, Laura Brooke is slowly re-emerging into the world.

Laura decides she must convert her home Pond Cottage into a Bed & Breakfast.

But she needs cash to renovate it and William’s failed career as an artist and hotel owner left her with nothing.

Short of money, she finds a job with Oliver Farringdon, ambassador to an international organisation in Paris – he’s divorced and needs a â??lady-watchdog’ to supervise his teenage daughter Charlotte.

Laura thinks a move to Paris is just what she needs but can she cope with her demanding employer and with Paris after her solitary celibate life in the depths of the English countryside?

Leaving Hampshire mud to live among the chic Parisians is a culture shock.

Laura’s position in the ambassadorial household is tricky and the servants resent her.

Besides, keeping tabs on Charlotte isn’t easy.

Oliver has strict views about daughters, as well as about everything else but despite his sophisticated yet snooty French girlfriend Agnes, he’s attracted to Lauraâ?¦

As Oliver attempts to woo her, Laura begins to pine again for Jack, her best friend Melanie’s husband, who she knows she can’t be with.

Laura finds herself torn between two men and two placesâ?¦

What or who will she choose?

Can she find love somewhere in between Pond Lane and Paris?

Jane Eyre meets Nancy Mitford in this story of life and love in two countries.

Pond Lane and Paris was nominated for the RNA Foster Grant Award.

Praise for Susie Vereker

â??A story of relationships and finding love, with convincing and very likeable characters. Vereker writes in an easy-to-read humorous style’ – France Magazine

‘Susie Vereker has assembled a cast of engaging characters and writes with an assured touch.This is a hugely entertaining book by a gifted storyteller with exceptional perception. An absolute must!’ – Carousel Magazine

‘Culture shock, romance, character studies, humour – it’s all here in this novel.’ – Courier Magazine

‘…a charming and entertaining read’ – Post Gazette

â??Entertaining and true to life.’ – Katie Fforde

Susie Vereker is the author of several romances; An Old fashioned Arrangement, Paris Imperfect and Tropical Connections . She has lived in Germany, Thailand, Australia, Greece, Switzerland and France but she now resides in a small village in Hampshire.

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Broken (Savage Souls Book 1)

by LS Silverii

ABOUT THIS SERIES:**Please note this book is dark romance and deals with adult themes. Recommended for mature readers only** This story unfolds over five volumes gathered in one collection – Savage Souls Series.

Those who are broken have nothing to lose…

Abigail Black knows pain only a mother can understand. After her son’s murder at the hands of the Savage Souls Outlaw Motorcycle Club, she’s hellbent on revenge. There’s nothing she won’t do to bring them down, even if it means offering her body to infiltrate the brotherhood that destroyed her soul.

James St. John recognizes a kindred spirit in Abigail, but her secrets are her own. The brotherhood is his life, and she knows more than she’s saying. But trust isn’t easily gained. And with good reason. His whole existence is a lie since he’s an undercover agent. And he has no idea why the club house mouse would fascinate both his mind and his body. In his life of deception he’s only sure of two things: Abigail is a liar, and if his cover is blown he’s a dead man.

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