Free world literature Kindle books for 25 Dec 15

My Dear Otto

by Saul Stier

A young Jewish boy, Kurt Gluck, is plunged into the storm of Nazi madness as the armies of Hitler spread their terror across Europe. Escaping Berlin, only to be surrounded in the ghetto of Kielce, he is transported to Auschwitz. Kurt seems doomed until, by a twist of fate, he is taken under the wing of Otto the Beast, a sadistic SS guard.

In 1945as the Russians advance Otto desperately flees West taking Kurt with him. Concealing his past Otto and Kurt reach the anonymity of America where they begin a new life. A chance encounter with a Nazi doctor introduces Otto to ODESSA. Otto becomes the administrator of a retirement home in Florida used as a cover to hide SS war criminals.

One day an Auschwitz survivor recognizes Otto and is ruthlessly murdered, triggering covert operations by the FBI and Mossad. Will Kurt finally see justice done or will he become yet another victim of the Nazis?

My Dear Otto is a captivating thriller that includes historical figures such as Kommandant Höss of Auschwitz, the Nazi hero: Otto Skorzeny, Martin Bormann, Simon Wiesenthal, and the heads of both Mossad and the FBI. From the horrors of the Second World War to dramatic climax in 1980’s Florida.

First Class

by James Beagon

Three lives, three choices, three trains.

1957 is not the easiest of times for Lydia and her new-born child. Jack is finding it just as difficult in 1992 as his teaching career hits rock bottom. For tennis player Rachel in 2012, her life is beginning to crack under long-felt pressures. Seemingly mundane, their respective train journeys to Manchester Piccadilly expose stories of loss, guilt and devotion. As each dwells on the choices that led them down these tracks, it soon becomes clear that their journeys are not as innocuous as they first seem.

‘First Class’ is a one-act stageplay by James Beagon. It was originally staged and produced by Aulos Productions and Relief Theatre, where it won the award for ‘Best New Writing’ and was nominated for ‘Best Production’ at the Buxton Fringe 2014. From there, the production went onto a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

If you are interested in performing this play, please check the introduction for further information concerning performance rights.

Cockburn’s Edinburgh (Plays by a History Teacher Book 1)

by George Harris

This is a short play based closely on “Memorials of His Own Time” by Henry Cockburn. In it Henry Cockburn and his close friend Francis Jeffrey reminisce about their experiences between 1790 and 1830. Scenes include a duel, a treason trial, the great fire of Edinburgh, an old-style dinner party, the founding of the “Edinburgh Review”, and the hanging of Ned Burke (on the evidence of Hare). The action is interspersed with appropriate Scots songs of the period by Robert Burns, Walter Scott and others.

Sin & Honey Collection #1

by Taryn Scarlett

For the first time, three Sin & Honey novellas in one collection! 
Inspired by biblical tales of seduction and longing, the SIN & HONEY series by Taryn Scarlett retells the stories of three infamous temptressesâ??Rachel, Delilah, and Judithâ??daughters, wives, and lovers, whose desires threatened to destroy their lives. Instead, it turned them into legends.

Seven Years of Longing
The story of sisters Leah and Rachel, whose secret yearnings for a forbidden man may be the downfall of their friendshipâ??and cost them their lives.
The Touch of Betrayal 
The story of Delilah, who bargains for her freedom in a treacherous game of seductionâ??though falling in love with her target wasn’t part of the plan.
For Love of the Enemy The story of Judith, whose fiery passion conquers a murderous man’s bloodlustâ?¦with the edge of his own sword.

Retirement is Murder

by Alex England

Warning: If you’re looking for a clean cozy mystery this is not it!

This is a fun, sexy mystery novel about an ex-private dick, who moves from New York to Palm Springs to enjoy a peaceful retirement. Little does he realize how in-demand a single, slightly overweight guy who still has his own hair and teeth would be.

At the Sun Villas retirement community he finds plenty of horny senior women, overly nosy men and possibly…murder. When someone starts leaving pink love notes he begins to wonder if he – like the previous owner of his 2 bedroom, l 1/2 bath, centrally located condo – will soon end up dead.

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