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ROMANCE: PARANORMAL ROMANCE : My Enchanted Wolf (Bad Boy Shifter Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Rebecca Elyon


Jeffery Oakes, CEO of a Fortune 500 company, was used to living a certain way and having everything he could ever want. Money. Women. Fame. Power. Jeffery had it all.

But while in Louisiana to negotiate a buyout of a smaller company, he runs afoul of a voodoo priestess. He offends her with his arrogance and condescending attitude so badly that she casts a hex on him – a hex that will force him to race against the clock to remove itâ?¦or stay cursed forever.

Searching for the woman who can remove the hex, Jeffery comes across a young, blonde haired stranger who lives in the same house with her. The woman, Loria, informs him that the woman who hexed him up and moved out with out of the house.

Desperate, Jeffery finds himself allied with Loria, who has promised to help him break the curse. But as they collect the items needed to break the hex, something shifts inside of Jeffery. He learns what it means to be truly free. Given his lifestyle and the circles he moves in, Jeffery must maintain a certain image. But being with Loria offers him a glimpse into a new life and a sense of freedom he’s never felt before.

As the clock winds down, Jeffery must make a decision. Stay with Loria. Or return to the life he worked so hard to build – a life of money, power and control.

Which will he choose?

Power, money, and women? Or freedom and love?


This is a standalone short story.

WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes, naughty words, intense action and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a paranormal romance short story collection with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Smash: A Stepbrother MMA Romance (Includes bonus novel Rock Hard!)

by B. B. Hamel

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He’s my stepbrother, my husband, and my dirty little secret.

It all started with a mistake.

He was a stranger back then. Arrogant, cocky, and sexy as hell, I couldn’t resist falling into his orbit. And then one night, we made the dumbest decision of our lives.

We got married. We thought it was just a game but we were oh-so-wrong.

Cole Redson is an MMA fighter. His whole life is fast and hard, violent and dirty. He’s the complete opposite of me, and everything I shouldn’t want.

I never thought I’d see him after that. But when our high powered CEO parents get hitched, suddenly we’re stuck living in the same house.

He’s my stepbrother and my husband. He’s my dirty little secret sleeping in the room next door.

Then again, secrets never stay hidden for long.

When I find pictures of Cole kissing me tucked under my pillow, I’m thrown into a world of blackmail and excitement like I’ve never known before. Meanwhile, I’m trying to balance Cole’s filthy comments and his toe-curling hot body with my need to finally get divorced.

The stakes are huge. Our parents’ careers are on the line, not to mention Cole’s whole life as a fighter. I’m stuck between a marriage I don’t want and my stepbrother’s rock hard abs, trying to stop the truth from coming out.

Slam is heart-thumping violent, shiver-inducing sexy, and features a hero with a filthy mouth. It’s only recommended for audiences 18+.

Slam is a standalone, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

For a limited time, BB’s bestselling stepbrother novel Rock Hard is included here for free! Buy one book, get another book free!

ROMANCE: BBW SHIFTER ROMANCE: Taming My Wild Rancher (Western Cowboy Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Fiction)

by Rebecca Elyon


Curvy Alex Morrison is looking for a little more in life than bad grades and balanced books and she soon finds herself on a remote, snowy ranch with the one of the sexiest men she’s ever seenâ?¦

She likes people, she loves kids, and she would like, for once in her life, to feel like she mattered to someone. She jumps at a nanny job posting far away from the last home she knew and finds herself face to face with a man out of any right thinking woman’s dreams. After finding a photo of his ex-wife who looks just like a model out of the pages of a Cosmo magazine, she realizes that she doesn’t have a chance at her size.

But why is he staring at her like that?

Lucas Riley is a man with a secret.

And a man with a secret is used to being alone.

So when his so called best friend sends him a nanny he never asked for, he doesn’t quite know what to do with her. He does, however, know exactly what he’d like to do to herâ?¦

WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes, naughty words, intense action and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a standalone paranormal romance with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

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MILITARY ROMANCE: Sports Romance: SEALing The Victory (BWWM Navy SEAL Football Romance) (New Adult Interracial Romance Short Stories)

by B. Angelica Ellmoor

Warning: Contains HOT Navy SEAL Football Romance Scenes that don’t leave much to the imagination! A surprise bonus is also included inside for a limited time!

Jackson Blake wants to forget.

But forgetting is much easier said than done.

While he’s finding his weekly therapy sessions with Dr. Abigail Fox helpful, he’s frustrated with his progress.

That is until she suggests he go back to his first love: football.

Now with a renewed lease on life, Jackson is sleeping without nightmares and going after everything he wants in life. Including Abigail.

Abigail tries to resist at first, but she can’t help but succumb to Jackson’s charms.

Both are on top of he world until one text message – a picture of them in an intimate embrace – ends up on the wrong phone. Just like that, Abigail loses everything.

Without Abby, Jackson’s promising career in professional football nearly comes to a halt.

But life, much like football, is a game of inches and Jackson is determined that when it comes to the game, and the woman, he loves, he will not go down without a fight.

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: The Christmas Orphan (A Clean Western Historical Christian Romance) (Inspirational Cowboy Holiday Short Stories)

by Christian Michael

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Bianca was only twenty-one when her family was killed in a tragic accident. Her aunt and uncle move in and make it very clear they want nothing to do with her. She takes her only option of escape; she becomes a mail-order bride. But any hope of love is dashed on her first day when Jonah makes it clear that he does not want her to be his anything besides a permanent maid.

Jonah Cassidy is sure that he does not want anything to do with love. The only reason he married Bianca was to ensure that she didn’t leave just as his other housekeepers had done. But Jonah finds himself at war with his own emotions when Bianca proves to be everything that he believed he did not want but yet has always yearned for. Will he chance his heart on her?

ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Redemption Bride (Inspirational Christian Romance) (Western Historical Romance)

by Avery Quinn

Heartwarming Mail Order Bride Romance with a 4 book clean romance collection of short stories included.

Lucy Evans has seen life, and not the good kind. Abandoned at a young age and led into prostitution she has known little kindness or love in her 18 years. Her life starts to change when she hears a Minister preaching about Gods love and forgiveness and decides to turn her life around. With the help of Jess, one of the older women at the brothel, she changes her identity and heads for the Sierra Nevada Mountains after answering an advertisement to become a Mail order Bride. There she meets Gus, a good Christian man in need of a good woman. All seems well until Lucy’s past starts to catch up with her. She prays to god for help, but will her prayers be answered? Will Gus discover her past? Find out in thise tale of forgiveness and redemption.

Romance: Loving Our Billionaire Boss (Billionaires, Older Man Younger Woman, Single Authors, Women’s Fiction)

by Naughty Nicole

When ultra hot twins Stephanie and Stacey Anthony graduate from college with no jobs lined up they turn to their stepdad for help, Harold. He manages to arrange for them to work at his best friend’s billion dollar company, but he has no idea what he’s about to open them up to…

Nervous about their first day of work, Stephanie and Stacey cling to each other for comfort but it’s not long before they realize that there’s nothing to be nervous about. Their tall, dark and handsome new boss, Tom Ford, is as nice as they come and he only has a few requirements from the girls on their first day of work….

Will their new testosterone fueled boss take things a little further than they are willing to go?

Love Hurts (Caged Love Book 1)

by Mandi Beck

Even when she won’t fight for us, I’ll go to war for herâ?¦

Inside the Octagon, I have no fear. I’m at home, in my element, inflicting pain onto men trained to hurt me just as badly. Making them submit, knocking them out, maiming them, because it’s them or me. And I choose them.

Outside the Octagon, my only weakness is a five-foot-two, classy as f*ck woman that I’ve loved for most of my life. She’s the one that brings me to my knees, fills my arms, my heart, and one day soon, my bed. She makes me reckless. Volatile. I drink too much and try too hard to f*ck my way out of feelingâ??all because of her.

Frankie De Rosa is my girl, my best friend. I haven’t earned her yet, but I won’t stand by and let anyone take her from me. She will be the greatest fight of my life, but she’s worth the battle.

Love hurts, but anything worth having does, right?

I’m Deacon “The Hitman” Loveâ??Welcome to the Cage.

Letting Go of You: Anchored Hearts Vol. 2

by J.M. Witt

***Strong adult sexual content and loads of mental anguish. Grab you tissues! 18+ only.***


Letting Go

Hiding Away

Letting Go of You

Fading Away

Letting Go of Us


Letting Go of You will be the hardest decision of my life.

We were devoted and committed to one another. Secret clubs, family, friends, careers and undeniable chemistry filled our lives. Previous troubles seemed nonexistent. We were ready and willing for whatever life had to offer. Life was perfect. If only â??perfect’ really existed.

What I didn’t expect was that one tragic event would trigger the demons you kept hidden from me. I had to decide if I could live with not knowing your secrets. And just when I thought we would make it through, another hurdle was placed in front of us. Tragedy, murder, first loves, old enemies, and death lingered at every turn.

Will your demons be the death of us? Or will my anchored heart be strong enough to hold on?

Only You


ROMANCE: BBW PARANORMAL ROMANCE: Claimed, Marked & Mated (Cowboy Rancher Short Story) (Menage Shifter Romance)

by Rebecca Elyon


Curvy Adella works at a dead end job that she hates but can’t see any way of getting away from it until one day she receives a phone call from her mother who has life changing newsâ?¦

Adella’s paternal grandfather has died and has left his ranch in Colorado to her. She is shocked, since she only met the man once, but she decides to move her life to the ranch and try to get it running again.

She hires two incredibly attractive men to help her learn how to run it. As they work together, she finds that her attraction to the men is mutual.

Find out what happens between the three in this steamy book about paranormal loveâ?¦

This book is a standalone ménage short story.

WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes, naughty words, intense action and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone paranormal romance with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Team Lucas (The Saints team Book 1)

by Ally Adams

“I want to stay forever… I want to have you for as long as I can have you Lucas, even if that is a week or a year or a decade.”

Mia Carter never thought getting suspended from her part-time job for having attitude could be the best thing to ever happen … maybe.

When Lucas Ainswrightâ??one of the world’s biggest sporting starsâ??needs a minder, it just so happens that attitude is just what is needed to keep Lucas in line.

Now Mia’s job is to manage the sporting world’s bad boy and keep him at the top of his game for the season. Game on!

Discovering Lucy

by Laura Dunaway

After three long years of living in a hell she never could have imagined, Lucy Jane Simmons courageously escapes to New York City for a fresh start.

A new beginning…

When Lucy meets Knox Taylor, the intoxicating man in the business suit, everything she thought she knew about relationships changes. He is strong, seductive and makes her feel safe. But can she open up enough to let him in?

Will Lucy Jane escape the scars of her past? Can Knox give her the future she ultimately deserves?

A story of rediscovery…

Santa Vic

by J.M. Snyder

A Vic and Matt Story

Vic’s boss asks him to don the Santa suit for the company’s employee family Christmas dinner — again. Vic doesn’t want to do it, but the added incentive of double his usual yearly bonus changes his mind. He knows Matt’s begun looking to buy a house, and the money would go far toward a down payment.

At the dinner, the kids love Vic. One little boy in particular, Brucey Carlson, wants to make sure Vic — or rather, Santa Vic — doesn’t forget his sister, who’s in the hospital for the holiday.

Now Vic has one more stop to make before he can return the Santa suit.

NOTE: No mention of Vic’s superhero powers is made in this story, so you can read it even if you haven’t read any others in this ongoing series.

Delivered: A Christmas Novella

by Laura Dunaway

Pregnant and widowed, Andi Porter is still reeling from the loss of her husband. When she finds herself in labor and stranded in a snowstorm, it seems like her timing couldn’t be worse.

Doctor Jase Rollins is a well respected doctor who has a knack for being right where he needs to be. When his right place collides with Andi’s wrong time, an unlikely and unexpected connection is made that neither can ignore.

This Christmas may deliver the best gift of all â?¦ a second chance for the woman who lost it all and the man who wants to give her everything.


by Elle Brooks

I used to believe in destiny.

I was six years old when I first took to the stage, and I’ve danced every day since. It’s the biggest part of who I am. The fuel that drives me forward.

My oxygen…

My life…

My soul.

The stars were perfectly aligned, and my fairy tale had slowly begun to play out like a beautifully scripted passage from a romance novel. I was all set to live my happily ever afterâ?¦

Until I wasn’t.

If dancing was my heart, Daniel was the blood that kept it beating. I was content with supporting him as he worked towards his music dreams, but then he disappeared, leaving me scared, alone and suffocating under the crushing weight of his debts.

It’s said that opportunity often comes disguised as misfortune.

When one door closes, another one opens. But I wasn’t prepared for it to belong to Reveal, one of New York City’s most exclusive Burlesque Clubs.

It feels as though the universe is conspiring against me until fate thrusts two very different men into the equation. And what they have in common, no one could have predicted.

Destiny may have delivered them both, but who stays is my choice.

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