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Type ONEderland: Finding Hope in the Hard Places

by Elizabeth Maxon

When their 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, life as they knew it was turned upside down. It seemed as though this family had entered a foreign land. It was a land of daily finger pricks and insulin injections, but it would also become a place where hope shined bright and faith grew deep.

Type Onederland is the true story of one family’s journey with chronic illness. It is the story of the surprising discoveries they made in the most unexpected places.

Everyone experiences grief and suffering in their lives. The chapters of this book will shine light into dark places for every reader. The honest words of a desperate mother will inspire change in your own life and offer practical ways to move from surviving to thriving in the midst of struggle.

Step into Type Onederland and discover the surprising treasures found when life does not go according to plan. When the worst thing happens, it’s never all bad.

Proceeds from this book are donated to JDRF to help fund research to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

How to Survive Grocery Shopping A Guide to Safe Shopping

by Eric Hargrave

How to Survive Grocery Shopping is a comprehensive guide for health-conscious consumers. Discover the hidden secrets that the food industry is hiding from you, take the walk down the aisle of deceit, and overturn the ingredients that will make you cringe!

Do you truly want to support the company that brought you deadly and harmful chemicals like DDT, PCBs, and even Agent Orange? Find out why chronic diseases like food allergies, obesity, autism, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and cancer are becoming more common in the USA? Our bodies are increasing in sickness and diseases in numbers that no human has ever seen before!

Are the long-term health problems from GMO foods worth the risk to humanity’s future? Change is a must. It has been said that organic farming is the only sustainable method to feed the world. Having the knowledge to make the fundamental change is our best hope, bring to you the information to make an educated decision on the food that you are eating and how to beat the chemicals within them to be healthy once again.

How to Survive Grocery Shopping will help you change the world and your health.

How to Save and Strengthen Your Marriage: Compilation volumes 1-5 (Growing in Love for Life Series Compilation)

by Liam Naden

The Growing in Love for Life series of books shows you unique and powerful ways to save your marriage and create the love, intimacy and communication you truly want.

Each of the volumes in the series are sold separately, but here is your chance to buy the first five volumes in the series for a special price.

The books included here are:

Volume 1: Growing in Love for Life: Save Your Marriage – Starting Now

Volume 2: How to Know if You REALLY Can Save Your Marriage

Volume 3: Save Your Marriage – What a Divorce Will REALLY Cost You and Why

Volume 4: The Single Question That Will Save Your Marriage

Volume 5: The Perfect Marriage: What it Is and How to Turn Yours Into One in 5 Steps

Normal price is bought separately: $12.95

Special Compilation Price: $8.79 – Save 32%!

Trauma and Recovery Guide for victims of Sexual Abuse Workbook

by Bob Bray

Trauma and Recovery Guide for victims of Sexual Abuse Workbook is the perfect accompanying piece for the Trauma and Recovery Guide for victims of Sexual Abuse and will help you to absorb and take in everything that you have learned so far. Using tried and tested methods we use the lessons that we learned in our past to help us push forward and take control of our lives and lead us into a brighter future.

Take the opportunity placed in front of you today, take back your life, download this book today to help you gain back your freedom and live a happier life.

Born in Trust: The Secret to Parenting Your Dog

by Heather Shaw

Dogs are Family Too

A dog’s opinion of himself as a cherished member of the family begins with the babying treatment he receives as a puppy. We love him so much: we cuddle him, stroke him, give him toys, offer him treats and arrange our lives around his needs.

Problems arise when our actions toward him change.

He gets too big and we don’t want him on our lap, in our bed or on the furniture.

We grow impatient or bored with his grown- up needs for exercise and attention.

He just isn’t cute anymore.

The Road to YOUR Success.: Live with meaning. You Matter.

by Black-Sheep M.A.D.

The Road to YOUR Success introduces thoughts and commentary that will arouse your interest in your life, and keep you motivated to live and love life. It keeps you in check with the reality as to what is necessary to attain your goals and to live purposefully.

The Road to YOUR Success also looks at phrases and sayings (some almost proverbial) that we grew up with that can damage our psyche, and in some cases, has hindered our growth process physically, emotionally and spiritually, and blighted us from having what we deserve -a successful life. It shows how people can speak doubt and fears in your life daily, and how, if it is allowed to seep into your spirit, can keep you docile.

The Road to YOUR Success looks briefly at marriage, religion and beliefs, politics and relationship, and how, if cohabiting with the wrong person can hinder your growth to success.

The Road to YOUR Success does not intend to scare you, but to tell you as it is without sugar coating it. Why? You matter in this life. And when you know the truth about life, you can approach it with a sense of awareness and more maturity.

Kingdom Treasures: The Father’s Love For His Daughters

by Vanessa A Smith

Kingdom Treasures The Father’s Love For His Daughters an under 45 minute short read that take you on a journey with Vanessa A Smith through the pain of a little girl when her father left to the discovery of the one true father who will never leave us or forsake us. This open and honest account of a heart closed off that had to learn through the death of her mother to find forgiveness and peace,

Our earthly fathers will make mistakes but the heavenly Father is always there and he cares for his daughters. Read this intimate and very personal story so that you can find victory along with the writer

Random People I Met Along The Way: Volume 2

by Richard Baker

This book is the second volume in an ongoing memoir. It originates from a series of recollections and ruminations, and is based on experiences that I had meeting random people along the way. These are their thoughts and experiences, their musings and ramblings as I have remembered them. The names have been changed, out of respect for their privacy, but essentially this is how these people communicated. It is written mostly from their perspective.

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