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These Delicate Extremes:: Installment 3

by K. Vaughan

246people are weird (scat man)

The door slowly opened. A boy stood in the doorway. The young person had taken Vac by surprise. He had the presence of an innocent. Not Carrie’s type at all, was the hustler’s first thought.

Vac stammered, “Uh, umm, is Kuh Kitty Cat here?”

“She’ll be back prontsos, come in,” said the androgynous youth.

Vac had remembered hearing that her new boy was a scrapper. The hustler asked his host, “Are you,” he hiccuped from confusion, “Mikki?”

The boy sat on the bed cross with his legs crossed and answered with a shake of the head, “No. Mikki had a melt down after a date that K.C. set up. He found the savior and is enrolling next semester. He flew back up north to be with his family about two weeks ago.”

Nothing I can’t handle, thought Vac. Just when I wonder why I don’t get with her, she reminds me, he concluded.

The youth watched Vac with the curiosity of a puppy dog. The hustler refused to get comfortable. He stood in front of the television and watched nothing in particular. Please don’t talk to me, please don’t talk to me, please don’t talk to me…

“Are you Vac?” asked the kid with a smile.

Vac nodded in reply.

“Wow, K.C. talks about you all the time. You and your friends are so brave,” gushed the teen.

Vac did his best Skye impersonation, “One, Kitty talks too much. Two I don’t have any friends. And three, it takes more courage to walk away from a bad situation than it does to be all in.” The hustler was instantly aware of his own hypocrisy. Maybe the kid isn’t good at debate, Vac hoped.

“I’m Ben Gardner. K.C. calls me Sunset because I came here from Los Diablos, offa the strip. I lived on the street after I graduated high school. I was a member of the church, and I volunteered mostly. An’…”

The conversation which Vac had feared arrived as no interchange at all. Sunset regurgitated his life story as though it were a bad conch and rot gut tequila monologue.

247people are weird (scat man)

Vac listened as Sunset finished his story. New little step brother on the way resulted in Ben’s homelessness. Ben’s father had directed the boy to Venida. It had a warm climate, a good economy for those eager to work, and several churches. A resourceful person could easily right himself in this environment. Currently the young in had befriended Carrie. A tripwire snapped in the hustler’s mind. He remembered Philly’s advice about the city of Las Estrellas more than three years before this moment.

“Ben, stay away from Kitty Cat. She has a heart of platinum when set against the people who she makes deals with. That been said, she keeps pace with bad people,” Vac questioned what ‘bad’ meant as quickly as he said the word.

“She likes you. What are you? Bad?” asked Ben with a curious tone.

Vac looked around her roach motel room and replied, “Nothing good happens in this world. This world,” the hustler pointed to the four walls which enclosed them both. “You cross a certain line, and only a bad decision can get you out of a jam caused by a previous decision. It doesn’t let you go.”

Ben wished that Vac would call him Sunset, his new street name.

Vac sensed no comprehension from the nineteen year old. Although being the same age as Carrie, his immaturity was as obvious as her street wiles were discreetly hidden. “Go to church. Talk to that Mahmay dude who seems to want to mentor you. Be good. There are only negative returns out here.”

Vac lied to himself aloud. He thought, Riley’s are everywhere. They wear white collars. They are enrobed on legal benches. They are patrolling in squad cars. They hide in the shadows.

Disappointed by G-Minor wannabe’s advice, the younger man frowned. He wanted adventure.

Inversely Ben had assumed that Vac would have been a storytelling braggart. The same as everyone whom he had met in Carrie’s circle recently. He felt relieved to have a suggestion to go to his own comfort zone. A house of worship.

Carried slid her key through the scanner. She walked in wearing her b

Meditation: Achieve Your Inner Peace and True Happiness Through Mindfulness Meditation (How to Meditate for Beginners, Meditation Techniques, Stress Relief)

by Jamie Botello

Meditation: Achieve Your Inner Peace and True Happiness through Mindfulness Meditation

In our daily life, there are many things which we just cannot control. However, we can definitely take the responsibility of our own mind to change it positively. Buddhism says that meditation is the real medicine for our sorrows, fears, general confusions and hatreds which plague the condition of humans.

You can completely transform your mind by meditating regularly.

Practices of meditation develop and encourage emotional positivity, clarity, concentration, and a calmer attitude towards the genuine nature of various things around us.

What you will learn in this book:

– Meditation vs. Mindfulness

– Physical Benefits of Meditation

– Different types of Mindfulness Meditation

– How to practice Mindfulness Meditation in your Daily Life

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The State of Nature in Fairy Tales

by B.A. M.

Animals play a big part in fairy tales. Many theorists assert that animals symbolize sexuality in fairy tales. Animals also symbolize both purity and death across many cultures. Sexuality and death are both part of The State of Nature. Humanity fears The State of Nature in the same way that humanity fears sexuality – both represent a loss of control. Humans are drawn to nature and forever tied to nature, just as they are with sexuality. Just as sovereignty can never truly protect humanity from nature, sovereignty cannot control sexuality. Therefore, both sexuality and The State of Nature exist as potential threats to sovereign power.

If fairy tales express ambivalence toward sexuality and portray the negotiations individuals make with sexuality, it can also be said that fairy tales express ambivalence to The State of Nature and portray the negotiations individuals make with nature. This essay looks at the way that animals appear in fairy tales as emissaries of the State of Nature both around us and in ourselves. Mermaids in particular are symbolic of the divide between sovereignty and The State of Nature. The human head symbolizes sovereignty, and the fish tale symbolizes The State of Nature. Sometimes fairy tales portray a kinship with the animals, other times fairy tales portray a fear of animals. Often fairy tales reveal both fear and appreciation for The State of Nature. In addition to humanity’s ambivalence toward the State of Nature, an animal rights ethic is so obvious that it seems seldom seen in theories of these stories and should come to the forefront.

This book is an excellent resource for fairy tale scholars.

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