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Billionaire Romance: Secrets of Desire – An Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secrets Series, Book 1)

by Michelle Love

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From best selling author Michelle Love…

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Max Lane is about to turn thirty and settling down is in the forefront of his mind. His taste in women doesn’t make his choices in finding a wife and future mother of his children easy.

Wealthy, gorgeous women with long legs and luscious bodies are great until you have to deal with their entitled attitudes. Which is something the young billionaire neither has nor finds attractive. Max made his fortune the hard way, with hard work and ingenuity.

Alexis Mathews is a freelance accountant who comes into Max’s life just as he’s ready to make some changes to it. Initially he takes her on as a project, but soon realizes he’d like to keep her for himself. Alexis’ long time insecurities make it hard for her to believe she’s the right girl for a man of Max’s wealth.

** This is a hot and steamy romance series, ideal for fans of Ellie Danes, J.S. Scott, Cassie Cross, Hannah Ford, and Kelly Favor**

Christmas In Paris (Romance and Adventure Book 3)

by Ken Preston


Praise for Twenty Seconds to Free Fall, the 1st book in the Romance and Adventure series –

“Exciting beginning to end.”

-Diane, Amazon review

“This book was one I couldn’t put down…”

-Karol, Amazon review.

Are You Ready For

Romance and Adventure?

All Beth wanted was a romantic Christmas in Paris.

So where did it all go wrong?

Fearing her marriage is dying, Beth follows vague, inattentive Dan on his business trip to Paris, hoping to surprise him. Only once in Paris she finds herself plunged into a terrifying world of guns and cat-and-mouse pursuits alongside a husband who, following a car crash, can no longer remember anything about her, their children, what he does for a living, or even who they can trust…

Interview with the author:

Q – What makes the Romance and Adventure series special?

A – If you like fast paced, exciting, fun reads, but you prefer your stories to be free from violence, bad language and explicit scenes, then these books are for you. They are a mix of romantic thrillers and romantic comedy, sometimes in the same book, with only mild violence and peril, maybe the occasional mild swear word, and no scenes of an explicit nature.

What they do have, though, is plenty of page turning action and suspense, with a romantic theme at the centre of the stories.

Q – What order should I read the books in?

A – You can read them in any order that you wish. Each of these books is a standalone story with different characters in new places (always exotic locations, by the way). Sometimes I might release a book that revisits characters from an earlier story, but you won’t need to have read that one.

Q – So, why should readers give these books a try?

A – The Romance and Adventure series of books are clean, fast paced, exciting easy reads. Perfect for the beach, the commute home, or curled up in your favourite chair with a hot drink and a slice of cake. Pure escapism, in other words.

Thanks for reading!

Romance and Adventure Series eBook Categories:

– Romantic thrillers for Kindle

– Romantic adventure

– Romantic thrillers

– Romantic action

– Fun reads

– Romance and action

– Romantic comedy

Mail Order Bride – Westward Dance: Clean Historical Cowboy Romance (Montana Mail Order Brides Book 2)

by Linda Bridey

A historical western cowboy romance novel about a mail order bride.

** A clean romance novel **

Madelyn O’Connor is beautiful, popular, and comfortable with her opulent life. That is until she is brutally attacked by the son of one of the wealthiest families in Pittsburgh. Her parents are ready to fight the case out in the courts, but Madelyn doesn’t want any publicity about it. She wants to forget that it ever happened, but can’t.

Her family grows increasingly worried about the depressive state she falls into and they try to come up with ways to help her, but nothing seems to work. Tessa feels that it would be best for Madelyn to get far away from the city and wants her to come to Montana, but Madelyn is resistant to the idea.

Seth Samuels, Tessa’s brother-in-law, becomes injured when he and his men are attacked by wild dogs on a cattle drive. He’s morose and anxious over the prospect of not being able to participate in drives any longer. Tessa sees two people she loves hurting and thinks that maybe they can help each other when no one else can. She appeals to Seth to help convince Madelyn to come west. Seth refuses at first, but then figures that since he can’t do much else he might as well try to help.

Madelyn and Seth begin a volley of letters in which Seth entices Madelyn to come meet him. She finds him charming and eventually cannot resist his entreaties. She and Tessa convince her parents to let her make the trip. Geoffrey agrees to accompany his second eldest daughter to Montana.

When Seth and Madelyn meet they are instantly attracted to each other, but when Seth’s condition becomes even more serious, Seth is prepared to face the worst. Madelyn isn’t about to give up on him, however, and becomes determined to help the man with whom she’s smitten to heal. Together they embark on a journey of recovery as Seth agrees to go back East to get more modern treatment. As their relationship deepens there are seemingly insurmountable obstacles that threaten to tear them apart. Can each of them compromise in order to have a future together or will their pride keep them from realizing their dreams?

His Number One Fan

by Danyell Wallace

***BWWM Romance***

Nyla Freeman hasn’t seen her long time childhood friend Caleb Walker in over four years. She’s a pre-med student who’s looking forward to a well-deserved break from the common stress of being a college student. So she decides that instead of going to Italy with her family during her two-week spring break, she wants to spend it with Caleb instead, who also happens to be a member of an up and coming band called Wildfire, that’s well known in the Sacramento area. Her plan is to fly out to California to catch up and reminisce with her best friend, but that all changes her first night there when she meets the rest of the band members, and becomes real curious about their lead singer, Mason Scott. Their first encounter is brief, but when his gray eyes land on her brown ones, she knew she wanted to know more about himâ?¦In every imaginable way.

The night she steps foot inside the club, The Grind, to watch Wildfire’s last performance before they were set to go on tour with Caleb’s dad’s band, Hurricane, she’s immediately drawn to the sounds of an electric guitar, drums, and a strong sexy raspy voice echoing throughout the club. Her eyes search the room looking for the owner of the voice, when they finally land on Mason. He was standing behind the microphone with his eyes closed, grasping it while letting the lyrics flow through his lips. Every emotion he was feeling came flowing.

Women were screaming his name, demanding his attention, while the men stood in awe wishing they could be him. Nyla stood there not wanting to move, afraid that she would miss the message that he was trying to get across in the lyrics. She was never a fan of rock music, but then again she really didn’t have a favorite genre either. If it was good to her she listened to it, and Wildfire was good.

Mason stops singing and pulls away from the mic, and picks up an acoustic guitar sitting on its stand nearby and starts playing it with so much grace. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Seeing him perform gave her an amazing feeling. She always relied on video clips and audio snippets that Caleb sent to her by text message of Mason’s musical talent, and now she was experiencing it live.

Everything about Mason oozed sex appeal from his tousled black hair, all the way down to his exposed neck, arms, and legs, that showed off his different tats, to the way he worked the crowd. Flirting with every male or female he came in contact with. He didn’t discriminate.

He makes his way back to the mic, and he closes his eyes briefly again, and begins rocking back and forth, allowing the music to take over him. Before singing the next verse to the song, he opens his eyes and they lock with hers. From that single moment alone. She became His Number One Fanâ?¦ Not realizing that this night was the beginning of both of their lives changing foreverâ?¦

The Christmas Baby Bundle: A Heartwarming Holiday Novella (Windy City Romance Book 4)

by Barbara Lohr

Having a baby doesn’t always come easy, at least not for Amanda and Connor Kirkpatrick. For five years they’ve worked at starting their family. Timed lovemaking and failed fertility treatments drain the romance from their marriage. Then Connor’s sister McKenna, a Chicago midwife, links them up with Angie from her natural childbirth class. Young and unmarried, Angie is looking for a home for her baby, due shortly after Christmas. At the same time, the couple begins working with Dr. Logan Castle on a new in vitro technique.

But Amanda is afraid to hope her dream might finally come true, irritating the heck out of Connor. They’re at odds when heavy snow almost cancels the baby shower organized by the Kirkpatrick clan. Amanda’s parents haven’t even responded to the invitation. Have they given up hope as well? As Amanda and Connor teeter on the brink of Christmas hope, life bestows a surprise that could bring everything back into focus. The Christmas Baby Bundle is a heartwarming holiday novella.

The All Encompassing: A Shifter MC Novel (Pureblood Predator MC Book 1)

by May Ellis Daniels


Two words. Biker dirtbag. Or how about: not interested?

Wellâ?¦maybe a little. Okay, a lot.

But a rookie cop and an outlaw biker Prez? We all know what that is.

Way more trouble than it’s worth.

Only there’s more to the Prez than meets the eye.

And let me tell you, what meets the eye is plenty fine.

Even when the fangs and claws come out. Or especially when they come out.

Maybe there’s more to me as well. Something I’ve kept hidden. Locked away.

A secret desire. A hunger.

Maybe the Predator outlaw understands what I need.

What my animal needs when she rages against the cage I’ve built for herâ?¦


The cop girl doesn’t have a clue. Zero. She’s living blind.

A weak, worthless Skin. A human.

But her scent? An alpine meadow at sunrise?

Calling my animal. Making him pace and snarl.

He’s stalking her now. Hunting her down.

And once he’s on the scent of prey he never let’s go.

Trouble is, he senses a threat lurking in the night forest. Something’s stalking him.

This is the end of an age. The natural order upturned.

The hunter hunted.

Lily. My bloodmate. My destruction.

Mother Nature’s not all kisses and cuddles. She’s ruthless. Hard. Cruel.

Species rise and fall. Survival is all that matters.

And my wolf? He’s howling. Summoning his pack.

The cop girl has to dieâ?¦

EROTICA: Daddy. LONG. HARD. DEEP. Steamy Fiction Short Stories for Women (6 Book Bundle + 5 Additional Stand-Alone Stories) (Older Men Younger Woman, Taboo, Forbidden, Collection 1)

by Daddy Taboos

Her: Craving Something Long, Hard & Deep…

Him: Ready and Willing to Fill Her…

Please Note: You Don’t Need A Kindle Device to Buy this Book. It’s Available for Immediate Reading By Downloading A Free Kindle Reader to Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.

6 LONG. HARD. DEEP. Steamy Short Stories For Women + 5 Bonus Stand-Alone Stories At the End!

If you like reading about alpha male encounters that involve hot men, passionate poundings and moments of extreme pleasure then you’ll love this fast-paced, adventurous and steamy bundle.

These 11 stories are guaranteed to get you hot!



Cosmic Chaos (Get Cosmic Book 3)

by Kara Griffin

Kullanmuru Graham has always had a crush on the book-smart Vance (Chance & Valeen’s son), but she’s never had the nerve to tell him. As an Intergalactic Enforcement Agent, she’s on a secret mission to retrieve remotes designed to take over the minds of women. On the run from two goons, she literally runs into Vance’s transport.

Vance may be book-smart and might like working with biophysics and molecular sciences, but he’s a man who knows what he wants, and he wants Kullanmuru. Only, he’s never told her how he really feels. Vance would rather spend his days in a musty lab than take over the family businessâ??being King of Kiumbria. When his transport crashes and he finds out who ran into him, the Chaos beingsâ?¦

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