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The Art of a Virtuous Serve: Extraordinary Accounts of Faith and Service from a Tennis Perspective

by Samuel Monaco Jr.

FOR ANYONE DESIRING TO HIT A VIRTUOUS SERVICE ACE. It is my personal intention, sole purpose and desire for this book, to draw attention to many of the outstanding tennis programs and organizations which continue to inspire, help and support countless others in their life and faith journeys. It is my hope that the inspiring stories of some of the tennis personalities, athletes, programs and charitable organizations mentioned in “The Art of a Virtuous Serve” may inspire your own life journey of faith, while helping you to develop and execute to perfection the kind of serve that we witness to each and every day of our lives on and off the tennis court. The true serve which improves lives, helps those in need, gives us hope and allows us to know of God’s unconditional and immense love for all of us. This book was written for tennis players and even non-players with the desire to hit an occasional service ace whether it is on the court or not.

Marathon: Your First Time

by Wojtek Krol

Marathon: Your First Time. A Quick Guide from a Guy That’s Been There and Done That.

Marathon is no easy stunt. The race is tough and very long, requires strategic approach, discipline and an iron psychological attitude. That’s why finishing a marathon at least once makes it to most people’s bucket list. Marathon is almost an allegory of life. It goes up and down, has different phases, demands a plan of action, and rewards a long-term approach. But believe it: no matter how much, where and with whom have you run before, you’re going to make it. If you read this eBook, that is.

Tales of a Simple Sailor: My (Essentially) True Maritime Misadventures

by Don Robison

If James Herriot were a sailor, these are the stories he might tell. Author Don Robison is a retired U.S. Coast Guard officer and life-long sailboat sailor. These tales faithfully recount his funny, awkward, and sometimes life-changing experiences as a cutterman and as a sailboat skipper. His self-deprecating humor is engaging, and if you are honest, you may see a bit of yourself in his misadventures. Don transparently laughs at his own weakness and invites us all to laugh at ours.

Take in your lines and come enjoy the life and times of a simple sailor.

What God Taught Me Through Racing: 31 Parables From the Track

by Alicia Martin

It all began with four words: “debris on the grill.” In a moment, I saw the analogy: “debris on the grill” is like “sin in my life.” The reality, the implications, the fix – I recognized numerous parallels. The more I looked at other aspects of car racing, the more parallels I saw. It was a flood of ideas that flowed faster and faster, challenging my typing fingers to keep up with my brain. In the end, what I had were 31 racing parables – perfect for a one-month devotional booklet.

Each day (chapter) can be read in about five minutes, and is paired with at least two Bible references. The goal of each day is to help the reader see how a particular Bible truth, when applied to real life, makes “the race” safer, faster, more fun, and easier to win.

The 2015 Formula 1 Season In Quotes

The 2015 Formula 1 season as told by the drivers, ex-drivers, team personnel, pundits and commentators.

. . . . . . . .

Author’s/editor’s royalties from this book are donated to the Brain and Spine Foundation. You can find out more about the Brain and Spine Foundation at:

My Favorite Sedona Area Indian Ruins

by Bruce J. Eastman

This book contains directions to ten separate sights. I am remiss in that the original description didn’t give a total number, and I am glad someone called attention to that. If you are interested in quantity, this is not your book.

Also, because of the less traveled nature of these places, you need to be able to follow written directions as well as the maps in order to find these locations. If you are direction challenged and GPS equipped, there are also coordinates for the parking areas, to make sure you arrive in the correct places.

Out of the several hundred ancient Native American sights I have seen in the Sedona area, I think these are by far the coolest, which is the point of this book. People through their comments have questioned whether or not it is appropriate to send visitors to these sights, because of concerns over them being defaced. Without exception, I have found that the more visited a ruin is, the less it is vandalized. This I is because people are unwilling to do things with an audience, which can send them to prison.

When I first moved to the Sedona area, I had an interest in finding little known ruins to hike to. This book contains the places that I have located, which I enjoy the most. There are seven which are rarely visited, one with moderate visitation,and two which are very public.

I will, as the opportunity arises, be posting photos of these sights online, so you may be aware of what is there to be seen, and then it will be a matter of personal choice, rather than subject to the input of others as to whether or not this book is of interest to you.

Survival Walking Stick: 27 Simple And Essential Tips On How To Make A Survival Walking Stick That Can Save Your Life And Aid In Rescuing Others: (Prepper’s … Survival Books, Survival, Survival Books))

by Micheal Adlon

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Survival Walking Stick (FREE Bonus Included)

27 Simple And Essential Tips On How To Make A Survival Walking Stick That Can Save Your Life And Aid In Rescuing Others

The “Survival Walking Stick: 27 Simple And Essential Tips On How To Make A Survival Walking Stick That Can Save Your Life And Aid In Rescuing Others” is an excellent choice for those who are looking for something to increase their chances of survival in the wilderness. The survival walking stick is a multipurpose tool that can be used for your self-defense, protect your family, frighten intruders, walk on the bricks and stones, hunt for food, fishing, etc. You have to get one walking stick for your survival kit because it is easy to carry. You can design it at home with the help of 27 essential tips given in this book. This book is written in a way so that you can easily understand the procedure to make the stick. You will be able to learn the ways to design this stick at home.

This book will offer:

  • Importance of survival walking stick
  • Tips to make a survival walking stick
  • Tips to make a compass know the direction
  • Important survival skills for you and your family

Download this book to follow 27 simple tips to make a survival walking stick that can save you from intruders and help you to rescue others.

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Chicago Sand Nigga

Make sure you hold on, because “Chicago Sand Nigga” will have you riding through the cracks of the concrete jungle that’s titled Chicago. The works of this non-fiction will have you confused and astonished to the very end! A book made to reread!


Ma Corner

The corner is labeled as movement, as many people have to cross our neighborhood on the daily. To me it represents childhood, the friends I have made in that neighborhood which I know till this day despite we are no longer friends. But movement causes a lot of tension, the cops in my neighborhood are racist point blank, they told me to my face a common fact is that all black people steal. To which I replied that’s racist and they continued to argue, thing is you can’t talk to cops their mission is to get you in trap with words to incriminate you of something you didn’t do. We do live in a world where the more criminals a police station catches the more our government invests in it. So I switched to the other cop after telling the first one I’m done talking to you. Not like I had a chance second I said that slightly bigger buddy cop said “talk to me than.” And you can’t really disrespect cops, so I talked him right out my situation. One thing I forgot to mention about my hood; by the way that is what I will be referring to it as from now on. Is that it’s home to a police county. Doesn’t bother the gangs and drug addicts much though it’s clearly their home as well. It’s funny because my hood was just so plentiful of diversity, I’m talking Greek Church, Spanish Church, Muslim Masq, Korean Temple, And another Korean temple like dead next to the highway, yet no one was ever really in that one except one dude who drove a Korean church van around. It’s not a pretty sight what kids did for fun back then and what they do now. I’m talking trap houses and cuts, drugs and weed getting high getting drunk trying to come up. Come up is slang for gain currency. The difference will and still lies behind ones who hold themselves in a pedestal of resistance when it comes to drug addiction allowing them to try various drugs. But what about crushed up pills made to look like bags of coke? Once this guy ate three Xanax and punched a wall until his hand broke. What of friendships built on the use of drugs? Can such two things ever co-exist. Those stand by themselves and together, while I spectate with my friend from our position titled Bob Marley.

The silent guru GYM: a tribute from a student to its guru

by @nil..

I have a guru but there is a little twist and that twist is my guru is not a person. It does not have life but it gave me lovely and wonderful life. It is my “GYM”.

Survive Dangerous Situations: Secrets to Survive Extreme Danger When You Only Have Seconds To Act!

by Tim Spencer

Read this guide to surviving the most extreme situations you could face and discover…

* How to survive an avalanche…and make it easier for the search dogs to find you alive!

* How to protect yourself from a stampeding crowd – even if you get knocked to the ground, the worst thing that could happen (learn how to survive it…)

* Where to land the one punch that will stun a crazed, vicious dog and give you the opening you need to escape.

* The single worst thing you can do it you are stuck in a riptide…and what you must do instead.

* What is the single worst thing that can happen while you are driving – and how to survive it without a scratch.

* If a nuclear bomb hits, you’re toast, right? Not necessarily: Here’s how to survive it and even avoid the deadly afterwinds.

* Why you must do THIS in the first 2 minutes of a hostage situation if you dont want to be at the mercy of your captors.

* The only thing that will save your life if you are trapped in a car that falls in a lake (you have less than a minute to do it).

…and many more secrets to survive dangerous situations!

Woodworking for Beginners: How To Do Woodworking Projects Even If You Don’t Want To Go Out And Spend Thousands Of Dollars On Tools

by Tom Brody

Read this woodworking for beginner’s secrets and discover…

* How to do woodworking projects even if you don’t want to go out and spend thousands of dollars on tools.

* The five important woodworking skills to get you started on your woodworking projects.

* The easiest way to drill holes quickly, cleaner, and more accurately.

* The 3 essential saws you will need to make different types of cuts.

* Making sense of the countless types of grits of sandpaper and sanding equipment.

* The different paints you will need to employ to achieve a professional, finished look.

…and many more woodworking secrets!

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