Free world literature Kindle books for 26 Dec 15

Existentialism is a Shakespearean Comedy: Much Ado About Nothing Existentialism is an Unnamed Virtue in Early Modern Drama

by B.A. M.

Existentialism is a Shakespearean Comedy takes a surprising romp through Sartre’s key terms in light of Shakespeare’s comedies. The work reveals that Comedy is more heavy at heart than some may think, while existentialism is more light at heart than some may think.

For beginning students of existentialism, the work covers and defines key existential themes and provides illustrations from Shakespeare’s comedies. For readers already familiar with existentialism, the work provides a deeper examination and uncommon illustration of the philosophy’s major themes.

The Littlest Firefighter (Illustrated)

by Teresa Ng

Ask a little boy what he wants to become when he grows up, I bet you eight out of ten times would be a firefighter. Eric in this story was the most adorable and littlest firefighter, in and out of troubles, one could ever imagine! This delightful book with 12 colorful pages of illustration, is suitable for Young Readers from 5 to 8 year olds and up.

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