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The Pickle Pepper Game: Find Your Subconscious Creativity

Creativity comes from the subconscious part of your mind. The Pickle Pepper Game will help you unlock your inner creativity through a word exercise where you focus on 14 clusters of unrelated words that start with the letter P. You write a phrase or sentence for a cluster and keep it hidden until the end.

How To Draw: 7 Lessons For Absolute Beginners – Learn To Draw In Just 1 week!: (How to Draw, Things to Draw, Drawing, Drawing, Zentangle, Scetching, Drawing … How To Draw: Zentangle Basics Book 6)

by Karla Johnson

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How To Draw: (FREE Bonus Included)

7 Lessons For Absolute Beginners – Learn To Draw In Just 1 week!

Drawing is a magnificent work of art in itself; however it is likewise an incredible activity for different types of craftsmanship, such as painting for case. Learning how to draw will genuinely open your brain to your surroundings empowering you to truly see what is before you.

In this eBook you will learn a lot about “how to draw” and become an expert in drawing within a week!

Good luck!

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by Gary M. Gorman

Jazz lead sheet for Ns14, a fun swing chart for jazz combo. In addition, three favorites from previous publications, Neon Air, Dazelight and Fog Burner.

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