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Minecraft Box Set: Discover the Best Strategies to Become Master of the Game + 30 Amazing Tricks Every Minecraft Player Should Know (Minecraft, minecraft forge, minecraft mods)

by Wilson Harper

BOOK #1: Minecraft: 30 Amazing Tricks Every Minecraft Player Should Know

New to Minecraft? If so, you’re going to have a lot of fun. It’s one of the hottest and best games available for multiple gaming avenues. There’s so much you can do that it can be almost overwhelming! That’s where this ebook comes in.

You will learn the basics of Minecraft including:

  • How to start your own farm
  • How to build a few different types of buildings
  • How to build a nether portal
  • How to tame certain creatures
  • How to make weapons and food
  • How to mine the necessities that you need
  • How to travel in Minecraft without getting lost

And much more! These 30 tricks will help you learn how to play and enjoy your time playing Minecraft. We also tell you how spawn a few creatures that you might end up needing! If you’re ready to learn how to play Minecraft or if you’re just curious what the fuss is all about, pick up this ebook. You’ll learn how to become the best Steve that you can be!

Experienced Minecrafters will also love this ebook. This ebook is the perfect gift for your friends and family who are new to the game. It can walk new players through basics and save you from answering questions when you’d rather be playing!

BOOK #2: Minecraft: Discover the Best Strategies to Become Master of the Game!

Minecraft is an excellent game that has the popularity to match the fun that it has. It is a game that presents you with countless challenges that help you to perfect your skills and be a master of the game.

The book contains:

  • How to create the best Minecraft game that you can enjoy playing either by yourself or with other players,
  • Strategies that you can use to shape you world to make it presentable and in line with your preferences,
  • Best ways that you can play Minecraft and ensure that you topple other players in the game,
  • Internet sites where you can compete with online players to perfect your skills and become a master,
  • Available skins and the best types that you can use to create your Minecraft,
  • Programs available to give you the best experience while creating your Minecraft,
  • Strategies to ensure that you survive in case of a confrontation with other players in the game,
  • How to best play Minecraft in different arenas, and ways to become a winner,
  • Different kinds of servers available to you to make the experience of playing Minecraft to be thrilling, fun and enjoyable.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Discover the Best Strategies to Become Master of the Game + 30 Amazing Tricks Every Minecraft Player Should Know” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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Jokes for kids : Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids

by james huang

Want to plant the seed of humor in your children?

Then this e-book is for you!

Containing 100 jokes, this book is all you need to get your child to read, laugh and learn the ways of wits. All the jokes within this e-book are one-liners; they are very easy to read, memorize and pass on to friends!

Having a sense of humor is one of the skills that can get child far in life. It will improve its social relations, as well as make him or her the life of the party. As the child develops, so will their sense of humor – but it is you who needs to make the first step, and this book will be a great aid in achieving that.

The jokes have been made from a variety of styles and categories – things that your child is familiar with, but also more complex issues that will make him or her curious about the exciting world that surrounds us. Deadpan, irony, puns – all this, and more, can be found in this volume of fun.

So what are you waiting for? Fill your child’s mind with smiles and positivity now!

Jedi still outnumber Nuns (Flibbertigibbet News Book 3)

by Wrenfoe

Welcome to the third compilation of Flibbertigibbet News. I’m glad to say I’m over the difficult second album and now embarking upon a drug-addled indulgence, which will inevitably end with me lying face down in a pile of my own vomit. Find out about the iCorbynâ?¢, how I.S. haters gonna hate and why Greece has changed it’s billing address. Enjoy!

The athiest hymnal

by Michael Williams

Most of the pages in this hymnal are blank. After all, what would an atheist have to sing about and to whom would he sing his praises. This book is intended as a jab at atheists who, ironically, talk about God quite a bit. This book is intended to give the atheists a reference for sacred hymns so that they may celebrate April 1st (April Fool’s Day) as Secular Day on which they will celebrate all their disbeliefs.

As stated, most of these pages are blank. Therefore they can be used as scratch paper. Write down your thoughts or scribble on them. If you feel a sneeze coming on feel free to rip out a page and use it to blow you nose. After all, they don’t believe in God so it wouldn’t be sacrilegious.

There are atheist proverbs and life lessons between each hymn (blank page). Again this is intended as a novelty item written by a Christian who feels a need to have a little fun at the expense of a group of people whose religious disbeliefs are founded on the four basic (D)s (denial, disbelief, disillusion and delusion.)

Consider for a moment what atheism has done for the world. Atheism was the philosophy taught to communists in the U.S.S.R. Look at how well that turned out.

There have been many famous atheists who lived their lives knowing there was no accountability for their actions. Among them are; Communist dictator Joseph Stalin who killed more than 40 million people, Pol Pot, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, Mao Zedong, Jeffrey Dahmer and Kim Jong II just to name a few. Wow, such role models.

The author used the pen name Phillip Space as a symbolic gesture. It symbolizes a need to fill an empty space in the lives of the non-believers.

This would be an excellent gift for the religiously disenfranchised or any Christian who enjoys a good laugh. Give one to your atheist friends as a gag gift. Again, it wouldn’t be sacrilegious to consider their religious beliefs to be a gag.

Journal of an Accounting Droid: 26 Fiscal vs Calendar Year

by Neil Patel

For the 2015 year end episode, since the news is minimal, I review my favorite apps of the year and Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens! There is still a theme which is the easily relatable Fiscal vs Calendar Year for reporting.


by Sam Willers

This book consists of world’s cutest cats and kittens.

Be prepared because you WILL get overwhelmed by the cuteness!!

Hope you enjoy!


Farm Animal Facts For Kids: Cartoons for Children (Fun Animal Facts Book 1)

by Elliot Carruthers

Who is the smartest animal on the farm? Learn interesting trivia and be entertained. The animals come to life and almost seem like people. Perfect for kids! Enjoy!

Creative Minecraft Furniture Ideas Plus Minecraft Tips, Tricks and Hints

by Louis Adams


Okay, so you’ve heard a little bit about it, maybe a lot, but what is it? Minecraft is a game that looks like it’s straight out of the 90’s, with chunky 16 bit graphics and the music to go along with it. The majority of this simple game is sandbox, first person survival, but it has other elements to it as well (these will be explained later).

It has been very successful, not just for an indie game, but as a major title too, with total revenue estimated at around $240 million in 2012, and who knows what it has made since then! Since 2011, when the full Minecraft version was released, all types of gamers have flocked to get their hands on it with its compatibility with all generations. It has been made to have minimal violence and when that time does come it has very manageable graphics for all gamers.

The mechanics are very easy pick up as the main actions players will be partaking in are simply picking up and putting down cubes. This can sound rudimentary to the naïve, but in this case, your imagination is really the limit. There are hundreds of different types of blocks to create your dream structures with and depending on which mode you play; they can all available to you at the click, press or touch of a button.

Minecraft, due to its popularity, now sells a myriad of merch to go along with the game. There are t-shirts, mugs, posters (one of which I have), masks and most recently there has been a Minecraft Lego released!

Minecraft is a game by Mojang that is fulfills the dreams of adventure game and creative game fans out there. It started as an indie game and is now one of the most played games out there. Minecraft is a sandbox game where you play as a lone survivor on an island with no tools, food and shelter. Gather resources from scratch, craft materials and build items in order to survive.

Minecraft is a game with endless possibilities of creating anything you want. It is like your very own universe. Test your survival skills in the Survival game mode where you have to build everything from scratch and face enemies that lurk in the night. Exercise your creativity in Creative mode with infinite resources that makes it possible to build your dream city.

Minecraft Game Guide contains all the information you will need to understand the game and the basics. If you want to know how to survive your first night, how to survive in the long run, information about different tools, how to defeat mobs and many more, check out this guide. This guide will serve as thorough learning tool for new players and a refresher for those who have not played in a while.

Best Minecraft Pick Up Lines

by Dicky N.

This is a collection of the Best Minecraft Pick Up Lines.The next time you go out and see that pretty girl. You could use these lines. If she happens to like Minecraft, you’ll definitely get her phone number.

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