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Phantom Bogger: Billy Boss Whodunit #1 (A humorous detective adventure chapter book for children)

by S.M. Helbig

A poop blocks the toilet. Billy needs to pee. The Phantom Bogger strikes again. Can Billy, the budding detective, catch the poop-criminal before he wets his pants? One thing’s for sure – there’s no way he’s going to pee on that poop! He’d rather wet his pants than do that. The problem is, no one in the Boss House is confessing to the crime. Will Billy catch The Phantom Bogger and force them to clean up the mess before he has his own bathroom accident?

To enjoy this funny detective adventure, download The Phantom Bogger, the first book in the hilarious Billy Boss Whodunit sleuth series. Scroll up and hit the Buy button right now!

Themes: Family Life, Gross Humour, Potty Humour (Toilet Humour), Fairness, Coming Clean, Detective sleuthing adventure

Age: Listeners aged 4+ and Readers aged 7+


The nine chapter books in the Billy Boss Whodunit series are perfect for readers aged 7+ who love gross humour and detective stories. These weird tales are a unique mix of potty humour, family life and rule breakers being forced to come clean. Billy Boss is a budding detective who pits himself against those who leave gross body wastes, like snot or pee, around the home. The weird humour and funny rhymes in the Billy Boss Whodunit chapter books is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Young readers will race to the end of the stories and want to read the next book straight away.


– Detective, private eye and sleuth story readers

– Anyone who enjoys potty humour, gross humour, and anything to do with unexpected body wastes like poops, pee, snot, farts, spit, toe jam, puke, ear wax and scabs

– Families who like reading family life stories together

– Chapter book and series readers

– Reluctant readers


This book might make you laugh so hard you cry. If you want to risk enjoying Billy’s gross detective story *that* much then scroll up and click the “Buy It Now” button!


“I loved the book the Phantom Bogger! I liked all of it. The cover is good, it made me laugh. I want to read all of them straight away but my dad won’t let me. He is making me wait until tomorrow night for the next one.”

– Hana, 5.


“These books are terrific. The covers are great. They have a quirky sense of humour which makes for a good read. The repetition of phrases, sayings, greetings and responses is really good for this age group.”

– Heather, Retired Teacher

To enjoy this funny detective adventure, download The Phantom Bogger, the first book in the hilarious Billy Boss Whodunit sleuth series. Scroll up and hit the Buy button right now!

Central Park Story Book Three: The Eight Gates

by Rick Trout

Christopher’s peaceful world is shattered when he discovers an urgent note on his dresser. Now, he must search for a mysterious key to overcome an evil stepfather, stop his archenemy from conspiring against him, and win back the girl he loves. Can he decipher the only clue he’s been given before things go from bad to unimaginably bad? His search for the answer is what makes Christopher’s second year at Central Park School even crazier than his first.

Central Park Story Book Four: The Final Gate

by Rick Trout

Time is running out for Christopher Middleton as he searches for a mysterious key that will prevent an unthinkable disaster from striking New York City. First, he must go on some wild adventures in the park and win the support of the only girl he loves. Can he accomplish this in the short time he has left, or will disaster overtake him first? Join Christopher for another wild year at Central Park School.

Books for Kids: Owen Owl Becomes A Firefighter (Kids Books Ages 4-8) Short Stories For Kids,Bedtime Stories For Kids, Children Books, Early Readers

by Minions M.

Books for Kids : Owen Owl Becomes a Firefighter

When Owen Owl goes to work with his dad as a firefighter, he’s really excited. But when a fire breaks out and Owen’s dad has to rush into a burning building, will everything turn out okay?

Parents, this book is designed to help children appreciate their parents, and show them that regardless of whether they’re angry or not, they should always make sure that their family knows that they love them. It also extols the virtues of being a public servant, and how that helps people.

Beautifully illustrated bedtime story that children and parents will love!

Download Your Copy Right Now! Your kids will love going back to this cute Illustration book again and again.

The Gift of Christmas

by D J Parry

Siblings Stephen, Thomas, and Amy all grew up loving Christmasâ?¦not just the day itself, but all the fun and activities that led up to it. In fact, Stephen loved it so much that he started The Christmas Club, which shared many secret activities aimed at getting people to believe. Then one day, everything changed. Now, years later, Thomas has sworn to never celebrate Christmas again. Then on a snowy Christmas Eve, a large box, filled with a variety of wrapped, numbered packages, and accompanied by a letter from his sister, arrives, putting his resolve to the ultimate test. A heart-warming story that will make you believe in the magic that is Christmas.

Build It Up!

by J.J Konstrock

Go on a journey with trucks, construction workers, and heavy machinery, as they work together to build a beautiful city!

Gold Star Academy: Ray’s Tale

by Jesse Radin

Ray goes to a special private school where effort is rewarded over his results. It doesn’t matter that he does his homework every night and aces his tests… “gold stars” are handed out based on effort. So when Don butchers the alphabet, he gets gold stars just for trying.

This is a story of children growing up from Kindergarten to the 12th grade.

The Infinite Darkness (An Alendrian Trilogy Book 1)

by Catherine Johnson

Alendria is a quiet and peaceful land where the Harmonics live quiet and peaceful lives in a Citadel built by nature. They value life and beauty, happiness and peace. Above all, they value the life source and spirit of Alendria, the Alendrian Diamond.

But Volca, a skilled and respected enchantress, experiences a vision of impending terror.

Hadian, a cruel, selfish sorcerer and the ruler of the Underworld desires the Alendrian Diamond. He creates an army to capture the Citadel and gain control of this most formidable source of power.

Volca sets out to warn the King and Queen of Alendria, in an attempt to give them time to devise a defense against Hadian and his evil army.

Volca’s actions enact a prophecy but time is against her. She must put all the pieces into place before both Alendria and the Alendrian Diamond are lost to Hadian forever.

Call from beyond the stars and other short stories

by Thomas H. Smith III

A collection of three short stories written by T.H.Smith, all are Science Fiction based original works. The Last Atlantean, Rise of the Ducos and Call from beyond the Stars, each story stands alone and all were written in the year 2015. T.H.Smith’s second published work, this book compliments the first book, Cyclops Falls and other short stories, both books are unique looks into the world of Sci Fi.

Pilgrennon’s Beacon (Pilgrennon’s Children Book 1)

by Manda Benson

e-Edition with exclusive bonus content. Caught in a feud between the two greatest minds of her time, Dana must reach the distant beacon to uncover the dark secrets of her past.

Dana Provine is a girl with mild autism and a secret ability to mentally control computers, who runs away from bullies at her school in Coventry after a hospital scan reveals an object lodged in her brain. A compelling signal leads her north to the Outer Hebrides and an abandoned military facility on the remote and supposedly haunted Flannan Isles, where she hopes to untangle the mystery shrouding her birth and her missing parents. But as the lies of the past unfold, Dana unwittingly finds herself under the scrutiny of a government supercomputer with the power to destroy everything she knows…

This e-Edition includes an excerpt from the sequel, deleted scenes, and some other bonus material not available in the paperback version.

Comments from Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

  • I think this is really well done. I particularly appreciate that it’s an unusual story, and not at all cliched. The excerpt is not predictable, either in its writing or its plot… It’s clear from the start of this excerpt–when we see that Dana is able to communicate with the walk signal–that we have something more than the usual picked-on protagonist trying to avoid her attackers. (“Henchgirls” is a nice touch.) The excerpt starts strong and remains strong. Information about Dana’s current living situation is provided, but we’re not beaten over the head with the details. The information is instead leaked into the narrative deftly. And the scene in the hospital, when something is found implanted in Dana’s head, is likewise well done. By the end of the excerpt, I’m hooked on the story and want more. It’s unusual and well-written. …Amazon Vine Review
  • Excellent, intriguing, well written. Much of the narrative is from the child’s point of view but still is strong and pulls my interest… So far this excerpt is spot on. Amazon Vine Reviewer
  • A clever attempt to explore autism in the context of an intriguing mystery… The premise of a girl, Dana, abandoned by her parents, diagnosed with autism and then discovered to have some sort of computer in her brain is very clever. The restroom altercation between Dana and her nemesis is surprisingly violent but also feels real. Much of the writing is graceful and nimble and the addition of the mystery element spices things up and comes as a pleasant surprise Amazon Vine Reviewer
  • The author is able to maintain a high level of tension through many parts Publisher’s Weekly

Hip Hamster Projects (Pet Projects)

by Isabel Thomas

Are you hysterical about hamsters? Then these books are for you! This fantastic book is packed full of tips on how to care for your furry friend and covers everything you could possibly want to do with your hamster. For example, you can make some cakes and throw them a party! Grow your own greens for your hamster to eat, and follow the step-by-step guides to make some amazing projects, including a cross-stitch hamster, an activity maze, and nibblesome notecards! Read this and you will have the happiest hamster ever!

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