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ROMANCE: Highlander Romance: Scars Of A Highlander (Scottish Highland Mail Order Bride Time Travel Romance) (Historical Fantasy Romance Short Stories)

by Cassandra Michaels

Highlander Time Travel Romance With Surprise Bonus Included Inside For A VERY Limited Time!

Martha has been dreading Ross leaving for weeks.

He has been hired as a fishing worker in one of the deadliest seas in the world, doing the same work that killed her father many years ago.

She knows that it has to be done, though. She also knows it’s only a matter of time before she falls apart without him. The house is too quiet and her thoughts are too loud for her to be alone. Once she finds out a record storm is headed for the same sea Ross will be sailing.

Her loneliness drives her out of her house and into the Christmas market. It’s there that she meets an old woman who claims that she can bring happiness back into Martha’s life with nothing but a little bottle of inky blue liquid. This isn’t a fairy tale, and magic isn’t real, so what is she really offering Martha in the bottle? Can it really bring the happiness back to her eyes?

WARNING: Contains Explicit Scenes, Intended for 18+ Readers Only

Adeline (Silent Movies Book 1)

by Akje Majdanek

At the dawn of American cinema, English farm boy Trevor Goodwin is forced to flee to New York after he unwittingly participates in an anarchist attack that leaves four people dead. The only thing more important to him than his self-respect and his family is his fiancée, Honoria, but until the furor over the tragedy dies down, he has to avoid those he lovesâ??especially after the real culprit threatens to kill him.

In New York he meets Adeline, a Rubenesque vaudeville singer in a run-down theater run by his uncle. Adeline is beautiful but troubled, and Trevor is drawn to her darkness, determined to uncover the secret of her grief.

Among Adeline’s demons is Montague Thornton, her self-appointed guardian, who saved her when her family was killed years earlier. Jealous and possessive, Thornton plans to own Addie completely now that she’s old enough to marry. Using her survivor guilt as a weapon of manipulation, he tries to shape her into the kind of trophy he desires.

He didn’t count on the quiet appeal of a simple country boy like Trevor, however. When Trevor joins the show as Addie’s pianist, it triggers events that threaten to destroy the barriers they’ve each carefully constructed around their respective trauma. Can they heal each other before sinister forces thwart their budding relationship? The pioneers of the emerging silent film industry prove almost as deadly as the anarchist movement back home, and Trevor’s freedom and Adeline’s sanity hang in the balance.

– no cliff hanger ending

– no graphic sex

– boy next door hero

– self-published

– third person POV

2770 locations

60k words

Rufus and Rose: The Fortunes of Rough and Ready

by Jr. Horatio Alger

If you’ve ever used the phrase “rags to riches,” you owe that to Horatio Alger, Jr. (1832-1899), who popularized the idea through his fictional writings that also served as a theme for the way America viewed itself as a country. Alger’s works about poor boys rising to better living conditions through hard work, determination, courage, honesty, and morals was popular with both adults and younger readers.

Alger’s writings happened to correspond with America’s Gilded Age, a time of increasing prosperity in a nation rebuilding from the Civil War. His lifelong theme of rags to riches continued to gain popularity but has gradually lessened since the 1920s. Still, readers today often come across Ragged Dick and stories like it in school.

The Brick Mason’s Sons

by Ben Spencer

Red Alexander’s sons believe they know him. He is a quick-tempered brick mason, a truth-bending baseball addict, and, in the eyes of his two eldest sonsâ??Dale and Brettâ??a justly convicted killer. Only younger brother Scott knows the truth about the defining event that shaped all of their lives. Now, as the brothers struggle to become adults, they confront the father who for so long has worked to hold the family together by manipulating his sons’ perceptions of the past.

The Reed Fields: An Egyptian Tragedy

by Brandon Campbell

A stunning, heart-pounding, journey into the lost world of ancient Egypt.

The Reed Fields, An Egyptian Tragedy is a reading experience unlike any other. In 364 BCE, Akua-Mat was a young priest eager to serve the people of his country the best he could. Then, mysteriously, the priesthood uprooted his life by forbidding his marriage and sending him away. Akua unwillingly accepted this voluntary exile and watched his life crumble.

When he eventually lands in Athens, Greece he miraculously uncovers the reasons behind his exile. While there, he decides to return to Egypt and labor to put his life back together.

Akua’s natural and learned spiritual gifts manifest into a unique and beautiful gift to Egypt. He was able to touch the hearts of many in a way that few ever could.


by Rachel McAlpine

Watch as two people find their peculiar ways to turn 50: trauma for one, a new lease of life for the other. A maddening hum and a fearsome tai chi teacher from Argentina add to the chaos in idyllic Golden Bay. Could happiness in old age be a matter of choice? And is happiness even possible after 50?


by Jenny Foshia

Selene is happy. She is content. She is an independent woman with a hard-working, loving boyfriend. She has it all. Until she doesn’t.

Selene decides to surprise her boyfriend on his first night home from a long business trip. She sneaks into his home, and into his bedroom, only to find another woman occupying his bed with him. Hard-working is right! He is hard at work with another woman.

Not listening to his excuses, she storms out of his house and heads home to plot her revenge, which consists of hooking up with a few of his best buddies and sending him photographic evidence of her fun.

Oh! And when he decides to show up at her apartment early one morning, begging for forgiveness, she decides to exact a little more revenge in the form of humiliation.

What kind of humiliation you ask? Well, you will have to buy, or borrow the book to find out.

(Names, places, and scenes are products of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to real life persons/events is purely coincidental.)

Stewart and Jean

by J. Boyett

A blind date between Stewart and Jean explodes into a confrontation from the past when Jean realizes that theirs is not a random meeting at all, but that Stewart is the brother of the man who once tried to rape her. Or is she the woman who murdered his brother? And will anyone ever know for sure?

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