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Law of Attraction: How To Manifest Success In All Areas Of Your Life

by Susan Tripp

Law of Attraction

If you are like me you have always wondered why so many people follow books like The Secret. Being a firm believer that hard work pays off I had a hard time caving into the fact that if you wish for things to happen – they will happen. I believed if you wanted things to happen – you had to make them happen.

Inside you will learn my new discovery on the Law of Attraction and how to manifest ANYTHING you want.

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by C.J. English

#1 Amazon Kindle Best Seller in Diaries and Journals

“A real life romance novel that will leave you rooting for love to win, no matter the circumstance.” -MSPIRE

“â?¦a love story of epic proportions!”-Reading Escapade Book Blog

“The must read book of the summer.” -Making Me, Lifestyle Blog

“5 Riveting Stars!” -Coffee Addict Books

True Love always finds a way.


I had an affair. The most forbidden and seductive affair, and fell in love.

He was a rare gentleman, intelligent and gorgeous; a man every woman desired. Every cell in my body was telling me that he was my happily ever after.

I was stuck in a marriage of mediocrity, I ached for red silk romance and carry me away passion, but not with my husband. I craved Him. Living without him was cruel and unusual punishment, even for my wandering heart.

Affairytale is a tantalizing memoir of sultry encounters, hidden grottos and secret hillside cabins. From the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes to the Southern shores of Maui you’ll fall in love with this tell-all memoir that pulls back the veil on infidelity and gives you rare look into hearts and bedroom of a real life extramarital affair.

Woven with original love letters and scandalous text messages, this engrossing true love story is sure to break then win your heart.

How To Fall Out Of Love – New Revised Second Edition

by Dr. Debora Phillips

You can’t stop thinking about him or her. Everybody tells you to stop: “He’s gone.” “She doesn’t love you.” “Get over it.” But no matter how hard you try to stop, you can’t.

Until now.

Millions have gotten over a lost love thanks to the book that defined the field. Now renewed and revised with new techniques for a new generation, Dr. Debora Phillips’ classic is finally available for heartbroken people who are ready to get on with their lives.

How to Fall Out of Love is based on behavior therapy, with all its virtues: brevity, action, and a systematic, step-by-step program to reach specific goals. Dr. Phillips delivers a tried and true, amazingly easy-to-follow therapeutic guide to help you:

– stop obsessive thinking about him or her

– take him or her off their pedestal

– overcome jealousy

– rebuild your inner strength and confidence

– handle Internet dating

– get on with a new love and a new life

How to Fall Out of Love demonstrates one of the great strengths of behavior therapyâ??dealing with large, complex emotional difficulties in manageable component parts. And its clarity, warmth, and understanding make the techniques of behavior therapy accessible and useful.

With over 30 years of using these method, Dr. Phillips has seen over and over how her techniques work in only a few weeks, and how her patients free themselves from their love-obsessions.

Rid yourself of that debilitating, dead-end relationship that is ruining your life. Move forward to the love you deserveâ??because you can’t fall in love againâ?¦ if you haven’t fallen out of love first.

Aromatherapy: And Essential Oils: A Beginners Guide To Better Health, Less Stress and Losing Weight (Aromatherapy, Essential Oils Book 1)

by Vincent Miles



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You’re about to discover a whole new world of medicine and healing that has become increasingly popular over the years.

The benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils when used properly seem endless. They can be used as an effective antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, or even anti-parasitic.

Many people also enjoy reduced stress,lowered anxiety,pain relief, and immune system strengthening do to this wonderful medicine.

If you are looking to lose weight or have a younger appearance then you are in luck as I can show you how to get there

And perhaps the best news of all is that their are no dangerous side effects unlike traditional medicine!

If you want to experience what others are talking about then look no further. I can show you to start using aromatherapy and essential oils to live a better life!

WHAT’S INSIDE THIS BOOK: Inside my book “Aromatherapy And Essential Oils-A Beginners Guide To Better Health, Weight Loss, And Less Stress” you will learn everything you need to know about about aromatherapy and how you can properly use them to better your health and your life.

I will cover all the common uses such as weight loss and stress reduction and even give you some really great recipes to get started with. I am confident that this book will be your best guide to getting started with this great alternative therapy that millions have already benefited from.


Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Aromatherapy?
  • What are Essential Oils?
  • Aromatherapy for Relieving Stress
  • Aromatherapy for Weight Loss
  • Other Uses for Aromatherapy
  • Other Health Uses for Essential Oils
  • The Most Important Oils
  • Aromatherapy Recipes!
  • Much, Much More!

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“I have always wanted to get into aromatherapy as several of my family members have been using it for a while but I didn’t know where to begin. My mom has sworn by some of the healing methods she uses for things like reduced stress and controlling her anxieties. I will have to admit I was a little hesitant and skeptical about using essential oils but I am sure glad I decided to give it a try. This book was great for someone like me as it was easy to understand and gave me the confidence I needed to get started. I only wish I started using this stuff earlier!”

Emily J (Pensacola, FL USA)

“Thanks for writing this book on aromatherapy. It has completely opened my eyes to a whole new way to take care of my body that I never really thought possible. I guess I was just so used to going to the doctor every time something wasn’t quite right. Thanks again!

Bill S (Milwaukee, WI USA)

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Robotics: Everything You Need to Know About Robotics From Beginner to Expert (Robotics Mastery, Robotics 101)

by Peter Mckinnon

The Quickest Way To Learn Robotics

A book that teaches you the fundamentals of robotics

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Immersing yourself into the world of robotics is more than just fun! It is both challenging and stimulating and furthermore, it increases our level of creativity! Also, it’s not limited to a certain age! Anyone can enjoy the process of learning as long as you are passionate to do it.

If you want to be the next robot expert, Robotics: Everything You Need to Know About Robotics From Beginner to Expert is the best book to have.

Here’s what’s discussed in the book:

– Three Laws of Robotics

– Unimate- The First Robot

– Benefits of Robots

– Hardware Tutorial

– Software Tutorial

– Materials for Building a Robot

– Tips

– Applications of Robotics

Expand your knowledge in this area of technology by following the simple steps you will find inside the book.

You can turn your hobbies into a professional career with much diligence and hard work. It’s not an easy task but we will help you get there.

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28 Days: Kickstart your total body transformation

by Dennis McCaskill

You can kickstart your total body transformation. All you need is 28 Days!

“Dennis you are overweight your kidneys and liver are failing you and you have dangerously high cholesterol, if you do not lose 20kgs (44lbs) in the next year you will surely die.”

These were the chilling words spoken to me by my doctor over a year and a half ago. Since then I have gone from over weight, almost dead, to being in the best physical shape and health ever. I am stronger, faster and fitter than ever before. How did I do it? Well that is what I want to share with you.

Why should you listen to me? It’s simple, I am just like you. An everyday hard working person, the only difference is I have transformed my body into a machine. This is my story and my story can help turn your life around.

If you are unfit, overweight or just tired all the time then this book is for you, how do I know, because I was that person once. It is time to make a change and 28 Days can help you.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Diet

Dennis goes over some basic dieting methods that he has found that helped him go from fat to fit. Sorry this book is not your standard “quick fix diet book”. This is tried and tested, hard work and permanent results.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Beginners Guide to Supplements

Supplements are often miss understood. They are not evil, used the right way they will help your body recover, increase gains and burn fat faster. 28 Days will help you on your way.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Stay Focused

28 Days is written to help you stay focused and engaged. After each week of workouts there is a powerful chapter that covers important topics that will keep you engaged, inspired and on target to lose weight and get healthy.

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Homemade Lotions 2-Box Set: Homemade Lotion Recipes, Soap Making.

by Angela Holland



Homemade Lotion Recipes: Easy-To-Make Recipes For Chemical-Free Body Lotions To Pamper Your Body – Done In Minutes With Simple Ingredients


Discover chemical-free body lotions that are pampering and easy to make with simple ingredients.

Commercial lotions have harsh toxins that break down your cells, cause illness, allergic reactions, and even disease.

What you put into your skin will find its way into all your body’s systems.

Natural lotions can actually help heal your body.

For example, shea butter can heal eczema and psoriasis.

Cocoa butter can boost the immune system and fight free radicals.

Coconut oil can improve heart health, thyroid function, and increase metabolism.

Orange essential oil is anti inflammatory and detoxifies your body.


Soap Making: Secrets to Making Luxurious Natural Soap That Leaves Your Skin Soft and Clean


Do you want to make soap from scratch but don’t think that you can do it because you are a beginner?

This soap making ebook shows you step by step how to make an all vegetable soap that has a nice, silky texture and leaves your skin soft and clean, but not dry.


* The ingredients that you need for soap making.

* The exact process you can follow to quickly and easily make soap you will love to use – even if you have never tried soap making.

* All the tools you will need to make soap…you probably already have most, if not all, of them in your kitchen.

* How to keep soap form sticking to its mold and ruining the final product.

* The right way to blend the soap mixture so you get a smooth bar of soap without any air pockets.

* How and where to “age” the soap bars so it has a nice, silky texture.

…and many more soap making from scratch tips and tricks!

Emotional Intelligence: Develop Absolute Control Over Your Emotions and Your Life For Everlasting Success (Emotional Mastery,)

by Paul Whitman

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence Today

Be the best version of you!

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Are you a shy person? Do you have difficulty conversing with other people? Are you willing to go out of your shell and take control so you can reach your goals in life?

There is one secret that successful people possess, and that is “good communication”. Confidence will take you a long way and there is a solution to help you overcome your shyness. Not many of you know but apart from having a high IQ, the level of EQ that we have plays a huge factor in how we spend our everyday life.

Emotional Intelligence: How to Increase EQ, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills and Achieve Success will help you advance in today’s competitive environment.

5 reasons to buy this book:

1. Improve leadership potential

2. Build confidence

3. Develop better professional relationships

4. Be more effective in assigned tasks

5. Improve your mental capacity

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

– Emotional Intelligence – The Basics

– Principles of Emotional Intelligence

– Emotional Intelligence at the Work Place

– Emotional Intelligence in Social Situations

– Tips To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

– Everyday Communication Skills

– People Skills

– Easy Ways To Improve Interpersonal Skills At Work

– Active Listening

Up your game and be the person that you are destined to be! This book will be your helping hand, and change will happen if you grab yourself a copy NOW!

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Socrates: 101 Greatest Life Lessons, Inspiration and Quotes From Socrates (Plato, Ancient Greece, Philosophers)

by Chris Johnston


101 Greatest Life Lessons, Inspiration and Quotes From Socrates

Have you ever wondered more about the philosophy of Socrates? Or how you can apply ancient logic to modern day?

Philosophy can be a complicated thing, but you will find some of the basic wisdom and greatest lessons of Socrates broken down in easy to understand Chapters in this book.

Within the pages of this book you will learn a great deal about the man and his teachings including:

  • Who, Socrates was.
  • How he died.
  • What his major philosophy in life was.
  • How to apply the wisdom of Socrates today.
  • What did Socrates mean when he said he knew nothing.
  • And more.

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