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Wilderness & Prepper’s Survival Guide Box Set: Strategies and Tools for Backpacking or Camping & How to Stockpile in Case of a Disaster (Bushcraft Survival Guide & Emergency SHTF Stockpile)

by Michael Hansen

Wilderness & Prepper’s Survival Guide Box Set (2 in 1)

Book One: Wilderness Survival Tools: Bushcraft Strategies and Tools You Will Need to Know to Be Safe When Backpacking or Camping

Do you relish life in the great outdoors, do you love to walk and camp? There is something magical about spending time with nature but do you have the skills to handle it if something goes wrong?

What about another emergency – could you cope if you got separated from your group or if your car broke down in the middle of nowhere? What about if you came to your campsite and found that someone had stolen all your equipment or animals had ruined everything?

Do you have the skills to keep yourself warm and safe and get yourself back to civilization? This book will teach you all this and more.

Inside You Will Learn:

– The essential equipment no outdoorsman should be without;

– How to plan your trip and make the most of the information available to you;

– How to make sure that someone will call the emergency rescue if you do not return home;

– How to find clean, safe drinking water;

– How to keep yourself fed while in the great outdoors;

– How to choose the right shelter for your trip;

– How to build an emergency shelter;

– How to navigate yourself out of peril;

– What to do if you have lost or don’t have a compass;

– Emergency first aid;

– And Much More

This book is packed with hints and tips suitable for new enthusiasts and old hands alike and full of useful information for people who just want to be prepared should the worst happen to them.

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Book Two: Prepper’s Survival Guide: Learn About Bug Out Bag, SHTF Stockpile and How to Prepare for a Disaster

Disaster strikes frequently without any notice. A humble storm might turn out to be devastating in a few days. An tremor can strike at several times without a forewarning. Anything can occur without leaving time for readiness. This is the reason it is imperative to be way aheadready, even without some news or indication of an impending disaster.

Readiness is key to continued existence.

This ebook will assist you to prepare adequately for disaster. Readiness needs adequate information and understanding, as well as careful planning and proper execution to be successful. Nobody desires to have all the hard work completed only to discover that you got the incorrect supplies or it just wasn’t enough to push you and your loved ones through the perilous days. Some persons are of the view that being a prepper is an extreme measure but finally it does pay to be ready in the possibility that there is a crisis and you might need to evacuate in a rush.

The book is ideal to help you the reader to understand

– How to prepare survival water measure

– How to prepare survival food measures

– How to storesurvival medication measure

– How to prepare a complete and functional bug out bag

– Survival best practices and common mistakes

– How to prepare a first aid kit together

This ebook will also reveal you how to best arrange without too much pressure on your financial budget.

Quirky, Eccentric, and Anti-Social Parents: The Truth About Aspergers Syndrome Parents and Neurotypical Children (Transcend Mediocrity Book 107)

by J.B. Snow

There are many books and articles out there about the difficulty that neurotypical parents have in raising Asperger children. Neurotypical parents find out that their child is on the autism spectrum, and they often experience a sense of grief when they come to realize that their child will never be what they might have envisioned. The child may be quirky, awkward, and difficult to relate to.

There is a well-known poem in the autistic community called “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsley. It tells of excited parents hearing everyone else talk about going to Italy. They pack their bags. They are so excited to see Italy like everyone else. Their trip destination is suddenly changed, and they end up in Holland instead. Italy clearly isn’t Holland. But they must enjoy Holland for the beauty that it is. In the same way, people must enjoy the personality, challenges and the love that their autistic child brings into the world.

There is another side of the coin, however. What about when the reverse is true? There are many people who have Asperger’s disorder who go on to get pregnant. One or both parents might be undiagnosed, but still on the autism spectrum. There is a chance that the baby may turn out to be an Aspie as well. The child fits in just fine with the parent who behaves in a similar way to them. After all, many Aspies run in the family. But sometimes a neurotypical child is born to one or both Aspie parents.

This ebook seeks to provide you with the deficiencies that can occur between a neurotypical child and a parent who has Asperger’s Syndrome or who falls on the autism spectrum. We hope to educate adult children who grew up with an Aspie as to why they might be experiencing Complex-PTSD, who may have felt alienated as children, and who are largely confused in their world. This ebook also seeks to educate those who may mentor or work with an NT child who was born into an Aspie family or who has constant exposure to Aspies.

This ebook also seeks to provide information as to how the NT and Aspie relationship and marriage is affected by both having opposite brain wiring and priorities. It identifies the alienation and difficulties that occur in the workplace for both the Aspie in an NT environment, and an NT in an Aspie environment. Different employers and careers can end up having a large population of NTs or a large population of Aspies based on the type of work it is. Silicon Valley, for example, is said to have a high population of Aspies. You can see how an NT that goes to work in Silicon Valley might feel รข??different’ from his peers and struggle to communicate with them even if he has excellent social skills.

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C++: Beginners Guide to Learn C++ Programming Fast and Hacking for Dummies (c plus plus, C++ for beginners, JAVA, programming computer, hacking, how to … Programming, Coding, CSS, Java, PHP Book 5)

by Peter Hoffman


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Beginners Guide to Learn C++ Programming Fast and Hacking for Dummies (c plus plus, C++ for beginners, programming computer, hacking, how to hack, hacking exposed)


The Ultimate Guide to Learn C Programming (c plus plus, C++ for beginners, programming computer, how to program)

The evolution that we have seen in technology in the last 10 years, has seen nearly everything that we interact with on a daily basis be controlled by a computer. As we know, all computers operate using a programming language most commonly referred to as C++. To many, C++ looks like a type of language that they will never be able to understand. However, learning C++ is much easier than you would think. Every process, large or small, are a series of smaller steps which achieve the end result.

When you break down the computer programming language into smaller steps, you will quickly be able to come to terms with what everything means in no time at all. Through this book, you will learn the basics that every beginner wanting to learn about C++ should know.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to make our very first C++ program in less than 10 minutes.
  • What software can we use to write C++ code.
  • How to expand our program using variables.
  • Different types of operators.
  • How to make programs that loop.
  • Solving simple problems using conditions and pointers.

Hacking for Dummies

A Beginner’s Guide to Computer Hacking

Technological advancement and progression is enhancing by leaps and bounds. Every new day turns out to be a milestone for something more sophisticated and advanced. As the involvement of information technology and soft infrastructure enhances in the modern day, there has been a number of issues which need a clear and accurate attention. Hacking is one such issue.

In this book I have discussed the hacker’s domain in a common man’s language. Starting from the most basic level is significant in achieving a greater level of success. So as hacking is prevalent and common nowadays, so everyone should have knowledge about it.

Even though hacking pertains to a vast area of knowledge and issues, the major topics which will be presented in a detailed and elaborate way include the following:

  • A preliminary account of hacking, as a regime of information technology knowledge and its connections and areas of concern which need to be discussed and explored.
  • The basic activities which hackers perform. A step-by-step discussion of activities which are followed by hackers during any hacking venture.
  • An account of the hacking practices which enable the attack over emails and the Windows operating system.
  • The different types of hacking attacks which can target web servers.

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Javascript: Javascript and Python.The Ultimate Crash Course to Learn Python and Javascript Programming(how to program, software development, on to c++) … HTML, Coding, CSS, Java, PHP Book 11)

by Stephen Hoffman


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Javascript and Python. The Ultimate Crash Course to Learn Python and Javascript Programming(javascript for beginners, how to program, software development, hacking, on to c++)


JavaScript is easier to learn if you have the correct tools. Unfortunately, most resources available today were written in complex human words which make it difficult for complete beginners to appreciate the beautiful world of programming.

This book aims to teach you the basics of JavaScript language in the simplest way possible. Unlike other resources, this book will not feed you with too many technicalities that might confuse you along the way. Each discussion was written in simple words. All exercises in this book were carefully chosen to be simple cases in order to make your JavaScript practice easier.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Short History of JavaScript
  • Creating Values in JavaScript Language
  • Managing Values Using Variables
  • Integrating JavaScript with HTML


Have you heard of the programming language Python?

Would you like to learn more about this English-based programming language so that you can write programs that work?

Then you want to scroll up and grab a copy of this eBook!

Programming in Python is actually very simple when it comes down to it.

In fact, that was the main point of coming up with this programming language back in the 1980’s. The developer who founded this language wanted to create one that just about anyone could use and understand, and they succeeded!

Python is a simple programming language that uses the English language and a rigid system of organizing code to help developers write code just about anyone can understand.

In this book, you’ll learn the basics about:

  • Setting up Python
  • Variables
  • Interpreter
  • Importance of Comments
  • Python Docstrings
  • Keywords in Python
  • Booleans, True or False in Python
  • Python Operators
  • Using Math in Python
  • Exception Handling in Python
  • Strings Built-In Methods
  • Lists
  • How To Use Dictionaries In Python
  • And much more!

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PLC Educators JEE (Mains) Mathematics Question Bank

by A. P. Singh

JEE (Mains) Mathematics question bank by PLC Educators consists of 400 objective type questions with answers based on JEE Mains Mathematics syllabus. This Mathematics question bank is best for final revision of JEE Mains exam.

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