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101 Things to Do on the Wisconsin Great River Road

by Norm Rogers

Take a tour on one of the Midwest’s most scenic drives, the Wisconsin Great River Road. Visit historical sites and local favorites, sure to please any traveler. You can take in the breathtaking scenery of the bluff country, carved by the Mississippi River millions of years ago.

Your tour includes quintessential Wisconsin supper clubs, unique shopping, curiosities, the Great River Road Wine Tour and more. There are a wealth of first class lodging to make it a weekend. Learn more about the Midwest’s best kept secret.

Went to Portland: An American Journey in Photos

by J.P. Brindley

In May of 2015, I went on a journey. In less than one week, I traveled across the country and back – over 6,500 miles in total – for the experience. I had read that trains were a relaxing way to see the sights, and I was banking on the ex-perience of others. They were mostly correct. This is my journey in full color by state. What I saw changed my life…


by Marius Urs

As soon as man has found out that it’s not impossible to fly, the simple act of flying up from the ground to travel through the clouds has become out of date. The simple flight through the clouds, among them, over seas and oceans has soon become something as common as the way home from work.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the strong competition between the two major powers, the United States and the USSR, turned into a kind of strange war which was not fought with guns in the hands of soldiers, but with cameras in the hands of journalists. The progress achieved by the two powers in the race to be the first to go beyond the borders of the Earth atmosphere turned into real soap operas of the time, watched by millions of people from all over the world. All of them wanted to see who flew the highest, the fastest and the furthest.

And yet, despite the boom which led to the space exploration industry in the middle of the XXth century, the desire of flying and the funds declined so much that they disappeared from the list of current concern’s of the government agencies and they embarked in the field of the private entrepreneurs who, despite their noble purposes, do not have the necessary funds to develop this industry. But there is someone who seems to make tremendous progress in his race to make space travel a commonplace thing. His name is Sir Richard Branson, as you already know, the holder of a corporate group which includes 360 companies: Virgin.

But this story is not about Branson. Here you will find out how one of Branson’s concerns can give birth to the first spacecraft of the mankind, worthy of bearing this name, a space ship which will be able to carry tourists into space, and which, why not, can turn into the foundation stone of new industry. In a few decades, space tourism is going to become an activity with the help of which ordinary people will have the posibility to buy tickets inorder to move in the outer space and back again in the same way they do for airline flights nowadays. This activity appears to be impossible, but this is not the first example of incredible business. Even if, today more than ever, space tourism could become reality, we can appreciate that not only services – in general , but also tourism – in particular, still have many things to say about in its classical shape. Those who will make the difference between the two forms of tourism, will be the tourists themselves and the way in which they will be educated, led and motivated in choosing tourist destinations and products, as well as their consumption.

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