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Adult Coloring Books: Animal Patterns: 45 Stress Relieving Animal Coloring Designs

Adult Coloring Books: Stress Relieving Animal Patterns

45 Beautiful Animals Coloring Pages

Featuring 45 stunning images of animals from USA, Europe, Australia and even Antarctica, Adult Coloring Books: Animals Designs contains images of horses, wolves, bears, deer, raccoons, lions, giraffes, hippos, pandas, koalas and even the mysterious duck bill platypus.

Simply relax, sit down and enjoy coloring your favorite animals, let the stress just flow away. With our books you can use pencils, markers, crayons or water colors.

Here are just some of the â??Adult Coloring Books: Animals Patterns’ features:

  • A collection of 45 beautiful animal images.
  • Design complexity ranges from coloring novice, to expert.
  • Perfect for relaxation and stress relief.
  • One page – one pattern print, so your colors won’t run into another page.
  • 8×10″ large print size.
  • Provides hours of fun and creativity.
  • High resolution images!

Relax and relieve stress with Adult Coloring Books: Animals and start coloring today!

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88 Ways To Make Money as a Musician

by Derek Clark

Opportunity is EVERYWHERE as a musician, songwriter, producer, and music business entrepreneur in today’s world. Now more than ever you have a chance to instantly connect with customers across the globe, network with industry professionals, and effectively monetize your creations online.

Together we will explore a wide variety of opportunities you have to earn a living as a “Do It Yourself” musician utilizing tools existing in todays technological landscape! Entrepreneurial thinking is a must to live sustainably as a musician in todays world, my goal with this book is to help you get on the path to being a master of your own destiny.

Now lets get started with 88 Ways to Make Money as a Musician!

Mandala : Coloring For Relax: Calming Mandalas,adult coloring therapy,Stress Relieving Patterns,mandalas for mindfulness,Mindfulness art Animal

by Joan G. Litton

A new collection of 25 stunning images inspired by Joan G. Litton. Detach yourself from everyday distractions and unwind with detailed images that will keep you focused and entertained. Images in this book vary from minimal detail to highly detailed, making it perfect for markers, fine tip pens, and color pencils.

Guitar Fretboard Mastery: How to Memorize the Guitar Fretboard Quickly and Easily: (Guitar Lessons on Fretboard Theory, Guitar Notes, Exercises, Scales, Arpeggios, and Improvisation)


Master the Guitar Fretboard!

Have you always dreamed of guitar fretboard mastery? Would you like to learn how to play guitar better than anyone you know? Want to unlock the secrets for learning all the guitar notes and become a guitar solo and improvisation guru?

Welcome to Guitar Fretboard Mastery: How to Memorize the Guitar Fretboard Quickly and Easily.In this first book of’s Guitar Lessons Series, you will learn fretboard theory, key signatures and guitar scales, arpeggios, licks, guitar exercises for improving hand strength and playing speed, the circle of fifths, guitar chords, and much more! Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced guitaristâ??if you’re ready to take your guitar playing to the next level, this guitar course will make you a better player.

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Life Does Not Stop For Any One

by Anup Giri

The book is on the basis of true life experience i.e. Family, Struggle, Education, Love. Winning etc. Which will help to motivate from the difficult situation and you will enjoy to read the romantic love story.

The Painter

by Luccini Shurod

The Painter is a story of passion and a beauty that captures, leaving you only with an admiration that will bear witness to love’s greatest obsession. This forbidden love affair illustrates the beautiful embodiment of love and its wonder, and is the paragon of true love’s wild and sensual vivaciousness. Most men will paint you a picture with their words. These words are painted by a man who only cared to share his words through a painting. This is a story about holding on to that one love-the story of the painter.


Nadia’s arms and hands now glide and slide naturally in such a graceful performance that her movement does seduce every part of me. Here and now we have become bare as we embrace this method of nearness that unfolds one another’s secrets. Holding Nadia inside of my gentle embrace, I marvel every elegant strand from her karakul-like ringlets that fall down beside her face and shoulders. The splendor of Nadia’s darling features give charm to that undulating delirium that she induces. The edges of my fingertips now find their way down the muscles of her back in the way that a drop of rain finds itself traveling across the wet colocasia leaf. Looking into her eyes, they do manifest to me again that she is the one whom I’ve been searching for all this time. She is the one I have waited for, to whom I do give the great pleasure of showing me how. I’ve wanted every part of me to belong to Nadia and no one else, knowing here and now that my love can truly become her very own masterpiece. And only now is Nadia able to give all as I do give.

The smooth stones that dream by that peaceful stream have been made in the likeness of her smooth body that moves like the water, shaping my love for her by the natural method of Mother Earth. Warm shades of yellow and scarlet seem to cast themselves before me, even from beneath the cool of a clouded day. Feeling her lips nuzzled against me gives me refuge in such a way that I have never before encountered. I am enchanted by the closeness of her. I have become curious as to that course of nature and what I do believe it will decide. The deep brown embers glowing from inside the richness of her eyes reveal to me just how irresistible I have become to her. She now reaches out to kiss me as the stars from heaven thrust themselves to the earth in a glittery glow, encircling these two hearts in a bird-like formation that delivers our love from this cultural hindrance. The curves of her lips gyrate duly over mine for a duration of fitting ecstasy that adduces her unyielding conviction in me evermore. Fermented in the pulp of her demulcent lips, our kisses contort within this impassioned expressiveness that defines the candor of our love. My declared state of awareness brings me to bow to our allegiance, deduced by the serum secreting from her chamomile kiss. Her fine glacé lips bear the splendid petimezi of all hidden vineyards. Her touch is as still as the mist that warms a cool forest as she feels for me from head to toe.

Photography Box Set: The Art of Setting Up Photography Lighting and Taking STUNNING Professional Photographs (Photography, Photography Books, Photography for Beginners)

by Martin Hall

BOOK #1: Photography Lighting: The Art of Setting Up Photography Lighting for a Home Studio

Setting up photography lighting for a home studio doesn’t have to be hard. Going through this book you can gradually learn how to make your photographs look exactly how you want them to look like. This book is suitable for both: beginner and advanced photographers who share the same passion for this beautiful art of photography.

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn:

  • The Importance of Light and Basic Props
  • Light Exposure
  • Light Quality
  • Light Direction
  • Shadows and Highlights

BOOK #2: Photography: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Taking STUNNING Professional Photographs

Are you interested in becoming a great photographer? Maybe you are thinking about taking up photography as a hobby. Or maybe you are thinking about making it a little side business. Regardless of whether you are thinking about doing photography as a hobby or a business, you have to start somewhere on the road to learning about photography.

Most people think that the key to taking great photos is having high quality, expensive equipment, and although the high quality equipment is nice to have, it doesn’t guarantee great photos. You can take great photos with all kinds of cameras and really the key to having nice pictures is the technique you use, knowing the best ways to maximize your particular camera, and avoiding common mistakes.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Get to Know Your Camera
  • Take Pictures & Become Familiar with Your Camera
  • Taking the Best Photos
  • Clearing up Blurry Photos & Using your Flash
  • Staying Organized & Practice, Practice, Practice
  • And much, much more!

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Photography Business: The 5 Sure Ways to Start a Photography Business (photography business books, photography business secrets, photography business card holder)

by Emily Nelson

It seems that everyone now days can call themselves a photographer. With everyone having a camera in the palm of their hands standing out and being a successful photographer means crafting your skills in a way that makes you unique amongst the masses. You, however, need to do more than just be able to take a well-composed photo if you plan on starting your own business. There are a great number of things that need to be taken into consideration when starting a photography business. If you have been contemplating taking your photography to a professional level and starting your own photography business than this book will be a great help to you. Photography Business, The 5 Sure Ways to Start a Photography Business will cover the top five items you should consider doing to start a photography business. Whether you want to focus on fashion, product or wedding photography this book will help you determine what you need to do to start your own photography business. The topics covered in this book can guide any aspiring photographer to take the necessary steps to turning their hobby or passion into a profitable and successful business.

This book will not only cover the creative side of photography but also the business aspects including:

  • How to write a business plan.
  • Marketing your photography business.
  • Types of photography to specialize in.
  • What legal measures do you need to consider?
  • Planning out the finances for your photography business.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Photography Business: The 5 Sure Ways to Start a Photography Business “ by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

The Most Tragic Love Story Ever Told

by John Benjamin Sciarra

Why did Adam choose to eat of the Tree of the knowledge Of Good and Bad when he knew the consequences?

The Most Tragic Love Story Ever Told , is a glimpse into Paradise. What should have been the greatest of love stories was mankind’s downfall. The Bible tells us that Eve was deceived, but Adam was not. What motive could he have had to inflict all of man and woman after him with disease, violence, heartache, old age and finally, death?

The Most Tragic Love Story Ever Told , is one possibility. Whether you believe the story of Adam and Eve is real or not, you will feel differently about the choices you make in life.

Almost Forgotten

by Mary Helen Gill

Fourteen year old Anna Jones is raped by an escapee from a Mental Hospital. On discovering she is over three months pregnant she leaves home to avoid her parent’s wrath and illegally joins the nursing staff at a local Mental Institution with hopes of identifying the father of the child. On discovering after a while that she has made a possible gross mistake, she tries one night, to leave the hospital without notice, but loses her way in the maze of locked doors, and instead of finding the front door to the premises, she wanders into the male section of the hospital. Totally scared-she screams when apprehended by a male recovering patient, and is then secured by a male staff member who mistakenly assumes she is a female escapee. He leads her to a female ward night sister who, because does not recognize her, has her detained in a padded cell until morning when she can be investigated by the matron.

Matron, realizing her mistake in employing the underage girl, takes drastic measures to ensure she does not leave the hospital, where she could impart information of utmost importance concerning the hospital and patients. When she finds out that Anna is also pregnant, this adds fuel to the fire, especially when she is told that an escapee from the hospital happens to be the father. In the light of this information, and to protect her own image, she falsely declares the girl unstable, and instead of sending her packing off home, holds her at the hospital as a patient.

In order to cover her actions in case of an investigation, the matron opens a confidential file, stipulating all her findings, which includes that Anna falsely stated her age to be eighteen, on her nursing application and that she was homeless. She notes that in the light of the girls’ statement and her erratic behavior thereafter, she was forced to register her as a patient. When eventually Anna gives birth to a baby girl, and the initial birth tests are done, she is found to have inherited some of the father’s condition and is declared mentally retarded.

The Matron decides that to broadcast news of this sort would cause an uproar in the nearby community. They take the baby away from Anna and she is nursed in a separate unit by special staff leaving Anna thinking the baby has died at birth. When she enquires what happened to the baby’s body they tell her it has been cremated. As Ruby grows, the doctors examining her from time to time are puzzled by the fact she seems extra ordinary gifted. By the time she reaches eight years old, the retardation brain cells are no longer to be found and she has grown into a normal healthy child. A meeting is held by the chief of staff and matron to decide what must be done with her under the circumstances.

They cannot admit to not reporting her birth to the local authorities, no less having not informed the young mother’s parents and are in a complete quandary. The child shows intelligence away above average, and becomes inquisitive about her parentage. The matron having taken over the responsibility of her welfare and in house schooling, keeps her confined in the old Turret section of the hospital in a room that she herself keeps under lock and key.

Special staff who are trained to teach the mentally handicapped also teach the girl daily until she reaches a stage where they can go no further. By the time she is Twelve Ruby, who in fact is perfectly normal mentally, finds a way to leave the hospital grounds, and is found wandering through the nearest village and brought back again by a woman who turns out to be a children’s Welfare Officer. Matron has a lot of explaining to do and finds herself in deep trouble, when Anna is found eventually, drugged and secluded in an upper presumably unused room in the old Turret.


by HypnotiX Entertainment






Kate hated ladders, and she stepped ever so slowly down, hanging onto the side of the ladder with one hand, and holding the dirty little box with her other arm wrapped tightly around it. Was this one of HIS boxes? He had so many freaking hobbies that it most likely held some of his many parts and pieces. Maybe it held some of his ‘secrets’. Hell, she had no idea. He was so sneaky, always hiding in one of his ‘corners’ to play with his hobbies. Or was that what he was doing? She’d never figured him out. All she knew was that if she walked into one of his places to tell him something, he would jump as though he had been ambushed. Reaching the bottom of the ladder, she placed the little box on a shelf and wiped the fuzzy crap from it. Wiping it a second, third, fourth time to clean off all the dirt, once again she placed it on the shelf. What’s up THIS time? She felt a panic attack coming on.She stared at the box as if it might reach out and grab her. Breathing deeply, she carried the box to the table and opened it.


by HypnotiX Entertainment




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