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IMPLOSION: The search is on for six million dollars hidden in a Las Vegas hotel destined for destruction!

by Carolyn V. Hamilton

Time is running out.

With the pending implosion of the grand old Las Vegas hotel/casino, the Desert Palace, an eleven-year-old mystery of stolen money remains unsolved.

Newspaper reporter Nedra Dean feels the pressure to use every means she can to make this dramatic moment in Las Vegas history her biggest scoop, one she hopes will catapult her to big-time journalism at CNN.

Celebrity maitre d’ Eduardo only wants to reconcile his estranged family before his forced retirement.

Hotel/casino manager John Cusamano schemes to find the money and run away with the love of his life, his boss’s wife.

Elvis impersonator Hector Deatle and star showgirl Candy Bybee are also hot on the trail of the stolen millions.

No one seems to care that the money is rumored to be cursedâ??everyone who has touched it has died a horrible death. Now cocktail waitress Linda Mayo’s nine-year-old daughterâ??after secretly finding the moneyâ??suffers from a terminal, flesh-eating disease.

And somewhere within the walls of the Desert Palace is hidden that six million dollars, which owner “Crazy” Foxy Craig will do anything to find before the walls come tumbling down.

ROMANCE: PARANORMAL ROMANCE : A Tiger Menage Mating (Shapeshifter Menage Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Rebecca Elyon


Malina has always admired the pictures of the circus that decorated the pages of her only books. She dreams of a life quite different than her gypsy family can offer her. So when she finds a chance to join a circus in Indonesia, she doesn’t think twice about it. Her skills as a psychic give her the perfect act for the circusâ?¦

Everything is going well, that is, until two white tigers appear on the circus grounds – so ferocious that they need to be sedated constantly and can never leave their cage. Malina finds herself strangely drawn to the beautiful, massive beasts, although she’s forbidden from going near them.

And strange only gets stranger when she starts seeing things and hearing things – and having dreams.

Dreams of two men ravishing her virgin body.

Could it be that these tigers are related to her dreams? How did they come to Tino’s circus, and why can’t they leave?

Malina is fated to find out – and become a part of an adventure wilder than she could ever have imaginedâ?¦


This is a standalone short story.

WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes, naughty words, intense action and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a paranormal romance short story collection with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Country Love (A Billionaire BWWM Romance)

by Mia Caldwell

Nothing lasts forever… Except for love.

Beautiful photographer Monique Williams has spent her life on the move. She believes putting down roots will hold her back from her dreams. but a life as a rolling stone leaves her nights feeling lonely.

Country megastar Tanner Brock spends his time on tour dreaming of restoring the ranch that has belonged to his family for generations. His roots run deep, but life on the road has him spread thin.

Opposites attract, and clash, immediately when the two are thrown together. But with their time together slipping away, will Monique find the strength inside to trust in love that lasts forever?

A Thug For The Holidays

by Talehia Mccants

TWAS the night before Christmas and all through out Talehia Presents the authors were stirring about. All looking for a Gift for the readers that they couldn’t do without. A’Shantii Sanders said “how about we give them something they could read.” Amber Shanel said “yeah let’s make it all about love with no misery!” Chamise Thompson wondered if the readers knew how much they truly mean. Ke’Asia Morris jumped up and shouted “I got a idea! But we got to keep it street.” Authoress Jazzie cheered on ” yeah and, let’s make it free.” Talehia heard all their ideas and started thinking. Finally she said “I got the perfect thing!”

Talehia Presents Has collected a few short stories and put them together as a Holiday gift for the readers that have helped them and supported them through out the year. We hope these stories fill your heart with Joy and Cheer.

Her Christmas Viking: Holiday Magic (Her Elemental Viking Book 5)

by AJ Tipton

Christmas is hotter than ever: the Elemental Viking brothers are back!

Over a thousand years ago, four Viking brothers led by their tyrannical father invaded lands under the protection of a powerful witch. Cursed for their crimes, the brothers suffered for their wrongdoing for over a thousand years. With the help of the women they loved, they became worthy of redemption and broke their curses.

Now it’s Christmas, and–with the help of a little magic–the entire family is reunited to celebrate. But when the yuletide spell bringing them together also summons their bloodthirsty father back from the veil, the boys and their lovers must band together to save the holidays.

This festive novella for adults features holiday spell work, naughty gifts, and a winter wonderland you’ll never see coming.

This STANDALONE novella is part of the “Her Elemental Viking” series and features characters from throughout the series. There are no cliffhangers, and each short ends as it should: happily ever after.

Surviving Meemaw

by Roberta Brosius

High school senior Laney Odell thinks her life is messed up enough. She’s had to leave her boyfriend, her best friend, and Arkansas to move in with Meemaw, her Pennsylvania grandmother. Meemaw wears garishly colored clothing, drives like a maniac in her yellow PT Cruiser, and directs a team of puppeteers, making her a minor celebrity in town and a major embarrassment to Laney. To make matters worse, Meemaw enrolls Laney in tiny Millburgh Christian Academy and agrees to teach Puppetry in exchange for Laney’s tuition. Though uncomfortable with the strict, religious atmosphere, she’s excited by the attention cute, artistic, funny Calvin Berger gives her. Calvin is nothing like bland, boring, brotherly Joshua Gold, one of Meemaw’s puppeteers, who hangs out in Laney’s kitchen after puppet shows. Will Laney adapt to a new life with her quirky grandmother and finally process the tragic event that sent her there?

ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: A Widow’s Embrace (Clean Inspirational Historical Western Christian Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Short Stories)

by Richard Christian

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Frederick Howard Fitzpatrick is despairing, and a few months after losing his beloved wife, he realizes that apart from being a bereaved widower, he is also a father that needs to provide for his two young motherless children.

Not knowing what else to do, he puts up an ad for a mail order bride, and when the lovely and hopeless Christina Rose Hubbard shows up at his doorsteps he finds himself at odds what to do.

Led by their hearts seeking true love, Frederick and Christina will struggle to overcome the skeletons in their closets. Will they find this Christmas?

Jack Walters And The Not So Ordinary Day: Part 1 Of The Jack Walters Series

by R.D. Bramstone

Jack Walters is just your regular ordinary 13 year old kid who loves reading comic books who is easily bored with life. “Why is every day so boring?” he would often say.

“Jack Walters And The Not So Ordinary Day” is part 1 of the Jack Walters series of books. This book reveals one particular day that is not quite so ordinary. Something rather magical is about to happen. Something special.

When Jack noticed his mom was missing “again”, he was terrified, and needed to find her. He also needed to find that “something” that had been nagging away at him for years.

When Jack sees a strange light glowing from the cupboard under the stairs what unfolds next marks the beginning of something very strange.

Together with the help of his friend Stuart Middlemiss, Jack ends up on a magical journey that unravels a few of the mysteries of the past few years.

Join Jack as he ventures on an incredible journey where magic becomes a reality and some stark home truths become revealed..

Dragon: Married to the Dragon: Shifter Romance (Dragon, Shifter, Shapeshifter, Scifi, Epic Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, Short Story)

by Selina Coffey


All eyes are on Ellieth on her wedding day!

However, it seems that her new husband is the one man she cannot enchant.

Neither beauty nor diplomacy will sway himâ?¦ especially when he leaves straight after the wedding service and retreats to the elven monastery.

What is wrong with him?

Not to be put aside, desperate to maintain the alliance that protects her people, Ellieth goes after Savin. But what she does not know is that behind Savin’s cold manner lies a passionate heartâ??and a secret that could destroy Elfhame.

WARNING: This book contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only.

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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Christmas Brides (Western Historical Christian Clean Romance) (Pioneer and Frontier Collection)

by Christian Michael

8 Clean Christmas Mail Order Bride Romances!

This sweet clean Christmas romance collection features 8 mail order brides looking for love. It’s the Christmas season and these brides are willing to journey to the western frontier to find the man of their dreams. Will they succeed in finding love or will fate have other plans?

This box set collection includes:

1. Christian Michael – The Christmas Bride

2. Christian Michael – The Christmas Cowboy

3. Christian Michael – Cowboy for Christmas

4. Christian Michael – The Christmas Orphan

5. Richard Christian – A Christmas Miracle

6. Richard Christian – A Home for Christmas

7. Richard Christian – A Widow’s Embrace

8. Richard Christian – Home for the Holidays

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Mystery: Gone Missing: Black Cat Detective Culinary Cozy Mystery (Cozy Mystery, Cove, Comedy, Tea Shop, Women Sleuth, Culinary, Cat, Detective, Suspense, Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Milly Dupont is recovering from an attack that nearly took her life and is settling back into the new normal. Her secret crush, Callum Davidson, has moved in next door and has brought his nephew Jake with him. Milly soon becomes aware that people have started to lose items from their homes and suspects it may be Jake but isn’t sure. Then a local family from Wirkster is found murdered in what cops are calling a ritualistic fashion, and Milly is almost certain it’s Jake when she finds a rather unique shirt covered in blood and thrown away in the woods. Is the young, often sullen, Jake capable of such a crime or is he really just the innocent, abandoned child she thinks he is?

With the help of Edgar, her trusty tomcat, and the ever tempting Callum, Milly soon discovers there’s far more going on in Wirkster than she ever knew about and what she doesn’t know can hurt her!

Bonus book included in this edition! Enjoy!

The Christmas Reunion: Billionaire Second Chance Holiday Romance (Second Chance Christmas Romances Book 2)

by Misha Carver

I still love you… That’s why I’m still so angry with you after all these years…

Bad boy billionaire supermarket tycoon Grayson Lawrence keeps himself so wrapped up in business that life keeps passing him by. For the first time in years, he’s returning home to Cherry Valley to enjoy Christmas with his family while he conducts some business on the side. The one person he hopes he won’t run into… the one person he can’t face is his old high school sweetheart.

Famous movie star, Sydney Silverlake talks her way out of rehab early to return to the set of a major production. When the going gets tough, Sydney decides a good old fashioned holiday season with her family might be exactly what she needs. Returning home to Cherry Valley she looks forward to a much needed vacation from the limelight… as long as she doesn’t run into the man she despises most.

Will Grayson and Sydney spend the holidays together or will they each find happiness in the arms of another? Personalities clash, stocks plummet, and Christmas parties rock in this heart warming second chance holiday romance novella.

Note: All stories in this series are standalone and have the guaranteed HEA you’re craving!

Tags: Christmas, contemporary, sexy, holiday, romance, trilogy, billionaire, standalone, stand alone,  movie star, bad boy, second chance, heartwarming tale, love, edge, snow, cold, ice, snow, mistletoe, series, inn, romantic, kisses, women’s fiction

ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: The Lord’s Grace (Clean Inspirational Historical Western Christian Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Short Stories)

by Richard Christian

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When Krista’s parents are tragically killed in a house fire, she losses everything. She finds herself with an old Christian couple who has kindly taken her in during this horrible time in her life. She knows that they are a poor family and does not want to burden them so she decides to become a mail order bride.

Bill is a rancher in Colorado and in need of a wife to help him run it. He has taken out a classified ad to find the right woman to travel west and become his wife. Handsome, damaged, and holding painful secrets, he did not want to risk getting his heart broken again so he is treating it like a business transaction. Yet, when he meets Krista, he knows that losing his heart might be something he has no control over.


Leaving home is always scary, but when you have nothing left, what other choice to you have?

The preacher and his wife have been so kind to me since my family died but I can’t continue to be a burden on them. Now, my prayers have finally been answered. I’m going to go out west to be a bride for a troubled rancher.


I never expected her to be so perfect. I didn’t want someone perfect. I didn’t want to fall in love.

Rose’s death is still fresh in my mind and I don’t think I can take another heartbreak, but think that this might be God’s will…maybe love is what I need.

…and because we love our readers, 4 Christmas Bonus Stories inside:

The Christmas Bride by Christian Michael

The Christmas Cowboy by Christian Michael

Cowboy For Christmas by Christian Michael

The Christmas Orphan by Christian Michael

Shifter Romance: Secrets of the Werebears 1 – BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance (Shifter Romance, BBW Shifter Romance, Bear Shifter Romance, Paranormal Shifter Romance, Werebear Shifter Romance)

by Sky Shifter

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A full length novel story, brought to you by Sky Shifter.

Is a coincidence that there’s a grizzly bear sighting in Louisiana just as Asa Harding moves into town? Likely not. But sweet Molly Fisher has more important things to worry about than rumors of a bear. Like getting Asa to look at her as more than just a co-worker.

Will Asa’s secret be too much for Molly? Or will Molly surprise him with a secret of her very own?

This is a standalone, short, sweet, and steamy read, perfect for a lunch break, bath time, or a little dose of me-time, wherever you are. HEA and no cliffhanger!

For a limited period, it includes an additional story as a special FREE bonus!

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FIRST TIME: Kidnapped by 2 men (First Time, Virgin, Menage, Threesome, Romantic Comedy, Suspense, Short Story)

by Summer Cooper


Lily doesn’t get into these sorts of situations. She’s always been a good girl, the kind who kept her clothes clean and got straight As in school, and she’s spent the years ever since working dutifully as a secretary. Kind and gentle, Lily is the sort of person everyone wants for a friend.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of her boss. Intelligent and successful, James Dominick has always craved successâ??and when possible, he makes sure other people bear the cost of his actions. So it’s hardly a surprise that when hit-men show up to take him out, James has disappearedâ?¦and the only person in his house is Lily.

Kidnapped and terrified, Lily has become determined to talk her way out of this. The gang that’s captured her can’t possibly be so ruthless as to kill an innocent woman, can they? In fact, she’d bet that Liam and Cameron, the ringleaders, are a lot nicer than they want to admit. She’s pretty sure they don’t want to kill her.

And Lily is exactly right. Liam and Cameron don’t want to kill her. Not at all. What she doesn’t know? They’ve both fallen for herâ?¦and Liam and Cameron have always shared everything. If she’s not careful, Lily is about to discover just how good it can feel to be bad.

Cozy Mystery: Killer Chocolate (Cozy Mystery, Sleuth, Detective, Culinary, Murder, Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Hannah has always been accident prone when it comes to the kitchen, but she is still a good chef and after she gets a job as dessert chef on a cruise ship, she feels that it is a perfect opportunity for a career boost. She has just perfected her chocolate cake, and she is excited to see what everyone thinks.

Initially she loves the ship and everything on it, seeing it as a new adventure. She has some minor incidents, but when a guest she had served chocolate cake to the night before dies, police comes onboard to investigate. Two more deaths later and Hannah is a suspect because the deaths have been linked back to her chocolate cake. Determined to find out what is truly going on, and who is truly responsible, she decides to solve the case herself.

Cozy Mystery: Dog Dig Death: Animal Mystery Short Story (Christmas Theme) (Dog, Cozy Mystery, Sleuth, Detective, Murder, Animal, Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Lacy Mitchell wasn’t looking for love in all the wrong places. She wasn’t looking for love at all. Self-sufficient and happy love was the last thing she wanted. She wasn’t looking to become involved in a murder investigation either but when you’re the one that finds the body not becoming involved is impossible. Lacy simply wanted to walk the dogs for her clients and snuggle up with her own dog Freddy while watching movies with her best friend Alex.

Fate had more in mind for Lacy, however, and she soon finds herself entangled in a tangle of suspects. Is the murderer a mad man? A disgruntled family member? Or is it the building owner who was so rude to her when they first met. Can she take a chance on the man? Will the murderer be found before he kills again? Lacy has some choices to make, she just hopes her choices aren’t deadly.

Bonus Book included in this edition! ENJOY!

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