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All I Want for Christmas: A Horror Short Story

by Jason Brant

All that teenage Lisa wants for Christmas is her crush Stevie. She chronicles her struggles in school with her bullying classmates and the drama of her home life in her journal.

The early entries read like typical teen angst, but quickly descend into something much more sinister.

*All I Want for Christmas is a short story. It is not a full-sized novel.*

A Christmas Ghost Story: a Bitesize Horror Story (Bitesize Horror Stories Book 18)

by James Dixon

Christmas Eve, every year, was spent the same way. My dad would get home from the factory around two. My grandad would come round not long after, we would eat lunch and they would sip blended Scotch. Cheeks would redden, voices would grow loud with mirth, and then they would turn to me and say, â??right, lad, time for some songs. You ready?’ Of course I was, I waited for this moment all year round. It was my favourite part of the celebrations. â??Get your coat then, there’s a chill in the air tonight.’ We would wrap up warm, double jumpers, thick coats, scarves and mittens, and we would go door to door singing carols.

But then, when I was twelve, it all ended. We knocked at one house, a mysterious house, a house which we all swore we had never seen before, and we saw her… beautiful, charming, other-worldly. She and her sisters sang to us, they bewitched us, and we would never be the same again.

The Demon Hunter (Book 1)

by Jennifer Martucci

All I ever wanted was to be a normal sixteen-year-old boy, to grow up and live a decent, moral life. But all of that was taken from me the day I walked into the wrong place at the wrong time. Now I’ve become something I can’t understand, something I can’t control. I no longer know who I am or what I’m capable of.

Daniel Callahan has been thrust into a world of chaos and violence, his life forever changed. After falling victim to a horrific act, everything he knows to be true is turned upside down. Will he be able to endure the trials and tribulations hurled at him? Find out in this first installment of the Hunter of the Light seriesâ?¦

Bag Men

by Silas Jackson

Forty years ago, the world as we know it was destroyed by hordes of the undead. Decades later, the threat isn’t gone. It has evolved.

In 2069, the Bag Men work to make Sacramento, California, the safest place on earth.

In the first installment of the Bag Men series by Silas Jackson and J.R. Traas, the Sacramento Bureau of Public Health is facing a new danger inside the walls of their city. BPH agents are something between doctors and soldiers. And they have one job: keep the public safe in this new world, where the undead look and act like the rest of us, where zombies can blend in with the crowd.

To protect us from an enemy we can’t see until it’s too late, we’ve given the Bag Men unlimited power to decide who lives and who dies. This christmas, the house is not silent. Something is stirring.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: Fortunes End

by Bradley Poage

Jeremy and Kelly go to the local freakshow to get their fortune told. But when they are told they will meet their fortunes end, they will be put to the test to discover if their fortune will come true and whether or not it will truly be the end.

Tokoloshe: When you hear the drums, it’s already too late!

by Johan Botha

More than just a story

Tokoloshe is more than just a story filling blank pages. It’s a legend; a look through the eyes of those tortured and humiliated by the African creature, the Tokoloshe.

The story speaks to those who have lost a loved one and seeks answers; answers to questions they fear to ask or to know the answers to.

When losing someone you love, you tend to turn to the impractical, even seeking help from Witch doctors and Sangoma’s to soothe the ache in your heart.

Tokoloshe tells the story of just that, a lonely soul seeking closure to an accident that destiny foretold. Along the way, the Tokoloshe intervenes, wanting its secrets to stay hidden beneath the African mountains. However, it doesn’tâ?¦

A legend carried through the ages breaks free of the chains holding it captive. It soars into the air and breaks loose on those who have dared to awaken this beast. It slashes through flesh with its angry fists and brings sorrow to those who question its motives. It will not rest until all who have wronged it has been eliminated.

Those who are targeted cannot hide; cannot run from this beast. All they can do is wait for the drumsâ?¦ but then, its already too lateâ?¦ dumdum dumdudmdum dum dum ,,,

Riddle Horse: A Film Script

by Forbes West


A young scheming pastor who believes that the ends justifies the means and an aging cowboy who won’t be backed down square off against each other as the cowboy refuses to sell his desert ranch at a loss to the pastor’s church; however when tragedy strikes it’s up to his trophy wife from another country and his violent daughter to keep the land.


Every sale of this script will go towards raising funds to make the film in the Spring of 2016. This film is to be shot on location in Joshua Tree, CA March/April of 2016. This is a film to be done amongst friends that who have worked together on several projects before- including the short film “ON THE BORDER” which has been in over 14 different film festivals from around the world.

You can watch that short film here at:


Please see our kickstarter campaign at (JANUARY 10TH DEADLINE!)

For those outside the United States and Canada, please see our indiegogo page at:

Surviving the End: The Final Plague

by Michael Heinzelman

Completely re-edited. This is a postapocalypse story that deals with the unforeseen effects that the GMO’s we have been force feeding ourselves have when combined with bacteria carried to earth on the backs of meteors. A change from your average zombie attack, these creatures are smart and work together. Give it a read and leave a review

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