Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 28 Dec 15

Books for Kids: Children’s Book: Paul 1st Christmas Tree (Holidays and celebrations Nursery Rhymes Friendship Christian Classics) (Family Life Poetry Christianity Bedtime Stories)

by Joan G. Litton

This story is about the heart of a Christmas tree.

Paul was one of those many unfortunate who never had a Christmas tree before but now he was fortunate to have one and to share the joy of having and decorating one with his family.

Books for Kids:Children’s Book: Christmas Magic Books (Holidays and celebrations Bedtime and Dreaming Friendship Christian Classics) (Poetry Bedtime Stories School Life Emotions & Feelings)

by Joan G. Litton

Oley, an 8 year old child, who disliked Christmas, finds a magic book that allows him to destroy Christmas for all in his village. Because of his deeds, three Christmas spirits visit him to show him the true meaning of Christmas


by Michael B. Cook

At the edge of a mysterious and deadly mountain, three brothers’ simple farm life falls into jeopardy as the kingdom spins into civil war. As their lives are torn apart, they learn a disturbing truth that will shape their destiny and change their world forever.

As their questing takes them from the safety of their small homeland, they hone their skills, confront dangerous enemies and befriend a mysterious girl who is too well trained to be the alleged servant she claims to be.

Arthion and the Wielder’s Realm is a masterpiece of fantasy, magic and mystery. Whatever flavor of fiction you enjoy, you will be captivated and immersed in the world of the wielder’s realm.

Shadow’s Code: The Begging of the Legend

by J A O’Bryan

Christopher is a boy that without knowing he discovers a passionate secret. Then, a series of strange events start to happen around him and after that moment his life will not be the same. Shocking events will open doors to a world full of evil and surprising events.

Being still just a boy, Christopher becomes a key to solve an enigmatic problem, while his friends Rodrigo and Brandon should help him to be free from the evil power of the black magic that now surrounds him after having opened a world full of mysteries and loaded with an evil power.

This had brought Christopher negative consequences, so much that he finds himself forced to take the trip of his life, the one that takes him to a different place, magical, full of danger and surprising creatures with the purpose of finding a medallion which is now linked to his life and becomes a fundamental part to discover the answers to many questions, a long search now begins. But Christopher is not the only one that is dedicated to find the medallion, behind his trail is Ellie, a powerful sorceress who tries to continue a legacy of evil, something that complicates even more the dangerous trip undertaken by Christopher, accompanied by his new friends.

Ellie tries to trap Christopher on his way to the Forbidden City, the place where the first part of the medallion is found. In that unknown and magical world are the rumors that the young man is now a living legend after managing to open the doors of the world of black magic. But Christopher is also helped by Givins, a powerful magician that will assist him in his long voyage after his treacherous journey of many mysteries.

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