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Through an Icon’s Eyes

by Grace Conti

Three days, three years and a little magic …

Set in 1440s London, Italy and Greece against a turbulent political background enflamed by religious divisions, the unfolding narrative of Benedict Paston and Annie Carter’s relationship encompass memories of heresy, murder, loss and betrayal.

Benedict, an erstwhile sundial-maker, is lost to the world. His self-imposed exile, both emotional and physical, in a remote Greek monastery is relieved only by the task of painting an icon under the monks’ instruction. Their hope: to save his tortured soul. As the hours of devotion mark the progress of one day in his monastic cell, an escape from Benedict’s self-destructive isolation is brokered by the image of Mary Magdalene, guiding him back to his previous life and a new understanding of the events that have led him to Greece.

Annie, a young widow beset by visions and facing death, finds that she too has an unusual guide and confessor as the light and shadows mark the progress of an English day in a very different cell …..

The Hindenburg

by Sylvia McKenzie

An angry student forces his college biology professor to clarify the day’s lecture at gunpoint. Controversial subject matter. Profanity.

On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew And The Goy Boy

by Michael Kroft

Mr. Rosen, once an amusing extrovert with a reputation as a prankster, is entering his senior years as a stoic, thirty-year converted introvert who hates change, has little to no interest in people and is more than content to have his wife sit at the navigator’s seat of his life. Since becoming a practising introvert, there have been almost no changes in his life, and for the few that there were, his wife had walked him through them, including the recent move to a much smaller home in a lower/middle class neighbourhood where he lives directly next-door to a racist whose nine-year-old son addresses him as Mr. Jew.

Mr. Rosen had seen the move coming, and he is very much aware of the enormous change to come sometime in the, hopefully, far off future; though, he refuses to give it any attention. That change will come on slowly and painfully and will eventually force him to chart his own life’s route.

This heartwarming, feel-good novel offers a rollercoaster ride of emotion as Mr. Rosen’s world of habitual routine begins to implode while on a collision course with the chaotic world of an innocent child, its troubled mother and vengeful father.

**Five Stars** “A touching and thought provoking book.” -Dan Alatorre, author of “Savvy Stories: funny things I learned from my daughter”

**Five Stars** “I cried -only to have a smile brought to my face before the tears even dried.” Carol H.F.

*Warning* The novel contains a section of strong language and involves story elements of death, alcoholism and domestic violence.


The first of the four stand-alone novels in the evocative and not-so-nuclear family saga series called Herring Cove Road where a small group of troubled individuals, dealing with their own personal issues, accidentally come together to form a family unit, and then while struggling to maintain it, are forced to deal with its dark results, such as: racism, death, murder, suicide and much more.

Taking place primarily in the 70’s, with believable characters and mostly situated in several areas of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the series chronicles the actions (and their results) of an old and introverted Jewish man, a struggling mother, her naive and lonely son, and a boy streetwise beyond his years.

Volume 1: On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy

Volume 2: Still on Herring Cove Road: Hickory, Dickory, Death

Volume 3: Off Herring Cove Road: The Problem Being Blue

Volume 4: Before Herring Cove Road: A Love Story **Coming November 2016**

The Clown Princess (Nine Princesses: Tales of Love and Romance Book 3)

by Sheela Word

Gwyneth is lively and high-spirited. She has a multitude of interests and never thinks of marrying. â??Tis not until she is beset by adversity that she finds true love. By then, mayhap â??tis too late. (Short story, 47 pages)

Burnt Up

by Dante Hofgale

TRIGGER WARNING! The subtext and theme in the book may be upsetting to some readers.

The lead character Eric is plagued by obsessive compulsive behavior and socially isolated in his rural hometown. His father appears abusive toward his family and holds his ‘dear and dutiful’ wife and kids hostage to his alcoholism. While Eric’s parents evade their own problems, Eric is left to fend for himself with the help of his beloved sister and protector, Sarah. A heated exchange between the parents reveals unknown dark secrets swarm just outside Eric’s perception, and suddenly tragedy strikes under suspicious circumstances. As Eric grows, all he seeks is romance, acceptance, a sense of normalcy, and to cope with the tragedy. The unknown secrets linger on his periphery, and his body shame, misconceptions of others, and self harming tendencies progressively blind him as he traverses dangerously close to adopting the persona he fears most.

From the Mud

by Paul Emery

As Albert Slater lays his wife to rest, his raw pain mixes with old scars from the First World War. That pain has stayed with him throughout his life, but protecting his children’s innocence, he has kept it from them. He decides to write his story for them to read when he joins his wife in heaven.

He writes about his training, his first action and how he endured the rest of the war. He also tells how he settled back into sedate rural English village life, with support from his friends and his love of cricket.

â??From the Mud’ is one man’s story and his way of keeping the memory of his fallen friends alive.

Wake Up

by Claire Colley

Ruth has had a hard life, but she doesn’t see it that way. She sees herself as charmed and happy. However, she is forced to relive her memories from childhood to the present day and she is confronted with the reality. Can she learn from her past and change her future? Can she wake up?

Cataloochee Man

by Dennis Ruane

While horseback riding in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Layla Turner discovers Abe Ramsey, a buckskin-clad hunter who lives in the Cataloochee Valley. Only after she falls in love with Abe does Layla learn that he is a fugitive from the FBI and a member of the Panther Patrol, an eco-terrorist band that opposes logging in nearby Pisgah National Forest. Only after Abe falls in love with Layla, does he learn that she is the daughter-in-law of the Governor of North Carolina. The Governor advocates for logging of North Carolina’s national forests. His friend, a wealthy logging magnate and ruthless businessman, receives a lucrative contract to log in Pisgah National Forest. While Layla and Abe reveal the details of their lives, skirmishes between the Panther Patrol, the FBI, and Kenneth Leyman’s henchmen escalate into a deadly conflict. The final confrontation brings an end to the logging of Pisgah National Forest and forever alters the course of Layla’s life.

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