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Broken For You (Shattered to Wholeness Book 1)

by Karen Armstrong

Even before her birth, Karen Armstrong faced crippling adversities-one that left her on the edge of death throughout her entire upbringing. Unwanted by a young prostitute mother, inadequately raised and abused at the hands of an relentless aunt, who’s schizophrenia and multiple personalities left Karen lucky to be alive.

Karen chronicles a life of molestation, rape, abuse, and moving in and out of girl shelters and foster homes. As a high school drop-out, homelessness, low self-esteem, and continued promiscuity plagued her young adult years.

BROKEN FOR YOU is a raw look at one woman’s journey into finding and remembering her beginning. Broken is a real story for real women, written with an uncommon passion, which can only be found in somebody who has been through the fire-more than a dozen times-but still continues to fight for a better life. You will never look at your neighbors, or yourself, the same again!

As she shares with us, in the gripping story BROKEN FOR YOU, the obstacles only one could imagine in their darkest nightmare, but were unfortunately her reality, one could only sense the fear, confusion, and ultimately pure determination of Ms. Armstrong.

Her story is so deep and detailed, it cannot be told in one book. BROKEN FOR YOU is the first of three incredible books that will blow your mind.

How to Manage your Mother In- Law

by Diane Winbush

Does your relationship feel smothered by your mother in a law? Does your mother in law meddle or interfere in your relationship and marriage? Are you having to decide to divorce or separate from your husband due to your mother in law? Well no need to worry. Help is on the way. I have compiled almost thirty years of experience of the encounters with my mother in law. The stories will help you overcome what you are experiencing and remain focus on the relationship despite your mother in law meddling ways. The fact is that you married your love and not the his mother. You must remain stable.

Moving Past The Pain

by Dwayne Liles Sr.

Everybody encounters situations at some point in life when they are hurt by another person. Sadly enough most people never move past the hurt and remain imprisoned by their past robbing them of their future. It doesn’t have to be that way however. Through the Word of God, God has given us the tools and resources to be free. Through this short book, it’s my prayer that the information starts you on your journey to freedom.

Summary and Analysis: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: by Marie Kondo : The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

by Instanalysis

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to de-clutter and organize your home in order to attract positive energy into your house and into your life. The amount of clutter that you have in your house right now is doing so much more than just hindering you from enjoying your living space. It is actually affecting the quality of the life that you live, including the way that you see the world.

Marie Kondo, who professionally helps people tidy up their homes, came up with a method that will minimize clutter and maximize positive results. By following the key takeaways that outlined in the following chapters, you should be able to tidy up your home and experience how it can bring your life a positive turn.

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