Free philosophy Kindle books for 28 Dec 15


by Kumari Davies

A short summary book into the fascinating world of Geisha. We see how the very first traditional Geishas began and their lives. Insight into the mystery of their elite world. An intriguing tale. This short is only 50 pages or so though offers a fascinating insight into the mysterious floating world.

Of Cocks and Hens: A story of Youth in Timeless Rome (The Summer of 71 Series Book 3)

by Rebecca Branch

In this third book in the Summer of 71 series, Max and Molly continue their exploration into their libidos, circumvent a shocking climactic moment when she is abducted by her ex boyfriend, visit the island of Capri, and meet both their parents in Italy and London, The book ends with a visit to New York and an introduction to Molly’s childhood friend from India, Sarika Patel.

The storyline includes many visits to the areas around Rome, its art and antiquity, culture and cuisine. The summer, coming to an end, the two lovers from different countries and at different stages in their maturity, come to grips with their eventual separation in a bittersweet end to the tale.

Come join them on their journey; a journey of love and the education both need for the continuation of their lives. This is a tale of loss of innocence, coming of age, infatuation, redemption, and fulfillment. It is the story of understanding and respect for both genders and is infused with sensuality and eroticism as they explore their love and lust for one another to the limits. Always respectful of gender, condition, race and station, the Summer series concludes with this volume. But more awaits with The Art Historian Superhero series, the follow-up to the life of Maximillian DuPont, our protagonist through all the books.

You’re Not Ready For This (But You Are!): A Manifesto For Greater Change

by J.J. Archer

You’re Fed Up. You’re not the only one.

Do you value your life?

The answer is within this letter to you.

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