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Varieties of Truth

by H.L. White

This book is my effort to try to understand truth. The technical term is epistemologyâ??a big word that means something that is both easy and hard. A six year will understand “Did you eat that cookie?” But when it comes to trying to figure out abstractions such as cause, space, and time, we pull our chins and scratch our heads.

I’m a philosopher without a portfolio and I write this for other philosophers without portfolios. We’re all philosophers. Philosophy is part of who we are. We wonder, we muse, and we puzzle our way through life. And nothing is more exhilarating and challenging. I hope that this book gives you, if not answers, at least some more questions to ponder.

THE SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKES UP: A Feminist Interpretation of Fairy Tales


This book tries to explore the different segments of Feminist literature, especially with reference to how women are portrayed in Fairy Tales of the world. The text tries to analyze the difference between the beautiful and the ugly princesses, the numerous cultural constructs that have made them vulnerable when compared to the menfolk, and how far the female protagonists in modern fairy tales could actually â??write back’ to their male counterparts, with special reference to Japanese fairy tales.

About the author: Sreetanwi Chakraborty is an academician, and a faculty in English Literature. She has completed her Graduation from Presidency College, Calcutta. She did her Post-graduation from the University of Calcutta, and thereafter, she achieved the First class First position for her M. Phil thesis from Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta. She has published many poems, journal articles, blogs and travelogues of her own. She has been awarded with the famous Charuchandra Memorial Scholar award.

Survival Gear: 15 Survival Tips for Long Term Storage of Your Survival Food. Best Foods for Survival After SHTF (Survival Gear, shtf, survival tips,)

by Quincy Tucker

Often whenever someone begins discussing survival or even the most awful case situation, they may be considered harmful centering on the worst of conditions. Obtaining little preparation for a SHTF situation is not a harmful issue in any way. In reality, it will create a good sense in the future.

Probably life since we understand it will not actually change totally and also collapse, however you will discover a few things to be ready for in the event. Natural misfortunes, pandemic illnesses, personal issues, as well as other items may arise that owning a little pre-planning will be useful.

If poor scenarios do occur, a lot of have organized areas to reach known as bug out areas which have them kept solutions for the long-term. This really is a great technique yet at times you do not have the ability to make it out in this area eventually or even in any way. You will probably find yourself trapped in the location in your present state. As a result it is sensible to discover what you are able to do today to decide on your location in a worst case situation or even disaster.

In case you have done nothing to get ready, it is wise to begin with the essentials similar to foods as well as water. Obtaining a little while storage of foods are begin and also getting water with techniques to purify drinking water can help. After that focusses on strategies of warming yourself, if you stay in environments that acquire quite cold.

Key features of this book:

  • Know about SHTF
  • About top 3 SHTF situation
  • How to survive when SHTF
  • Food storage idea for SHTF
  • Things to do when SHTF
  • Most important tips on SHTF
  • Tips on preparing you vehicles when SHTF
  • Maintain your food during SHTF situation

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My Maryanne: Chronicles of the Mundane

by Rex Von Grover

My Maryanne can be categorized as a philosophical/romance hybrid. A story inspired by the author, Rex Von Grover’s, real life experience with a past lover. It is strongly influenced by philosophers such as Soren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche, and offers a unique look at romance in our contemporary culture. The basic narrative revolves around a corrupted college girl of the 21st century named Maryanne who encounters a philosophical hermit named Toby, and the absurdity that ensues betwixt the odd pair. Following an existential tradition, such a novel is averse to description and rather must be experienced. Rich in thought and full of passion, My Maryanne proves to be something that can only be created as well as experienced once. (Includes an introduction and analysis by Professor Dingelburg of Oxford University)

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