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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Clean Romance: Bride Bundle BOX SET [Western Christian Inspirational Historical Romance Collection] (Western Christian Historical Romance Short Stories)


This collection contains three Historical, Western, & Clean romance stories:

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The Amish Mail Order Bride

The Unwelcome Bride

The Bride’s New Life

Over 25,000 words of Sweet & Historical Romance

A City of Hope

by Robert B. Ward

THE CITY OF HOPE grows out of studies of the Old Testament and the genesis of the Hebrew people. It is the story of a handicapped boy in a moon worshipping society that practices genocide and human sacrifice.

We read this:

‘Hadal predicted that I would build a temple in a city of hope. Instead of hope, I found despair. Instead of living in a temple, I lay propped up against a dungeon wall breathing air that was imprisoned like I was.

Hopelessness lay heavily upon us. Then, through the darkness, we heard the scrape of feet shuffling our way.

There was a dull thump as a bar was lifted. Slowly a door creaked open. A human figure, like an apparition forming out of mist, appeared in the dim light. The figure was ill clad and dirty. He shoved a bucket of slop our way.

“Eat this,” he ordered.

We plunged into it like hungry dogs at a pile of garbage.

The servant looked at us in amusement. When we finished he fed us good news for dessert. “Cheer up,” he sneered. “You have only one more day to live.”

CHRISTIAN FICTION: Touched by Love Forever (Clean Contemporary Christian Romance) (Inspirational Series Book 3)

by Bella J. Swan

The doubts and darkness with which Sarah Langley greeted the New Year seem to be giving way to a renewed hope that her failed marriage, her unfaithful husband, and the loss of her successful life in Phoenix can finally be put behind her so that she can move forward into a destiny where her life has purpose. Working as a secretary in the church where she was baptized, confirmed and married; learning more about Ian Cameron before he became a pastor; sharing the stories and the drama of the church community combine to give Sarah roots in her hometown. Finding the roots of her faith is more complicated, because there’s no uniformity among church members when it comes to understanding God, and only God can appreciate the individuality of His followers. Within the congregation, there are those who feel that they serve God by pointing out the cobwebs left behind by the church sextons; there is the musical war between the expressive and volatile choir director and the controlled, reserved organist. The salt-of-the-earth faith of treasurer Joanne is a refreshing foundation for Sarah as she strives to redefine her adult understanding of God. She’s not quite sure where her destiny will take her, but she’s willing to believe that in life, as in the seasons, spring is the rebirth of the spirit after the emptiness of winter. But she’s hesitant to trust her heart to anyone, even to the warm-hearted, good-looking pastor who is giving her strong signals that he wants more from her than just a work relationship. When the two share a night of confidences at a youth overnight event, Sarah’s hope for the future blossoms, until she finds out that love is never effortless. The gossip among some members of the church concerning Sarah the secretary and Ian the pastor threatens to destroy their romance before it even gets a chance to develop. Can Sarah’s brittle emotions withstand the challenges of speculation from people in the congregation who have misinterpreted her response to Ian? Can Ian’s desire for love handle the expectations of his congregation? Can both of them trust that God’s purpose plays out in the routine of everyday life, and that true love that can last forever must weather human storms? Winter must always give way to spring and Sarah learns that God, who rules over the seasons of the year, also rules over the seasons of her life.

Miranda and the Not-Christmas Elf – A Christmas Story

by Helena Puumala

The little pre-school girl, Miranda, is feeling unsafe because of bullies in the neighbourhood and family troubles between her mother and father. Can her friend, young elementary grade age Nathan, use his special powers to call on the North Pole for some Christmas Eve magic, to help her out?

The story is a heartwarming Christmas tale, suitable for children and adults, which will bring a little Christmas magic to us all. It is about 9000 words, or around an hour or so, at typical reading speeds.

Sands of Freedom (White Throne Book 1)

by Faye Nicole Hines

For many generations the Shoshan family worked under the hot, tormenting, sun in Egypt. Their painful labor, as slaves, worsens when Siamun, a wealthy Egyptian, desires a beautiful member of the family named Havah. With the help of their female master, Nebsemi, the family leaves harsh labor in the field of bricks and lush vineyards. Though gratitude is met with less hostility, the family’s hardships continue in the world of domestic labor. From every home in Goshen, to rock-strewn mines and rich estates, the children of Israel yearn for freedom.

Starlet’s Run: A Coming-of-Age in Hollywood Novel (The Starlet Book 2)

by Carla J. Hanna

From the award-winning author of the Starlet Series, comes Starlet’s Run, a novel perfect for young adult, new adult and contemporary fiction readers interested in teen celebrity life. The Starlet Series shows authentic experiences of young adults who live under social isolation and intense criticism from peering outsiders. A must-read for anyone pursuing a dream to become a star, the Starlet Series shows that an actress’s resilience is far more crucial to success than beauty and talent.

Love. Intentions. Acting. Teen Santa Monica GETS COMPLICATED.

Teen Hollywood actress Liana Marie Michael and smart hunk Manny hide their relationship from the media. Insecure and dealing with health issues from anti-aging treatments, Liana wants to marry Manny. They visit Liana’s Bitterroot Salish Grandmother’s ranch. She reconnects with nature only to question if city-boy Manny is truly right for her. No one will let the couple make their own decisions. Back in Santa Monica, the show goes on, literally, in front of the green screen on a Hollywood sound stage. Is the price of fame worth it?

“YA fans will absolutely want to check out this series, where they’ll find a new heroine to root for in the flawed but sympathetic Liana.” – BlueInk Review

~ STARLET’S WEB GOLD MEDAL: 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards ~

~ STARLET’S LIGHT SILVER MEDAL: 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards ~

~ MOST ORIGINAL SERIES: 2015 Double Decker Book Awards ~

Note: contains realistic sexual content but is not a steamy romance.

Carla J. Hanna lived in Santa Monica, CA where her children played with the children of celebrities. She mingled with plenty of nannies and a few good celebrity moms.

SERIES NOVELS: Starlet’s Man, Starlet’s Web, Starlet’s Run, Starlet’s Light. Starlet’s End expected release September 2015.

no time for tears


Anne, young, innocent, desperate and in love. She thought she had problems with her first love until she met Folu.

Folu, a one time University beauty queen, a player in the world of men, shares her life of whirlwind love and betrayal

From Ibadan to Lagos and to London, this is a story of Love, Passion, betrayal and unwavering faith in God

If you have ever been in love and you lost out, this is a book to read.

If you’ve never been in love and you wish you were, this is a book to read.

This book will make you laugh, cry and laugh again. Its a book that will make you hold your breath till the very end.

Regency Romance – Moonway Manor’s Heir: (Clean Regency Romance)

by Mary Davenport


Sweet Regency Romance

When Dominick, Earl of Yardbloom rescues a green eyed beauty from an unhappy fate, he did not expect the speed with which his heart tumbled into love. A rake known for breaking hearts all over London, he was surprised to find his own heart broken when the mysterious girl made her escape, refusing even to tell him who she was.

Determined to unveil the secrets she hid, the Earl gave chase to Moonway Manor, where his best friend James was soon to be married. But would the dangers of Moonway Manor, with it’s mysteriously reclusive master, and the enigmatic Mary Montacute, be too much for him?

Caught in a tale of twisted intrigue, unrequited love, and the battle to save her family’s manor, Mary has got to confess. Will she be believed though, and will the true villain’s identity be finally revealed?

All of Mary Davenport’s short stories are sweet (clean) Regency Romances.

BWWM Romance: Too Hard To Forget (A Clean BWWM Interracial Romance)

by Tiana Destiny

Not all the superheroes wear a cape. My hero came wearing a black tuxedo and with a kind of smile that can take you to the moon and back. When I met Daniel, the high-power politician, it was more than just his power that I saw. I fell in love with the kind-hearted man who cared for me. He made me believe that I was special and that I too, like everyone else, deserved to be happy.

Being with him was like living a dream until I realized that dreams are meant to be shattered.

My past unsettled my life when I least expected and disintegrated my present. Larry, with whom I had a disturbing relationship in the past, started to follow me. With his cruel intentions and vicious plans for me, he wanted to hurt me terribly. All I wanted was a happy ending with the one that I love.

Read on, as I take this journey and risk my life to start fresh. Step into my shoes and take my journey as I travel my past, take a leap of faith and walk that extra mile to fight for my happily ever after.

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