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Survival: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Beginners, Best Effective Proven Strategies And Tips To Survive A Disaster (Survival guide., Surviving, prepper, … Fishing, Foraging, Store Water and Food)

by Joe Grayson

Use These Most Effective Tips Proven Strategies To Survive In A Disaster

This book has actionable survival strategies that will ensure you survive any disaster.

We live in a world full of uncertainties. There is tsunami on one part of the world, a terror attack on the other part, a hurricane on the other part, an earthquake on another and many other things. And when this happens, it is pretty clear that one thing happens; people suffer-they go for days without food and water, some end up suffering from food poisoning, and some die in the process due to lack of proper shelter. Obviously, no one wants to be a disaster victim. Unfortunately, these things can happen to anyone.

If you want to increase your chances of survival post disaster, then learning how to survive is very important. The truth is that, if disaster strikes; only the survivors who were prepared can be sure about their survival. That’s where this book comes in; to help you to prepare for the unexpected to maximize your chances of survival.

This guide will show you how even a regular man without any special training can survive in the wild.

You don’t have to be ex-special forces to survive , all you have to do it to read and remember the proven effective strategies in the book .

This knowledge might save your life!

This book will provide you useful tips on:

  • The Basics of Prepping
  • Do’s And Don’ts Of Prepping
  • How to build a shelter
  • How to start a fire
  • How To Get Water
  • How to Forage For Food

How To NavigateHow To Hide

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Herbal Antivirals: Heal Yourself Faster, Cheaper and Safer – Your A-Z Guide to Choosing, Preparing and Using the Most Effective Natural Antiviral Herbs

by Mary Jones

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What Your Doctor Won’t Tell Youâ??Why Herbal Antivirals Really Work!

Have you ever suffered from a viral infection? If you have, it’s certainly an experience you won’t forget. Whether in your own country or disastrously struck down mid-vacation, you likely wished that you’d taken an anti-viral shot, or at least a course of medication.

Your thinking is correctâ??but synthetic medicine isn’t your only defence!

The truth is that there are natural remedies on the marketâ??and in your back yardâ??that you can use today to fight the same bugs just as effectively without all the aching symptoms of traditional western medicine.

Herbal Antivirals shows you how to properly prepare, dose and take these natural medicines yourselfâ??and you can even grow them in your garden! Not only you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, you’re also lessening your impact on the environment while treating yourself with natural ingredients that you have sourced yourself.

In this book, you’ll discover that creating your very own herbal antivirals isn’t complicated. You can easily teach yourself to treat viral infections with natural medicines that give your body what it NEEDS, without the excess chemicals.

With the 45 most valuable herbs comprehensively indexed for creating potent natural antibiotics and herbal antivirals, this is a book that helps you become your own doctor. Fully illustrated with pictures, as well as details on common use, preparation method and dosage, knowledge is finally at your fingertips.

Remedies for the most common ailments and recipes are included as a BONUS, as well as a FAQ to answer your herbal antiviral questions.

What will Herbal Antivirals teach you? Content includes:

– Common treatments for viral infections

– Discover how do herbal antivirals work as well as synthetic medicine?

– Where to find the herbs you need!

– Best herbal treatments for common ailments (from warts to chronic hepatitis B)

– When, how, and why to use natural remedies

5 Key Essential Oils with Natural Antiviral Properties

– Consult a “cheat sheet” for fighting infections naturally with the right herbal edicine.

– What are the most effective plant-based herbal antivirals?

– What herbal antivirals are considered safe when pregnant or breast feeding?

– And much more!

BIG Pharma hates books like these coming out because it dents their profits while educating you about the potential dangers of synthetic medicine.

The truth is simple:

You can prepare and use herbal remedies to address your health issues and boost your immunity the natural way!

Would You Like To Know More?

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Bipolar: The Ultimate Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide – How To Take Control of Your Life Today And Never Be Depressed Again! (Bipolar Books, Self Help Books, Manic Depression)

by Sarah Peters


The Ultimate Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide – How To Take Control of Your Life Today And Never Be Depressed Again!

Mood swings are one thing, but bipolar disorder takes them to a whole new level. If you or a loved one are dealing with this struggle you know well the emotional ups and downs that follow each other in rapid succession.

There are effective treatments both medication and combination therapies, but no known cure to date. While many patients fight cancer and diabetes on a daily basis, the world is largely ignorant of the struggle that faces these patients facing a lifelong fight against this cruel mental disorder.

This short book shares some of the most common treatment options, a basic understanding of what bipolar disorder is, some tips for keeping on top of your condition self-management, and some words of comfort for caregivers needing some affirmation.

This is by no means a definitive work on bipolar disorder, but if you just need a small introduction and feel daunted by the topic in general, this may be just the place to start.

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Mad at Everything: How to Control Your Temper, Let Go of Anger, and Live a Happier Life (Your Guide to Anger Management, Controlling Your Frustration, and Living a Happier Life)

by T Whitmore

Mad at Everything

Your Guide to Anger Management, Controlling Your Frustration, and Living a Happier Life!!

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While anger is a normal emotion, when it goes unmanaged it can wreak havoc on everyone else’s life including your own. Whenever you are unable to control the fits of anger, the end results are often destructive leading to problems in personal relationships, at work and overall affecting your entire existence.

Anger can damage your relationships and health when you don’t express it at all, if you express it unsafe ways or if you express it at the wrong time. Overall, it remains imperative to learn how to control your anger such that you don’t go causing harm to others when you express it wrongly or cause harm to yourself when you bottle it up.

It’s easy to see that you need to control anger before it controls you. But, how? This book will teach you how.

Here are a Few Things You Will Learn From This Book:

  • Thinking before you speak
  • Identifying other possible solutions other than anger
  • Using humor to release tension
  • Relaxation Skills
  • How not to hold a grudge
  • How to express your anger calmly
  • And much, much more!

Take action now! Continue reading for even deeper information on anger management and my greatest hope is that you are able to find your calm amidst the realms of anger.

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