Free travel Kindle books for 28 Dec 15

Switzerland a brief encounter

by c f

a few photos from a whirlwwind tour of Swizerland

Travel Guide Tokyo: Satori Guide (Japan Book 2)

by Chelsea Wills

Visit Tokyo, an ultra-modern wonder punctuated by tradition. This fascinating city is worthy of years of exploring. In this book begin to know the culture and mysteries housed in high-reaching skyscrapers and the tiny businesses run of traditional houses next door to them. Satori Guides are a hand-collected set of accommodations, sites, and things that arose out of conversations with locals, years of travel professional expertise and a love of exploration. We curate these selections carefully to offer what fascinates and inspires us. Find out where to start your adventure by using the suggestions in this book as jumping off points.


by C F


Vilnius Travel Guide: The Top 10 Highlights in Vilnius (Globetrotter Guide Books)

by Marc Cook

Vilnius: The Mesmerizing Capital of Lithuania!

Are you thinking of your next vacation, but you’re not sure where to go? Would you prefer some quiet time meditating in a dazzling church, or would you like a more activity filled trip, with opportunities to explore historic districts. Or, maybe, you want to discover a new culture and experience a brand new city. Well then look no further. Vilnius is the place to visit whether you’re interested in just one or every one of these options.

This capital of Lithuania offers its visitors spectacular churches, beautiful historic quarters and amazing castles just waiting to be explored.

Vilnius has many touristic attractions and it can be quite difficult to pick those you are certain you’ll like. That is why you should definitely get this compact book, which will give you the most important information about the places you can’t miss while visiting Vilnius.

Inside the Vilnius Travel Guide:

  • Vilniaus Universitetas
  • Sv. Apastalu Petro ir Povilo Baznycia
  • Gedimino Prospektas
  • Bernardine Church
  • Uzupis
  • Gintaro Muziejus-Galerija
  • Arkikatedra Bazilika
  • Vilniaus Senamiestis
  • Sv. Onos Baznycia
  • Trakai

Follow in the footsteps of locals and seek refuge in one of Vilnius’s spectacular churches. The idyllic architecture will be more than enough to keep you entertained and happy during your visit.

Vilnius also has several districts with great architecture and old-world charm. Starting with the old town, Vilniaus Senamiestis, tourists who want to experience the Vilnius lifestyle should simply take a stroll through the cobblestoned alleys.

One of the many things Vilnius is famous for is its old university. But, did you know you can take a tour of the university building and see its centuries-old architecture firsthand?

Well, in this easy to read travel guide you’ll find out which are the most popular university attractions, but also the most interesting avenues and museums and what other amazing things you can do while vacationing in Vilnius.

Wait no longer! Get the Vilnius Travel Guide right now and start planning your best vacation yet!

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