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The 12 Critical Success Factors When Choosing the Right Business Opportunity

by Thomas Berns

Are you thinking of starting your own business or working with an already-established business? Are you pursuing opportunities such as multi-level marketing or consumer-direct marketing?

This book is intended for future entrepreneurs by giving them the 12 most critical factors to look at when evaluating your various business opportunities.

There are plenty of business opportunities you can choose when you decide to take the leap into becoming an entrepreneur. But how do you know which opportunity is correct? What are the factors that you should use to evaluate all these various opportunities?

This book will give you 12 concise factors that you should look at when you are evaluating opportunities. After years of personal trial and error I will show you the most important factors to consider when you are evaluating opportunities.

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Finance: Money Management: Beginner’s Guide to Being Debt Free (Budgeting Debt Free Credit Repair) (Financial Planning Investing Basics Bankruptcy)

by Anthony Jose

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Discover How To Get Out Of Debt Now and Forever

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You’re about to discover proven strategies on how to get out of debt now and never go back in debt for the rest of your life. Millions of people suffer from debt that they just can’t seem to escape. Most people realize how much of a problem this debt has in their lives, but no matter how hard they try the debt just gets bigger and bigger.

The truth is, if you’re suffering from debt and haven’t been able to get out, it’s because you’re lacking an effective strategy to and haven’t been able to implement a proven strategy to become debt free. This book goes into a step-by-step strategy on how to eliminate your debt and shows you how to never get back into debt again.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How Much Do You Owe?
  • How Will You Pay?
  • Which Payment Strategy Should You Use?
  • How to Stay Debt-Free?
  • Much, much more!

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How To Turn Your Talent in to Income: How to make money by following your passion, doing what you love and helping people along the way

by Red Mikhail

Inside you’ll learn

– The greatest shortcut to achieving your goals

– the 5 minute course that will turn you into a selling machine

– How to find your gifts

– how to develop your talents

– how to know if there is MONEY in your market

The Outsourcing Bible For Real Estate Investors And Marketers: How to find & hire outsourcers for $2 an hour

by RM Conan

Here comes a No B.S. , No Fluff – Do This, Do That Guide On How To Outsource Your Real Estate Business.

– No fluff , just actionable content for you to achieve financial and time freedom as fast as humanly possible.

Investing In Real Estate: How to Buy a House and Become a Landlord

by Scott Miller

Are you interested in buying a house or becoming a real estate investor? Do you want to become a landlord and collect rent every month? This book will help you bridge the gap between thinking about being a real estate investor and actually getting in the game. It contains proven steps and strategies on how to buy your first property.

Your ideal first property might be a single family home that you intend to live in with your family. If that is the case, this book will take you through the exact steps that you need to take to get you and your family in that single family home.

However, what I hope is that you are thinking a little more creatively. I REALLY hope that your ideal first property is one that has multiple units and that you will let your future tenants pay your mortgage while you live in one of the other units for free or very cheaply. If that sounds appealing then this book is definitely for you! In my humble opinion, this is absolutely the best plan to execute as a beginning real estate investor.

Whether you decide that your dream home is of the single family variety or that it is a true investment, this book will show you exactly what to do in order to achieve your goal.


by Red Mikhail

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Inside you’ll learn:


– a step by step instruction on how to set up your blog from start to finish.

– The exact plugins that you need to install

– How to do it in less than 60 minutes


-The top 7 ways to get super cheap or free visitors online

-How to take advantage of these free traffic online

-The correct profile set up that will get you more credibility

-how to use social media for maximum effectiveness

-how to sell your products without really selling…I know, weird.

-How to get affiliates that will make you thousands of dollars without you doing any work

-BONUS – the super cheap traffic source that is making a killing today

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The 2015 SEO Blueprint – Transition Phase from 2015 – 2016: 33 Search Engine Optimization Checklist To Boost Your Page Rankings to #1

by Red M

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This is a very short but invaluable book.

This contains the exact checklist that you can run to make sure you are doing proper SEO.

If you have a good checklist then you can outrank competitors and make your clients happy.

DAREDEVIL MARKETING TWITTER EDITION 2016: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Marketing Domination

by Red Mikhail

Inside you’ll learn

– the best ways to get hundreds of followers in a few days or weeks

– the daredevil way to get pre-sold buyers

– the basic steps to set up your account

– and much much more

The Entrepreneurial Gamble: The Statistics of Entrepreneurship

by Michael Maust

Going into a few key statistics involving entrepreneurship.

Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever: Revisit – Review – Refocus – Renew (Gift Basket Business Success Secrets)

by Joyce Reid

Competition comes, goes, and returns, oftentimes in a different costume, but it is always there. The world has changed. The way people feel about giving gifts shifts through the year. And there is always the ever changing Internet which, probably more than anything, has affected the way many of us do business.

Whether you’re leaving behind a busy holiday season or are on the threshold of a new business, the New Year is the perfect time to Revisit – Review – Refocus – Renew while “letting your dreams soar.”

It’s the time to pause and reflect on your accomplishments as well as your failures and a chance to begin anew. It’s the time to revisit the question – What does success mean to me and how will I know if I have achieved it? It’s time to review and update your business plan or write one if you never have.

This book guides your through the process as you go back and revisit why you ever started your business in the first place, reviews your failures and accomplishments during the past year, and helps you to focus on what you should do in 2016.

It is a book for the business owner who has been around for years and has lost focus as well as for the one who is just beginning the process. It is a book to make you think, to make you plan, and to make you take action. Without all three processes, 2016 will just be more of the same.

Options Trading: 11 FREE BONUS BOOKS – Strategies For Maximum Profit. For The Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Users (Options Trading Strategies) (Investing, Options Trading, Forex Book 7)

by Ken McLinton

Learn The Most Profitable Strategies To Make (And Keep) Money by Trading Options!

In this book we teach you basic and advanced options trading strategies, including:

  • The Basic Vocabulary for Purchasing and Selling Options
  • The Greeks
  • The Basic Butterfly Spread
  • The Out of the Money Butterfly Spread
  • The Modified Butterfly Spread
  • Mini Options
  • The Long Call
  • The Long Put
  • Buying LEAPS, or Long-term Equity AnticiPation Securities
  • Bull Call Spread
  • The Collar Strategy
  • The Costless Collar
  • Bull Put Spread
  • Call Backspread
  • Married Put
  • Protective Put
  • Uncovered Put Writes
  • The Fig Leaf, or The Leveraged Covered Call
  • Cash Secured Put
  • Top 10 Mistakes New Options Traders Make

Although this isn’t everything you ever wanted to know about securities and options trading, this will explain the various options scenarios with an example of each trade, and give you a reference for placing puts and calls.

This book will get you through the initial process of setting up your first option trade, choosing an investment firm, identifying fees and commissions, determining whether to hire a full service brokerage or to trade online with a discount brokerage, and when to let go.

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Social Intelligence: 23 Easy Ways To Improve Your Social Skills And Learn How To Make Friends Easy. Find Out the Best Ways to Actively Increase Your Social … social skills, emotional intelligence)

by Robin Lawson

Social Intelligence: 23 Easy Ways To Improve Your Social Skills And Learn How To Make Friends Easy. Find Out the Best Ways to Actively Increase Your Social Intelligence Skills; is an eye opener for all. It provides detailed knowledge about how social intelligence can support you in connecting with others effectively. It digs deep and unravels the effects of social intelligence on an individual’s mind and body, as well as on his/her ability to become more social.

The lessons given in this book will not only help you in making your existing relationships better, but also assist you in developing the new ones. Also, explore how you can understand people, their behaviors as well as their body language, making you more productive and satisfied – both in your personal and professional relationships – resulting in a happy, successful and satisfied life.

Find out every aspect of social intelligence to keep and develop relationships. Here’s a preview of what you are expected to learn:

  • Characteristics, importance and skills needed to improve social intelligence
  • Reducing stress in the moment and controlling your emotions
  • Nonverbal communication and its implication in social and professional life
  • Improving conflict resolving skills and fixing relationships problems with humor
  • Ways in which a leader can develop social intelligence
  • Tips for practicing social intelligence

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Investing: How to Generate Wealth in Today’s Market: An Investor’s Guide to: Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Futures, Mutual Funds, Options and your 401K

by Joseph Matthews

This book has actionable information on how to generate wealth in today’s market- an investor’s guide to stocks, bonds, commodities, futures, mutual funds, options and your 401k.

The rich keep getting richer and the poor, wellâ?¦.But have you ever stopped to consider why rich people continue to become wealthy. How do they continue to keep their wealth growing in spite of their increasing financial responsibilities?

The answers to all of these questions lie within a simple concept known as investment. The rich have mastered the art of investment and have learned to use it to grow their wealth. It is not unusual to see wealthy people delve into investment opportunities that other people may deem crazy. But that’s the secret; that’s how wealth is created.

Wealthy people look for untapped opportunities; paths where other people wouldn’t dare tread and then do their best to spin it into a money maker.

Well, don’t get me wrong; investing is not a get-rich-scheme and definitely not a bed of roses; it takes knowledge, efforts and a lot of risk taking and sometimes, you may even get your hands burnt.

But that’s the whole essence of this book.

In this book, we take you by the hand and reveal to you, in the simplest terms possible, the art of investment and how to make the most out of various investment instruments such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and futures market.

When you are done reading this book, you’ll feel like you can have a discussion with your investment manager (that’s if you’ll still need one) from a position of knowledge and authority.


by Andre D’Angelo

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QUICK CASH SYSTEM 2016: AMAZON QUICK CASH & FIVERR SELLING SYSTEM – Start your new online business (2 in 1 bundle)

by Red Mikhail

Get started with your new home based business 2 hours from now



Inside you’ll learn:

– What exact services to sell for maximum profits

– How to create a product listing that trumps other sellers

– The super simple formula for selling on video

– Ways to get your first few customers

– Do this one thing that can make or break your online business…it’s either $50 profit…or $500.


Inside you’ll learn:

– How to choose a product that will make you money

– How to create a website from scratch

– the simple 5 step process for reviewing any product

– How to choose keywords for affiliate marketing

– How to create a video & upload it the right way – optimized for maximum youtube views

– Why keyword research is the secret sauce to a successful, profitable website

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by Amos Obi

Your ideas and your skills are wealth unlimited if only you know how to turn the from the invisible to tangible money. Now do you desires to know the magic wealth secret known only by the few wealthy among us? This book contains the inspired and creative privileged wisdom from the world first class financial gurus. It exposes the secret wisdom of the exclusive rich people which every Dick and Harry could apply any where in the globe and be counted among the wealthy and millionaires of this generation. It is the sacred scripts on money making the world has been waiting for. Yes! indeed, ideas and skills are money in your hands to create multiple streams of wealth. Just lunch on and discover it all here.

EBAY ARBITRAGE 2016: How to do Online Arbitrage, Buy Low, and Sell High on the Internet

by John Anderson

Buy Low, Sell High Online – Make Money from Home!

Inside this book you’ll learn a simple step by step way to make money via Ebay Arbitrage.

What you’ll learn:

– The blueprint to make money on Ebay

– How to find products that will SELL

– How to write listings that doubles your sales

– How to apply seo magic (takes 5 minutes) to double your listing traffic


Course Correcting: Finding the Shortest Path from Here to Success!: Six Steps to Getting Your Business On Track for Success (Course Correcting – Six Steps … Your Business On Track for Success Book 2)

by T. C. Browne

Finding the Shortest Path from Here to Success! is a book about making things happen for you, not waiting for them to happen to you.

It’s an e-Book that is liberally laced with hyperlinks to speed your read while letting you access a wealth of resources that dramatically expands the knowledge base of the book and will save you tons of time searching online for content you might not otherwise find!

It starts with you shaping a vision for the Outcome you want for your enterprise, whether you are leading a startup, a turn-around or a corporate transformation, and then using your destination rather than your starting-point to drive your decision-making as you navigate the course to that destination. The considerations of Financing, Control and Liquidity all come into play as you progress toward your Outcome. You are guided through efficient market penetration strategies, revenue generation strategies, market positioning strategies and realistic Outcome-Based goal setting strategies that will help you turn your Vision into reality!

Finally, it’s a book about being effective in leading your business toward an Outcome that embraces Passion as well as practicality while rewarding yourself and your team in the process. About aligning your Goals and your Strategies with an Outcome you can deliver!

If you’re into Leadership, this is your life. The good news is that you don’t have to live it for the first time on your own. This book draws on the wisdom and experience of a collection of people who have lived that life and can tell you what’s worked for them and for others. A Delphi Council that shares their insights with you through interviews captured in the book, providing you with a virtual Advisory Board.

And it’s all available at the click of a mouse!

COSMOPOLITAN SEX HEADLINES 2016 – over 1,000+ Headlines Inside!: Turn Your Written Advertisement Into A Cash Producing Machine

by Michael Istanbul

Turn Your Written Advertisement Into A Cash Producing Machine

Inside you’ll get the best headlines every written.

Tested and Proven from hundreds of magazines issue.

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MYTHOLOGY LESSONS FOR MANAGERS: 100 Inspiring Stories of Corporate Functions

by G.S. Krishnan

Being a manager, are you besieged with challenging and dynamic problems in management of various functions at your workplace?

One Way to manage such problems is to take advice of outside consultants, but often, such imported solutions tend to be quite complicated and bordering on theoretical. In this book, Mr.Krishnan has brought out simple ways through which day to day issues can be understood and controlled by the managers in their work situations, by deriving inspiration from mythological stories.

India has a rich tradition of historical scriptures in the form of Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and other epics wherein the saints and philosophers have illustrated enormous number of life lessons for the ordinary. The teachings derived from these literature have been serving as a light house for centuries directing human beings towards better living.

This book is a compilation of 100 stories from the Indian Mythology which provide analogy to quick understanding and solving management problems of the corporate functions. The stories are broadly classified into the following corporate functions:

-Knowledge Management/Innovation


-Human Resource Management



-Performance Measurement/Rewards


-Problem Solving

-Organisational/Work Practices

-Finance Management

If you are looking forward to an easy to read and quick to adopt reference to manage problems at your workplace, this book would be an ideal source of inspiration and reference. Go ahead and download the book for an interesting reading experience!

PRODUCT HIJACK PROFITS 2015-2016: How to Make Money Online By Legally Stealing Google’s Customers Online

by Andre D’Angelo

Learn a simple step by step method of making money by simply “hi-jacking” gift idea searches on Google

Inside you’ll learn how to make money from a simple 4 page website that you can easily rank on Google!

Holidays are fast approaching and today is the best time to make money from this simple loophole!

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by Red Michaels

Drive FREE Facebook traffic to your website or business

Inside you’ll learn:

– How to properly set up your profile

– How to promote your products or website the easy way

– How to automate your Facebook traffic machine

– The types of promotion to do to maximize sales

– How to use SEO in your FB traffic marketing machine

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by Red Mikhail

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Inside you’ll learn:

– How to use Clickbank for making a living online

– How to find niches that sells and makes cash

– How to create a website that converts visitors into paying customers

– How to make money by buying Thrift Store cheap items

– where to sell these items

– How to create a product listing that converts into cash

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