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The KINKY Collection: Three Sexy Stories in one Volume!

by Poppy Romero

Three Sexy Stories in one Volume!

Playing Nurse

Nurse Romero has a problem. Her date is in fifteen minutes, but all she can think about is the silver fox in the next room, Doc Stone!

All she wants is to finish her summer at the clinic without attracting the ire of the Administrator. But with temptation looming over her, can she resist one last shot at the doctor of her dreams? And can Doc stone resist the fantasy of a lifetime when he finds it bent over his examining table, legs spread and willing?

Find out how one girl gives in to her wildest fantasy in this tale of kinky roleplay, medical fetish and backdoor exploration!

Raunchy Rednecks

Just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world… Only this time there ain’t no train going anywhere for diamond-in-the-rough Poppy Romero. But one night at the bar, she meets an enigmatic traveller named Dean, a gruff, rough and ready cowboy with blue eyes and a grin made to melt.

He could be the key to getting out of her small-town life, and into the freedom she always wanted. If only she can give him a little encouragement to repeat his little ‘accident’ from their one night stand… Besides, everyone knows, real rednecks ride bareback!

With explosive action from the outset, see how far one southern gal will go in this erotic story of risk, desire and temptation!

The Billionaire’s Hooker

A robbery at a hotel leaves beautiful holidaymaker Camille penniless and stranded in New York. Worse, her seductive dress has her mistaken for a prostitute in the hotel bar by the mysterious Mr Armand – a dashing billionaire with expensive tastes.

Armand soon comes up with an outrageous solution to her financial woes. His indecent proposal – one night with her in exchange for one million dollars!

Camille’s shock simmers into fantasy as Armand lures her to his penthouse apartment with the promise of a night of unrestrained pleasure – well, maybe a little restrained.

She soon finds out how far her high class escort fantasy will go – and how far her billionaire benefactor will take her!

Mystery: The Coming Back: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Thriller Mystery)

by James Kipling

Ten years ago, a college student with autism named Stanley Douglass disappeared without a trace while taking a road trip alone. Several days ago, he returned to his family home in Savannah, Georgia. The Savannah Police Department hires a family counselor/therapist, Lydia Chan, to reintegrate Stanley Douglass into normal society and find out what happened to him during all those years.

After some time Lydia Chan informs the Police that she thinks the Douglass family is hiding something. She can’t put her finger on it, but she thinks something isn’t right about this entire case. She requests Detective David Wilson to help her expose them. At first, Detective Wilson feels threatened by Lydia Chen but soon finds her outspoken nature to be quite charming. He agrees to indulge her further and re-opens the 10-year old case of Stanley’s disappearance. He was the lead detective in the case of Stanley Douglass and is still haunted by the fact that the case is unsolved. He is willing to help Lydia at every turn to solve the mystery of Stanley Douglass and hopefully redeem himself as an investigator.


รข??Mystery: The Coming Back’ is a novel by mystery thriller suspense author James Kipling.


Romance: Exposed For The First Time, A Medical Romance (Billionaires, Single Authors, Historical)

by Naughty Nicole

Mary is a fertile virgin and just broke up with her boyfriend. She has always been afraid of sex. Afraid to be the only virgin in college she turns to her mother for support and help.

Her mother sets her up to see a doctor to talk about her fears and to perform a pap test.The doctor, however is extremely hot and she finds herself staring and wondering what it would be like to just let herself go.

To her surprise, the doctor or his male nurse give her a thorough lesson on womanhood and Mary leaves the office as a brand new woman….

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