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REGENCY ROMANCE: Victorian Romance: Royal Desires (19th Century Duke Historical Romance Collection) (Scandalous Nobility Medieval Aristocracy Box Set)

by Ponderosa Publishing

**Get 34000+ Words Of Scintillating Historical Romance With A Free Bonus Included!**

These collection includes:

The Duke’s Pregnant Maid

The Duke Of London’s Baby

To Marry The Prince Or Love The Duke

The Rogue Duke

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REGENCY ROMANCE: Victorian Romance: To Marry The Prince Or Love The Duke (19th Century Duke Historical Romance) (Scandalous Nobility Medieval Aristocracy Short Stories)

by Cassandra Michaels

Steamy Duke Historical Romance With A Surprise Bonus Inside

Lucia thought that the worst thing that could ever happen to her was losing her mom. That was before her father remarried. Instead of growing up with a loving mother who believed in nature and beauty, she has been forced to live like an outcast in her own home.

One day when her father makes it clear that he wants her out, she makes herself a promise that she will find someone worthy of marrying. She’s in luck too, because a ball at the palace is due to happen soon, and she knows there will be plenty of men to meet.

On the night of the ball Lucia finds herself getting the attention of the prince himself, but when a devilishly handsome duke catches her eye and they connect, things get thrown into jeopardy. When the prince furthers his attempts to marry Lucia she feels the pressure, but what will she say, when she knows her heart belongs to another?

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Tarot Card Killer

by Greg Strandberg

Hong Kong in the 1970s. Corrupt, degraded, decadent. And scared, for a serial killer’s on the loose.

Experience harrowing shootouts on the streets of Hong Kong Island, action-packed car chases down The Peak, and plenty of Tarot card predictions.

This hard-boiled and international detective novel will take you to the edge of your seat.

Calamity The Annihilator Chronicles

by Gabriel Simek

A story set in a world beset on all sides by the tides of ruin and destruction, where death and war are ever and the cries of millions is only drowned out by the howls of battles.

Set in the world of Rhaewyn, the god of hate who has many names and many faces but most commonly known as Rag’Mux has fallen from the divine realms and has begun his harvest to corrupt and obliterate the world upon which he stands.

In an effort to stave off his numberless and unrelenting armies the peoples of Rhaewyn most notably the brave and resourceful Akarians and the battle hardened and ferocious Arganites fight not only to protect their kingdoms but to hold push back the very calamity that is upon the doorsteps of the free world.

But now, as these times grow evermore grim, and measures become even more desperate, the age has come for heroes to emerge and challenge Rag’Mux and the horrors he has spawned.

The Annihilator is on the move and it is time to see whether Rhaewyn will drown in a vast tide of blood or emerge victorious from the ashes of war.

The Minotaur

by Linda Cargill

A knock in the middle of the night decides Oneone’s fate. Her father has just been murdered mysteriously. The Court at Knossos summons her to serve. She must give up her fiance, the Prince of Zakros, and follow the messengers. She cannot be sure who has called her or for what reason. As she is kept waiting outside an anteroom in the Palace, she studies a bull rhyton lying on the floor and gazes into its wondrous eyes. It has no answers. The Mother Goddess has reserved a special fate for this young woman. She will not guess at its magnitude and importance until a smoking volcano lays waste the kingdom and the waters of the sea rise up to engulf it in this historical mythological novel about ancient Greece at the time of the Minoans by Linda Cargill. Linda is also the author of To Follow The Goddess, the story of the Trojan War from the point of view of Helen, also available from Cheops Books.

What A Country: An Immigrant’s Tale in the Land of Opportunity

by Nicholas J. Certo

What a Country is a story of historical fiction involving two Sicilian families who immigrate to the U.S. at the beginning of the twentieth century and work their way from the coal mines of Pennsylvania to a bootlegging empire during Prohibition in Western New York.

One family, the Niceto’s, led by Tadeo Niceto, engage in legal and illegal operations independently, while the Forcella’s, led by Carlino, engage in parallel operations under the authority of the mafia. The novel depicts conflicting situations of rivalry and cooperation between these two families that begin in 1910 and end in 1950.

Parliament: The Driven Trilogy

by David Guise

New Zealand, 1857. Son of an immigrant shepherd, David Lawrence has a strong will to fight with fate. This new land is his land. He is going to own some of it and take a hand in shaping its society. Donald Enderby, son of a wealthy run holder, and a visceral defender of privilege, opposes him from his school days, competing for land, for business directorships, for political success, and for Anna, his childhood friend, married to Donald, and whom too late, David has come to love.

Motherless from two years old, toughened by the harsh experiences of station life, David yearns for the love he has never experienced. A disastrous marriage on the West Coast gold fields leaves him with a baby son, and a loss of faith in his judgement of women. Greta, the gentle daughter of a German storekeeper in Hokitika who has befriended him, cares for his son, and eventually they marry.

Hard won success in developing land gives David the time and the money to develop commercial and political interests, frequently in conflict with Donald and his friends in the establishment. Conflict intensifies when he renews his friendship with Anna, and comes to love her.

Anna is bitterly unhappy in her marriage to Donald, who treats her with contempt; openly flaunting his various affairs. She fights back by joining the struggle for women’s voting rights. She has loved David since childhood, and, because he never loved her back, blames him for her predicament.

Torn by love for gentle Greta, the mother of his children, and love for spirited Anna, David struggles to stay true to his beliefs. Political, commercial and personal struggles become tumultuous as they move towards a conclusion.

This is the story of the growth and development of New Zealand, seen through one man’s life in Canterbury, in the late 19th century. We see how he influences, and is influenced by, farming changes, the break-up of the vast sheep stations, the growth of the freezing industry, banking, politics, and the great political figures of the era, the beginning of the union movement, religion, changes in Maori life and land tenure, women’s suffrage, family life, and, of course, social class differences inherited from the old world.

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