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Sex on the Big Screen: Challenging the Hays Code

by Cardale Jones

The Hays Code ruled Hollywood for four decades – controlling what could and could not be on the screen. Under the Hays Code, sex was enemy number one. That is, until a genius group of directors learned how to make sex sell. With this book, learn all about how Hollywood hot shots used the appeal of sex to get around these oppressive rules.

PAST WILL BE FUTURE: short short essays

by Valentin Cundric

Are words magical? Which word is the secret dark matter comprising the past, present and future?

I have written the essays for different reasons, One of them is that by researching languages you arrive at the ultimate truth about history and nature. And the other is my discovery that travelling towards the original word, aboriginal word, in fact, means travelling into the future.

I am inviting you to travel with me on the wings of letters and words of different languages into the past to see the future.

World War 2: Tales From Auschwitz

by Dean Goldberg

With the Nazi invasion ongoing, the Nazi army was determined to round up as many Jews and minorities as they could and place them into concentration camps. Many feared for their lives, fled the country, or went into hiding. “Tales from Auschwitz” takes a personal look at some of the most frightful, disturbing moments at this point in history. Hear the personal stories of those that survived the Nazi occupation and lived to tell the tale. Learn about the brutal medical experiments, the harsh living conditions, and the constant fear. This incredible book spares no details. Prepare to be shocked, moved, and amazed by these unforgettable memories.

The Final Crusade (The Crusades Book 5)

by Mark Butler

Rejoin the beloved characters from ‘The Seventh Crusade’ as they embark on their greatest quest yet, ‘The Final Crusade’!

Francois, Artois and Olivia have returned from the disastrous Seventh Crusade to France. Upon arrival in Paris, they discover that their battlefields heroics are not to be rewarded – they are condemned as warmongers that could not regain Jerusalem . With no opportunity to thrive in France, the trio depart for Italy, to stay with the mother of the Coquets.

Their journey is not to be a simple one. With evil lurking around every hill and nature itself stifling their progress, these adventurers must dig deep into their souls to survive the journey to Italy. And what will they find when they reach the golden fields of Tuscany?

In this final novel about our brave Crusaders, Butler paints a vivid picture of medieval Europe, complete with full-scale battles, mystical creatures and breath-taking scenery. Join the Coquets on their final journey as Butler goes deeper than he ever has before, in a quest to expose the core of the human condition.

The Roar of the Tiger

by Annie Ayre

â??An English farce in classical garb … perches atop such classics as A Passage to India and The Jewel in the Crown like the mustache that Magritte painted on the Mona Lisa.’ – The LA Times Book Review

Northern India, 1930

In the fiction English township of Jamalpur is a railway station on the East Indian Railway Loopline. It is the workshop for maintaining the rolling stock of the entire East Indian Railway company.

Covering a good fifty square miles of flat land in the middle of a purple plain, it grows each year, sprawling aimlessly across the landscape.

A marble statue of Queen Victoria stands in the town square; and in the hills above, there is a strange black boulder that remarkably resembles the Empress of All India.

It is the training ground for Railway personnel, both official lower class, and the worker, graded according to sports ability, colour, caste, and education, in that order. The real quality bosses were the covenanted, straight out from Blighty wallahs; worshipped, feared, and greatly envied. Every mother with daughters prays nightly for single men to arrive.

Everyone in town is either sex-mad or plain loony.

At church services, Sgt. O’Leary leaves his place beside his mistress, Mrs. Ray, to fondle the beautiful organist, Jane, in mid-hymn, despite her cries of outrage. The town’s richest man, Mr. Edwards, comes home to find his daughter standing on one leg and tweeting under the impression that she is a bird.

New oddities arrive, seemingly, on each train. An unhinged clergyman, the Rev. Morgan, comes to take the place of the clergyman who tipples. A blond adventuress hits town with claims upon the manager of the local club, where the annual ball of the Railroad Apprentices is to take place.

The weather grows ominous. Menacing growls are heard from up in the hills. And not long afterward, a blond head and a dismembered body is fished in neatly tied parcels out of the Maidan Lake…

This sparkling comic novel highlights the conflicts, rivalries, and erotic complications that disturb the orderly surface of Jamalpur, with devasting results …

Roar of the Tiger was originally published as After the Ball Was Over.

Annie Ayre was born in the middle of a thunderstorm in the Himalayan mountain state of Kashmir, to a family of travelling actors. When she was twelve, her parents died on a frozen train during a blizzard in Russia. Nobody thought to tell Annie that she was an orphan. Forgotten for years, she remained at school until the nuns traced her paternal grandparents, writing that it was time she left school; they must claim her. Finally shipped home to Scotland, she was welcomed, but it was obvious from the crumbling ruin they lived in that the family was broke. She got work as a junior on a local newspaper and developed her early career in that field. These days she writes books set in the many places she has lived. Annie Ayre is her mother’s maiden name. She is also the author of A Year in Tuscany, Midnight Dancer and A Small Death in Berlin.

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Reminiscences of My Life In Camp (Expanded, Annotated)

by Suzie King Taylor

Suzie King Taylor made a remarkable journey from slavery to freedom through service with the first black Civil War regiment to fight for freedom in America’s history.

Written toward the end of her life, her memories are not those of a battle veteran, though she helped care for plenty of shattered bodies, heard the guns, and saw rebel soldiers at close range. At risk to her life and freedom, she served throughout the war as a teenaged nurse.

Assigned as a laundress, she actually did very little laundering but instead played an important role in the care and spirits of black soldiers and their white commanders.

Her depth of feeling about the past and her passionate hopes for the future bring her writing to life. This is an important contribution to American history that is made available in this volume for the first time for e-readers.

Susie King Taylor (1848-1912) was an African American army nurse with the first black Union troops during the Civil War. She wrote the only memoir of an African-American woman who had experience with combat troops. She was also the first African American to teach in a school for former slaves in Georgia.

There is great beauty in some of the small details of Suzie King’s recollections. She briefly ponders in amazement her ability to acclimate to the horrors of war.

“It seems strange how our aversion to seeing suffering is overcome in war, how we are able to see the most sickening sights, such as men with their limbs blown off and mangled by the deadly shells, without a shudder; and instead of turning away, how we hurry to assist in alleviating their pain, bind up their wounds, and press the cool water to their parched lips, with feelings only of sympathy and pity.”

She also writes of her delight in becoming proficient at field-stripping, cleaning, and shooting a musket.

Her final chapter is an eloquent plea for civil rights and a recognition that emancipation’s promise was still a distant goal.

Every memoir of the American Civil War provides us with another view of the catastrophe that changed the country forever.

For the first time, this long out-of-print volume is available as an affordable, well-formatted book for e-readers and smartphones.

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Resistant: Book One in the Faces of the War Collection (The Faces of the War Collection 1)

by Eli Kale

Rienne, an intelligent young woman from Paris, finds her life changed in the summer of 1940 when the Nazis enter and occupy her home city. Faced with fear and few choices for what she can do, Rienne must act to evade capture by the Gestapo. When she decides to act, she discovers a strength within herself that helps her face tough trials and experiences. But will it be enough to get her through the war?

The Seven Stages of Multiculturalism

by Citizen One

The whole Pan-European movement out of which the EU was born, was created by Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. He gave us our anthem: Ode to Joy and Our flag. He also invented the concepts of Total European Integration, Multiculturalism and the New World Order.

Backed by the Zionist banker Max Warburg, Kalergi was a eugenics-philosopher whose books expounded the belief that the original peoples of Europe should be eliminated by being mixed with Africans and Asians – to destroy their national identity and create a single mestizo race.

As well as giving some background to the enigmatic figure of Count Kalergi, this book helps identify for theoretical purposes Seven Stages of the process of Multiculturalism. Using these individual stages helps in the understanding of the overall process. The UK Government talk about Diversity and Multiculturalism, whilst in reality Diversity is only Stage Two of a Seven Stage Multicultural Process and in 2015 we’re already half-way through Stage Five.

Dushyant Ki Shakuntala: A Mythological Love Story

by Pradeep Sharma

In Indian mythological history, the love epic of Dushyanta and Shakuntala is very unique. In this story, the character of Dushyanta is depicted as the young brave and powerful King of Puru dynasty. The fame of his bravery was spread throughout Earth to Heaven. Devraj Indra himself was his very good friend. Several times, he assisted Devraj Indra in his battle against the demons (Asuras).

Once sage Vishwamitra was engaged in paying severe penance. The King of Heaven, Indra got scared of sage Vishwamitra’s penance. He sent the Heavenly damsel Meneka on Earth to seduce him from the path of penance.

The extraordinarily beautiful Apsara Meneka succeeded in her mission. Vishwamitra was infatuated with her. The result of Indra’s conspiracy was the birth of Shakuntala. One day Vishwamitra felt that his power of meditation has been withered away. He felt being betrayed and walked away and never got back to Menka and his daughter. When Lord Indra felt the attainment of his motto in connection with Vishwamitra, he immediately ordered Menka to return to Heaven. So, she laid her baby on the bed of leaves and grasses and went back to Heaven. Destiny protected the baby by way of Shakunth birds. By the matter of chance, sage Kanva and his disciples were going to some other destination. On his way, Maharishi kanva saw a baby lying on the earth. After seeing the baby lying on the bed of leaves and grasses, the sage felt immense love and affection for the infant and brought her to his Aashram (Hermitage). He gave her the name â??Shakuntala’ to express his gratefulness to the Shakunth birds. Shakuntala was brought up with utmost love and affection.

Read on to discover the epic love story of Shakuntala and the great young King Dushyanta of Puru dynasty. Curses and trials attempt to keep them apart but their love triumphs in the end.

Krafty Kiddos Masters

by Victoria Satory

KRAFTY KIDDOS MASTERS introduces famous artists to kids in a FUN and interesting way! It displays each artist’s style then challenges YOU to create your own OriGInaL work of art! Don’t copy from the masters… learn from them! View the book trailer at

Cut, paste, sculpt, paint, and draw – this book has something for everyone! Pick up your copy of KRAFTY KIDDOS MASTERS today!

Loved, Killed & Eaten: A Story of Youth in Timeless Rome (Summer of 71 Series Book 2)

by Rebecca Branch

In this second book in the Summer of 71 series, Max and Molly have concluded their first day together. Determined to make Max her lover, they return to the ancient villa of his mother on the Gianiculan Hill overlooking the ancient city of Rome. He is young and inexperienced and terrified of her beauty and sensuality, but has built up the courage to accept that he will be the target of her passion. Fearful he will never be able to perform to her satisfaction, he nonetheless, finds his love and infatuation for her enough to overcome his terror.

In all her experience of men, never has she experienced anyone like him, brilliant, cultured, empathic and kind, she approaches him with care and longing, the first man in all her adult life to see her as a person and not an object.

This book is erotic and contains the consummation of their passion for one another, but it is loving and kind and respectful of both genders. It is a story of loss of innocence and reclamation, but also one of commitment and happiness.

As in Volume One, there is a wealth of information of the times, the counterculture and hippie generation, but also of the art, ruins, museums, and society of Rome in 1971. A psychiatrist reviewer once said that these books were a roadmap for young relationships and sexuality. I hope you agree.

FORMATION OF THE UNIVERSE: Composition and Evolution of The Universe

by Jason Matthews

Composition and Evolution of The Universe.

Big Bang



Phase transitions


Time Events


Formation Of Stars

Evolution Of Stars

Degenerated Stars

Termination Of The Stars



Solar System

Medieval Torture

This is a guide and illustration into what some of the punishments were during the medieval period around the world.

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