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Moses: A Plague Be Upon You (Pharaoh Memnet Book 2)

by Trisha Lindsey

Moses: A Plague Be Upon You, is the second book in the Pharaoh Memnet Series. Re edited from its original format. Book One: Pharaoh Memnet introduced you to Memnet, the son of Ramesses and Nefer-tari, joint Pharaohs of Egypt during the time of the Hebrew Exodus. God’s hand is upon the land, read about this time from the view of the Egyptians, and read the truth of what happened to Tutankhamen, known to the world as King Tut!

Amazon 5 Star Review by “All That Jazz Readers”, May 11, 2014

I went back and read some of Genesis so I wouldn’t get lost, but it wasn’t necessary, she takes the words straight from scripture! I like how close this family is. The way she writes them, you see them as people, not just names in history books. How hard it would be to come to our time from the past, I loved how Pharaoh Memnet sucked the internet into his brain, what a easy way to catch up! Good Series, good characters, good writing once again.


by Edward Medina

Eighty million cats are owned in the United States. Most are introduced to homes without a seconds thought. Most come from friends and family. Others are found and adopted with little thought of where they come from. Cats in turn love their new homes but a rare few will not bend to the will of others. Amazon bestselling author Edward Medina now introduces you to the story of one such cat.

Raised by a gypsy, adopted by a broken couple, and driven by the light of the moon, Casanova is a cat with dreams and desires. He craves his freedom, longs for escape, and is willing to kill to achieve his goals. Set in New York City and the Upstate New York towns of Woodstock, Accord, and Sleepy Hollow this dark horror follows Casanova on his journey to return home and fulfill his destiny.

Once Upon A Karma (Karmic Krystal Book 1)

by Rosie Malezer


Krystal had lived through too many untold horrors. Although she’d found her light in Mick – her wonderful husband – her untimely death brings her to the Crossroads, where the Goddess offers Krystal an opportunity which is just too good to pass up.


The Flamingo Resort: Florida Zombie Apocalyspe

by Larry Brasington

In Flamingo Resort, Detective Sam Fry and fellow survivor Jessica Lake, head to Orlando for Relaxtion and Romance following their survival of a zombie attack. Only to have the plans disrupted by a second outbreak of zomibes. Together aided by an unlikely group of heroes they try to save the day and uncover the mysterious source of the outbreaks. Humor and action.

Flamingo Resort is the final part of the Florida Zombie Apocalypse. Part One is Uncle Hank’s Cabin on the Gulf Coast near Crystal River.Hank Honeycutt is home watching his TV when creatures invade his home forcing him to escape. In his flight Hank ends up at the nuclear power plant.

Part 2 is set in Gainesville, Florida on a Saturday night downtown. A co-ed walking to her car after being dropped off by a friend encounters a zombie. Fearing for her life she runs to the nearest nightclub to find help. This sets off a chain of events where she meets Detective Sam Fry. Part 2 ends with a battle between zombies and police.

Her: A story from the world of I, Zombie (I, Zombie Fanfiction Book 2)

by David Adams

Diane, when she was alive, used to wonder: can a ghost and a zombie come from the same person? A zombie was the reanimation of flesh without a soul in it; a ghost was the soul without the flesh.

It turns out that zombies are real; but ghosts are not, because when you’re bitten and turn into a zombie, your consciousness is still in there.

But what about the person you were?

A short story set in the world of Hugh Howey’s “I, Zombie”.

The Compass (The Divided Star Series Book 1)

by Cindy Charity

Darkness is coming… truth, it’s already here. The only thing that can defeat it is the Compass. Only problem is…..she doesn’t know.

Feisty and defiant Ali Hayes, is determined to break free from her controlling parents. New York is the perfect place to assert her independence and prove once and for all, that she wasn’t crazy. However, strange events begin to happen, threatening to open the door to the past that she swore she had nailed shut. And when a sexy, immortal warrior, claiming that she was needed to save the world, tries to abduct her off the street, Ali has to rethink the whole sanity thing.

As a warrior of Agrona, Finn O’Shea was tall and imposing, in battle, he knew no equal. He had come to Earth’s realm in search of the one destined to save his world. When he finds her, he soon learns that he would need more than just his sword…..he needed magick. The very thing he had turned his back on.

Turning Face: A Tale of Horror, Comedy & Wrestling!

by Terry M. West

Tojo Smith has a serious problem. He is the number one heel for a small wrestling promotion in Texas. He is also an earthbound demon and his mission is to inspire hatred in people. This is his service to the greater evil. But suddenly, the wrestling fans start to cheer for Tojo. He goes from the most hated villain of his promotion to the most cheered antihero. And no matter how loathsome his actions in the ring become, his popularity soars. When Hell notices this imbalance, Tojo is given an ultimatum: get the hate flowing again or be sent down into the fiery pits!

Turning Face is a brand new tale from critically-acclaimed author, Terry M. West.

Enter The Vortex Vol. 3: Surreal Tales of Horror and Fantasy

by Jon Athan

You are in the foyer of an unknown dimension, entrenched in a world of the mundane and alien. You’ve unlocked a realm of unearthly perception; an outlandish land of body and mind. You have entered… The Vortex. Immerse yourself into stories blending horror, fantasy, and science-fiction. Stories of nerve-shredding suspense, spooky imagery, sinister atmosphere, subtle frights and unsettling twists.

The Stories:

1. Existential Robotics: An office workplace is rattled when an employee suspects his coworkers of being more than what they claim…

2. The Projective Integrator: A distraught housewife calls her brother-in-law for help when her husband’s peculiar experiment goes haywire…

3. A Fatal Premonition: A woman records and uploads a grizzly car accident in hopes of finding fame, but finds something more sinister waiting for her…

4. Changing Faces: A conniving vagrant finds he has the ability to steal physical features from unsuspecting people…

5. Sessions with Alvaro Sanchez: A psychologist treats a man who believes he’s killed himself numerous times…

6. Experimental Teleportation: A scientist invites a friend to his basement laboratory to test his latest experiment: a teleportation device.

7. Journalistic Integrity: A skeptical journalist infiltrates a bizarre cult thanks to a willing insider, but finds his fate may have already been sealed…

8. The Reunion: A hardheaded woman tracks and confronts her once-vanished boyfriend in hopes of finding closure, but finds everything may not be what it seems…

9. A Matter of Life and Death: A distraught woman runs into a precinct under renovations as she’s chased by her vengeful husband.

10. Mr. Melancholia: A reclusive man lives in a fully brightened and whitened home, surrounded only by light. When the darkness invades, the man’s life begins to crumble…

The Demon’s Beast (Knights of Elyssa Book 2)

by D.S. Smith

Knight Interrogator Vessin must once again face the demon presence that is threatening to wreak havoc amongst the workers and villagers of Greenhaven. This time the demons take the form of terrifying beasts, corrupted and mutated by foul magic.

Facing his biggest physical and moral test yet, Vessin must depend upon friend Hwelgar Xenis, as well as his own tenacity, to prevail against evil and save the village he has been ordered to protect.


by The Novelist

When the Ehyptians sustain a gateway to the next dimension, the Pharaoh must thwart an alien race as he prepares to invade a Peninsula of Dreams..

The story follows the pursuit of a dreamly minded pharaoh and a robotic military commander who enter a state of living dreams, in their quest to reach the awareness of the next-dimension.

“Join the story and become one with the world, as cinematic audio scenes are released at the start of 2016. These selections will form together, and create one magnificent tale.”

A t i n a t k e n, Pharaoh of the new Dynasty, is searching for a lost Mejicist who remains in hiding from the massing nations of the new world. Through a great proposal, Atinatken draws upon this wizard’s aid as he prepares to sustain a portal to the next dimension; an arenum that will allow the Pharaoh total influence over the planet through a state of higher consciousness. Before Atinatken can discover this realm, the Ehyptians are confronted by an extraterrestrial race, who arrive in response to the energetic output of Ehyptian research. The Pharaoh’s quest to become omnipotent falls to a coalition of new allies, and the invasion of a region of living horrors. He invades with the will to journey for the awareness of a living, cosmic star.

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