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Minecraft Diary by Minecrafters and Wimpy Boy

Gina is a Ghast from the Nether Realm who becomes an exchange student at Herobrine’s Monster Academy. She writes everything in her diary and wants nothing more than to just fit in at the school.

But can a bulky Ghast from the Nether Realm really be able to stay out of trouble? Gina also has another problem: she can’t control the fireballs she makes at all. Will Gina be able to get by the school year without exploding everything into pieces? Or will she literally “blow” it?

The perfect gift for any Minecraft lover.

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Caleb’s Journey

by Daniel Pagac

An ancient artifact, Uua’s Tear, has been stolen and has fallen into the sinister clutches of the Lord of the Undead, Xerax. Acquired for him by his heartless henchman, Nostarius, the dread vampire, Xerax must unlock its secrets to achieve his end of enslaving all of mankind.

Upon returning to his homeland after years of exile, Caleb Hart is thrust into the middle of a group of adventurers and the knights of the Honor Guard, charged by the Light King, Victor IV with retrieving the invaluable and powerful magic item that contains a tiny drop of the divine essence of the world’s deity.

In the meantime Xerax, who it is said cannot be harmed by any weapon or spell, has raised an army of undead legions and has joined forces with the armies of the ogres and gnolls. Together they are marching upon the human stronghold, Attalis. Follow Caleb as he changes from his barbarian nature, overcomes his internal struggles, and attempts to restore his family’s honor. Will he and his companions recover Uua’s Tear and stop Xerax before it is too late to save the world?

The Red King (Wyrd Book 1)

by Nick Cole

The end of the world is only the beginning as an odd band of survivors pull together to construct a modern-day castle amid the burning ruins of suburbia lost. As undead hordes and strange otherworldly monsters ravage what’s left of civilization, things begin to go from worse to weird as each survivor’s dark past unfolds, revealing that reality might be more than anyone ever thought, and that an ancient force from the outer dark has finally arrived to conquer. Stephen King’s The Stand meets Lost in an epic confrontation between good and evil that spans history, time, and space.

Diary of a Brave Villager Book 2 (An Unofficial Minecraft Book) (Brave Villager Series)

by Heroic Steve

Have You Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Be a Villager in Minecraft?


An idealistic life seems to go horribly wrong in this action packed story regarding an entire town of villagers. Read this diary, as it chronicles nearly half a month’s time, from when zombies first appear, drive him and his village away, and how they band together and take their home back from the forces of darkness.

Will they defeat the zombies?

Who will save the town?

Find out for yourself

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Christmas Nativity Mini-Lapbook Days 1 & 2

by Debra Haagen

How much do you know about the Christmas Story? Test your knowledge and learn what REALLY happened while you build a lovely one-folder lapbook about the Nativity. This booklet contains the FIRST two days of our 12 Days of Christmas download. Merry Christmas!

The New Agenda (The New Agenda Series Book 2)

by Simone Pond

In book two, Ava’s journey continues as she searches for Chief Morray inside the mainframe network. She needs to stop him before he causes any further damage to civilization. Hitting his archive files, Ava goes back to Morray’s teen years before he became a corrupt and tyrannical leader.

Society was collapsing but young, idealistic William Morray had hoped his father’s acclaimed Repatterning Program–a precursor to the brilliant New Agenda–could get things back on track. They said the Repatterning was for the greater good, but like most advertising it was a lie. The horrifying plan entailed eradicating all cities, homes and people outside of the Elite citizenship.

William joins an underground alliance to put an end to the Repatterning and save what’s left of civilization. If he can’t stop his father in time there won’t be anyone left to save.

This thrilling young adult sci-fi series follows Ava Rhodes as she fights against Chief Morray to save her people from his maniacal new agenda to control all human life.

The New Agenda series:





– Also available in a Box Set, see author page for details.


The New Agenda is a fantastically fun read. – Little Miss Bookmark

Simone Pond has outdone herself. The characters she writes about are so vivid they leap off the page. – Amie’s Book Reviews

The book is clever, exciting, and takes no prisoners. It’s a harsh and fascinating world and I loved it. – Outlaw Poet

Ë?Ë?Ë? Here’s what readers are saying:

– “The New Agenda” is a beautifully written prequel to “The City Center”. The unpredictability blew me away. The story has unexpected twists, realistic human traits, and a frightening reality.

– I loved this book, getting to see some history as to what eventually led to the lives being lived in The City Center. I tore through this book in one sitting because I just could not put it down!! It’s seriously that good!!!

– If you like good sci-fi and individual thought from an author that tells a story in a unique and undefined manner, this book is for you. If you like good fiction that you will dive into, this book is for you. If you geek out on complex characters, this book is for you. If you dig dark angles, this book is for you.

– Great story, very entertaining. I really enjoyed reading this book, the only drawback was that it kept me up way past my bedtime. Can’t wait for the next installment.

– Getting to see the backstory of what shaped the character of William Morray was fantastic. If you’ve read the first book, “The City Center” (which you should!) then you understand where he ends up, but not how he got there. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the world of “The New Agenda” truly illustrates that. The pacing is great, it held my interest and stayed exciting throughout, and it threw in some unexpected turns while keeping me intrigued for the next installment. Highly recommend.

– I promise that you will truly enjoy “The New Agenda” but both books fit so seamlessly together that they read quite well in either direction. You gotta’ read both of them…. but you can start with either “The City Center” or “The New Agenda” and still completely enjoy the story.

– The New Agenda is a fantastically fun read. I highly suggest reading City Center first. Neither will disappoint. It’s full of heroes to love, and villains to hate.

– “The New Agenda” fuses good ol’ fashion “coming-of-age” storytelling with “poop-hitting-the-fan” sci-fi and healthy sampling of “conspiracy theory” in this charged, thought-provoking and page-turning yarn.

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The Prophecies (The Sentinel Series Book 2)

by Holly Martin


Eve grows stronger and more powerful every day as she strives to ensure she is ready to face her destiny. But some of her gifts are unwelcome. Eve’s visions of the future become darker and those she loves are in terrible danger. But when her actions result in tragedy, Eve is called before The Oraculum, the council that created her.

When she is summoned to their castle she becomes aware of a rift between the council members that not only could endanger her life, but could put the whole planet at risk. Would The Oraculum really turn against her and risk everything?

But in the darkness, a light burns bright. Her love for Seth is stronger than any of her powers.

But as she battles against a new threat, can she really forsake those closest to her in order to save the world?

Will everyone Eve loves survive?

A fast paced fantasy adventure for young adults.

With super powered beings and shapeshifters, this is a story of loyalty, friendship and love

Pandora and Earl: A Christmas Tale

by Carla Faraldo

The ever-curious Pandora and her favorite stuffed owl Earl are in for quite a surprise from Santa Claus when they open up one Christmas gift a bit too early. Teach your children about the virtue of patience with this delightful tale. Beautiful rhymes accompanied by delicate and sensitive artwork make this the perfect read-aloud Christmas book! This book works best using the free Kindle Cloud Reader right in your browser. Click “Read with Our Free App” found just below the Kindle edition option of this book to access the Kindle Cloud Reader or sign in at in the US or in Canada. Each Amazon marketplace has its own Reader. (Example: Spain,

Joy Poop: A Christmas Potty Adventure

by Elle

“Joy was a reindeer who really had to go, but it was hard to get there through the snow…”

Is there a child who’s potty training and needs help remembering to go when they feel it, so they can get there in time? Do you wish that “going potty” was less stressful, or more fun? It’s helpful for kids to understand there are others who have accidents too, and it’s ok, we just keep trying. Parents, toddlers and young children can feel the pressure lesson through reading about Joy in this delightful book!

Joy has accidents on her way to the outhouse every day. She can’t help it! Friends laugh and point paws at her. It makes her sad and quite nervous.

Joy decides it would be best to carry toilet paper wherever she goes, so at a moments notice, she can slip behind a tree and do her business unnoticed. At least she has one friend, a Cardinal named Red who can feel her pain, and tries to help.

More trouble comes when a reindeer named Antzy decides to make fun of her too. He calls her names, takes embarrassing pictures and plasters them up on the forest tress. What a bully!

How can she fix her slow-in-the-snow problem? Will Antzy ever stop taking pictures? Can Mom or Dad or even Santa Claus help?

In Elle’s new book, a lovable reindeer is eager to make the bathroom in time! Follow Joy in her debut adventure which is sure to bring warm smiles and Holiday surprises. And believe in the magic of Christmas miracles, even when it has to do with: pee, poo, wee wee, poop, tinkle, or which ever words you like. It’s all about going to the bathroom!

Children’s Book:Books for Kids: Christmas Night (Bed time Stories,Happily and Giving Freely, Ages 3-8, Kids Adventures, Kids Fantasy Books)

by Joan G. Litton

A BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN’S BEDTIME , Books For Kids Ages 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 9-12

Christmas night is a story about believing in Christmas wishes. Joan is a loving mother who explains to her children how each wish is unique, just like the snowflakes. They enjoy the Christmas evening while watching Santa climbing up to the roof and delivering presents to each house. Watching this miracle happen, the children get very excited about the next morning to see if they got the presents they wished for

Magical Adventure to Bangkok: Book for Children Best Trip in Bangkok (Magical Adventure 2)

“What’s happening to us?” Katie and Jamie exclaimed in surprise as they felt a strange transformation taking place inside their minds!! Then they realized that the leaves they had eaten contained magical powers, resulting in them gaining special power and ability that they could have adventures in places that exist in their subconscious minds! BANGKOK

Best New Minecraft Seeds: Top 50 Minecraft Seeds For PC, Pocket Edition, PS4 and Xbox (Minecraft books Book 1)

by Alex O’Connell

Explore The Best New Minecraft Seeds! 50 Of Them, Actually. Read for FREE with kindle unlimitted!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Why build entire worlds from scratch when you can easily access the world you desire? The world full of treasures and wonders you won’t easily find. I invite you to open this book and explore the world of cubes tasting the best it can offer. In this book you will find amazing seeds for your PC, Pocket Edition, PS4 and Xbox. So, what are you waiting for? The infinite world of Minecraft awaits you!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Find…

– Seeds to use for PC, Playstation, and Xbox

– Many worlds to explore

– Beautiful, inhospitable terrain to survive

– Entire worlds build on a cache of wealth

– Hidden strongholds

– Monsters!

– Loot!

– Much, much more!

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Diary of a Brave Villager Book 4 (An Unofficial Minecraft Book) (Brave Villager Series)

by Heroic Steve

Have You Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Be a Villager in Minecraft?


An idealistic life seems to go horribly wrong in this action packed story regarding an entire town of villagers. Read this diary, as it chronicles nearly half a month’s time, from when zombies first appear, drive him and his village away, and how they band together and take their home back from the forces of darkness.

Will they defeat the zombies?

Who will save the town?

This unofficial Minecraft novel is an original work of fan fiction which is neither sanctioned nor approved by the makers of Minecraft. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this book.

Minecraft Wimpy Diaries: 3 Minecraft Diaries of Minecraft Wimps in 1 (Minecraft Wimp Stories, Minecraft Wimp Diary, Minecraft Wimp Diaries, Minecraft Books, … Minecraft Diaries, Minecraft Diary, Minecra

by Billy Miner

3 Wimpy Diaries in 1 of Minecraft people and animals that became heroes

Story 1: Steve finds an ender pearl when he is camping out with his friends. At first he doesn’t know what to do with it, but when he discovers its magical powers, he realizes how much he can mean to the rest of the village by simply finding the logic in manipulating time. Read about Steve, who gets confronted with dangerous bears, endermen, and the dilemma of doing what is right.

Story 2: Noob is awkward; he is weird. Everybody has always known it, but few have sympathized with his alternative brain. Even after fighting and killing a dangerous Elder Guardian, he doesn’t get acknowledged by the crowd. But will they finally see his potential after he proves himself to be a skillful competitor as a businessperson? Will he turn his life around with his active mindset? Learn more and read about Noob, a genius in disguise in the Minecraft world.

Story 3: Salem is a spider who hates the rain, but in the tropical climate, you have to create a good web in order for it to be durable. Salem is a little confused when his web breaks. Should he go hunting without webs? Should he attack the humans? Or should he just join a group of spiders? Find out what this Minecraft spider decides after being confronted with an iron golem, an aggressive villager, and a fellow spider who shows him the way.

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Dreamwalker: Spirit Portals

by Diane Marie Pascual

Dreamwalker: Spirit Portals is the story of Isis, a troubled sixteen-year old girl who often finds herself mingling in the astral plane– a spirit world where Isis can manifest anything she wills into form. This 122 page Graphic Novel includes a “behind the comic” insight on development and characters not included in the original graphic novel. It also includes process sketches and development for the graphic novel as well as character sketches from 2009 to 2011 as the author worked on this projectâ??about 10+ plus pages bonus! Be the first to read a short excerpt from the novel adaptation of this graphic novel. Also, included are the author’s real life inspirations for this novel, writings on dreams and spirituality.

The Daughters Daring (The Daughters Daring & The Enchanted Forest Book 1)

by Steven J. Thompson

Highcynder is a small land of rich fields and brave souls, and one of the few truly free Kingdoms in the land. This freedom threatens and attracts those more powerful, bringing the slight Realm into the selfish glare of a mysterious witch. When Elizabeth and Emily Daring, the mischievous and adventurous daughters of Duke Daring seek to uncover the source of the land’s missing sweetberries, they accidentally stumble upon a plot to attack the Kingdom, leading them into the adventure of a lifetime – one that will challenge their wits, their bravery and the very friendship they have found in sisterhood. Aided by gnomes, fairies and friends, they face Goblins, Ogres and the very Witch whose clever scheme may unravel everything they have come to love.

This amazing adventure is the first ever children’s book from author Steven J Thompson, a Veteran and Army Drill Sergeant who wanted to give his own daughters a story about courage, family, and being daring in the face of danger. The Daughters Daring is an adventure book every young girl and boy should read.

The Chronicles of the Noble Soldiers: The Supremacy War Part 1

by Dryden C Pearson

In the year 2148, a brief war with an Artificial race has humanity enslaved and regulated to one of two space colonies: the resource-rich Lunar Colony or the impoverished Venus Colony. When several fortuitous events present themselves, Andre “Darque” Green impulsively forms the Noble Soldiers, a group of seven wayward teenagers who attempt to use the tools of their oppressors to fight back and reclaim humanity’s supremacy.


While this is a full story in and of itself, it is apart of a larger story that is also available exclusively through Kindle. This book is intended to give people a chance to try it without having to invest in it.

The Mouth of Allah (Paul Decker Assignments)

by Jeffry Weiss

When the Arab Spring revolutions began in Tunisia and Egypt in January of 2011, the Western media sang the praises of the coming of democracy, pluralism, and capitalism. They, and the American government, ignored the clear signs that the winners in the overthrow of monarchies and dictatorships would be pro-sharia, Islamists, radical Jihadists. Less than three years later, the Middle East and Africa was in flames. Every change has brought bloody violence, ethnic cleansing, and the utter destruction of the infrastructure of the major cites as factions separated by military régimes were taken down.

In America, a new president was elected who promised to run an inclusive government. The people ignored his Muslim name and assumed by inclusive he meant the poor, disposed, and marginalized. However, U.S. President Sami Khory meant the integration of sharia law in America and an opening of the borders to his brethren who had been suppressed for centuries.

Now, the two greatest threats to peace and health are Ebola and IS: the Islamic State. The great countries of the world have joined forces in the war on IS, victory is seen as only a matter of time. But the world has, at every turn, underestimated IS. Their leadership consists of battle-hardened officers, trained by the U.S. and now equipped with the latest armaments. Their fold includes scientists, doctors, and researchers from a dozen different countries: men renowned for their acumen.

And while the world sits poised to hear word of the victories against IS and word of their final demise, IS has made plans for the final demise of the West. Jihadists from those self-same countries, willing to die in the cause, are now being sent to Africa, not to help in the fight against the spread of Ebola, but to allow themselves to be infected with the virus. Then, before their symptoms become apparent, they will return to their home countries and spread the contagion to as many people as possible before they themselves die.

All that stands between ultimate victory and the Islamisizing of the West is Paul Decker and his small team of dedicated fighters and scientists.

Minecraft: Diary – The Ender Is The Beginning (Book 5) – Bargaining Chip (An Unofficial Minecraft Series)

by Nether Boy

Part 5 of Eric’s quest to find out why he was taken from his home

Eric had never wanted to hurt Drago, but having this dragon bone ax in his possession had certainly caused a rift between them that was hard to mend. It was a contention between them, but it wasn’t stopping them from working together, even though it was strained at best. Zina was doing her best to keep things level, even though she had no idea what Drago was saying from one moment to the next. Eric was still dealing with the fact that his father, AKA the Enderman had decided to raise his head and become a thorn in his side. They were now trapped by spiders and by the Enderman’s latest obstacle, which was not something to sneeze that. This was a creeper and they were deadly and unpredictable. Can they somehow find a way to pass this explosive entity, or are they going to find that this is their final declaration before the end?

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Into the Yesterlands (The Nomad Book 2)

by Max Masen

The Nomad series follows the adventures of Miss Iver- the last human on Earth- thousands of years in the future. After The Drop destroyed most of the world, the remaining- albeit mutated- creatures emerged and began putting together their own new and unique societies.

Into the Yesterlands is the second book in The Nomad series and follows a new set of wanderers, twins Stump and Stamp Dansky, on a journey of their own to retrieve an ancient artifact to pay for the operation of Stump’s ailing wife. When their paths crosses with Iver, however, an even deeper and more complex journey is set to begin.

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