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Dealing with Dylexia. A practical book that pulls no punches and helps you, help your child.

by Elizabeth White

Dyslexia is all about sounds and syllables and how the brain processes them. It’s about how we hear language. In this book I talk very simply about the problem and how to cope with it. No cope is the wrong word… how to overcome it. You see I have a child who suffered… no, still suffers with this affliction, and that’s all it is.. . In this book I give you all the help you need to take the best path to beat this temporary setback and put your child on the path to success. Mine did.. today she has her degree, is holding down a well paid customer orientated job and is enjoying life. Use my simple strategies using rhymes and books to achieve the best for your child, remember the earlier you start the better it is. Let’s get going! Elizabeth.

Mad At The World: How To Move On And Find Peace When You’re A Special Needs Parent

by Contessa Louise Cooper

“Mad at the World: How to Move On and Find Peace when you’re a Special Needs Parent” is a narrative ripped from the soul of a woman constantly tested by the things so many have taken for granted.

Potty Training: A Parents Guide to Potty Training: From nappies to potty with the minimum of stress and mess. (A Parent’s Guide)

by Clare Douglas

– How to recognise the signs that your child is ready to start toilet training.

– Includes the ten most common mistakes that parents make and how to avoid them.

– Packed with case histories, parental anecdotes, expert views and up-to-date research.

– Questions and answers cover typical problems such as late-starters, fear of the toilet, bedwetting and relapses.

Gay Romance: Conformist: Gay, Homosexual, Lover, Man (Conformist: Gay Right Book 1)

by J.T. Siblings

This book project is the complete manual of all gender to understand the life of Gay or homosexual in the way you have never thought. The writer uncovered the real life of a homosexual in Canada who have to faced with many struggles both society and conflict of mind. James, Justin and their partner all ended their life miserably after found out that their love is the way people get back at them.

Let’s Have a Party! Your Guide to Hosting the Perfect Children’s Event. (An Elizabeth White Books for Children Book 9)

by Elizabeth White

Let’s have a Party is the book you need to give your child the best party ever. I cover organisation, invitations, games, food and what to do and not do. The book is divided into different areas catering for young children and older children before they get to their teens! I also have ideas for Christmas, Easter and Halloween parties to share with you. Once you’ve read the book, you too will be running the best parties ever.

Table of Contents

Parties for children under three



Parties for Three to Six year olds



Parties for older children aged up to ten.

Outside games

Indoor or Outdoor games


Mars Crunch Recipe

The end of the party

Event parties




Pal Mou Story

by Sowmya Shanmugam

Children’s book series

The Tattered Flag: An Athlican Rastafari Primer

by D. E. H. Kellensoo

The Rastafari have long been held as a way of life that has been under scrutiny for some time. Rastafari have either been categorized as potheads and a derelict movement with odd beliefs. The Tattered Flag is the first in a series of writings that focuses on the development of new Order or sect of Rastafari that is more practical for today’s generation. This new Order is called the Athlican Rastafari named after Robert Athlyi Rogers, the founders of the Afro-American Constructive Church in 1919 and who has written a doctrine called the Holy Piby, which is an important text the Rastafari way of life.

The Tattered Flag is practical and easy to read with moral and ethical values ranging from the respect for the authority of women and chilren, holistic health and dietary advise to instructions on meditation and prayer.

30 Days of Bullshit: A Journal of Responses to Ordinary Aggression

by David Baker

If seemingly normal interactions leave you feeling stressed or angry, you have gotten beat by passive aggression. People can attack you under the cover of a friendly face and polite speech and almost always get away with it. Everybody knows that this happens but there is surprisingly little acknowledgement that it is a big deal, and still less straight talk on what to do about it. This book, written by a licensed psychologist, will show you how to spot and bust passive aggressive people of all types (i.e., strangers, casual acquaintances, friends and family) and in all situations (e.g., in public places, at work, at home, etc.). By learning and practicing these techniques, you will become sharper and more effective, thereby enjoying an unfair advantage in all areas of your life.

IT WAS A GREAT DAY: may all your days be great (GREAT DAYS Book 1)

by Sowmya Shanmugam

A graphic series of GREAT DAYS

Self Help: Child Abuse: Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery (Sexual Abuse Trauma Neglect) (Family and Relationships Abusive PTSD)

by Hanna Monahan

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Sexual Abuse: Childhood Sexual Abuse The Steps For Sex Abuse Recovery

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Sexual abuse in children is a horrible thing many children experience yet they don’t know how to deal with it as a child, and they never learn how to deal with it as they become an adult. You’re about to discover how to overcome childhood sexual abuse once and for all and be on the path to sex abuse recovery and start your new life. There’s millions of sexually abused children that have experienced childhood sexual abuse and this often results in unhealthy relationships as a child becomes an adult.

Most victims realize how big of a problem this is, but still can’t get over the painful experience and cope with it properly. The truth is, if you have suffered from childhood sexual abuse it’s just a matter of getting the right help and support to start your sexual abuse recovery. This book goes into a step-by-step strategy for sexual abuse recovery and shows you how to free yourself from the pains that childhood sexual abuse can cause and set you free to take control of your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn from this child abuse book…

  • You are not the Only Victim and you are not at Fault
  • The Road to Recovery
  • The Initial Stage
  • Reach Out and Find the Right Therapist and Support Group
  • Facing the Truth, Remembering, and Comforting your Inner Child
  • Letting the Different Emotions Flow
  • Reconnecting Yourself to the World and Live without Regrets
  • Start a Journal
  • Much, much more!

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“Find the right answers to recovery!” — Valpray Frost

“There are accounts provided of actual children that were abused and how they got professional help and overcame the psychological problems that were affecting their lives.

The author describes different forms of abuse, so that they are easily understood and also talks about how to tell if a child has been or is being abused. He goes on to discuss how to handle the aftermath of being abused in steps, from the initial realization, to finding help and support groups, to healing your psyche, to dealing with your emotions and finally how to reconnect after you are better.” — Suzanne

“I recommend this book to people who has been hiding themselves in the darkness of their past.” — Jouie Rodd

Wish You a Melly Kiss-Mas and an Effing New Year!

by Jay Walken

A sexy, humorous book of advice, consolation, and laughter for divorced men on how to get through the Christmas and New Year season, and in fact their now-spouseless lives. (Sample advice: “If you cannot f*** the one you love, be sure to love the one you are effing.”) Has a few naughty words in it, but mainly, it is a sexy, satirical, humorous essay.

A Piece of Paradise

by Harshada Pathare

their dreams, develop positive mindset and revive their own cerebral strength.

â??A Piece of Paradise’ stirs the deep intimate feelings, helps us to realize the true passion of being loved by someone and of loving someone.

The poems would compel the readers to concentrate and imagine beyond the surface provoking them to think deeply on the meaning engulfed in them.

The author has sketched poems that generate blissful meaning in our lost, hassled lifestyles, and embrace new thoughts and perspectives.

The author has fashioned her own personage to express the insights of emotional bonds and to rigorously evoke them.

â??’A Piece of Paradise”, the second poetic compilation filled with naturalness, gentleness, mysticism marks the growth of Harshada Pathare as a poet.

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