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Teenage Christian at Christmas

by Brenda Bone

Silver bells peal throughout cities. Choirs sing “Silent Night” in country churches. In TEENAGE CHRISTIAN AT CHRISTMAS, celebrate the sparkling holiday season with these new friends:

TAYLOR decides to search for Jon, a great guy she knew long ago and never forgot. What she finds turns out to be the last thing she expected. Fortunately, all isn’t lost because God possesses amazing power to work miracles, especially during Christmastime.

STEFAN’s passion is art. He searches his conscience as he struggles to prove to his girlfriend, Kayleighâ??and to himselfâ??that he won’t place his dream above his love for Christ.

LEAH learns that Christmas in Las Vegas isn’t like a good old-fashioned holiday in her hometown. When God sends us on a mission, however, we must follow wherever the Lord leads.

VINNY hopes to find love with homecoming queen, Abbie, at the Coral Rose Inn when they spend the holiday there with friends. The Lord, however, has a different Christmas “gift” in mind for Vinny.

ROSEANNE encounters danger during a Christmas parade when she stands up for her faith. Does she dare trust the guy that most of her classmates say is trouble?

DYLAN decides to spend his holiday at the beach while leaving God behind. Jesus has a unique way of appearing at the strangest places during the oddest times.

AMI hates being cold and snowbound at a log cabin. It’s up to the best Friend she ever had to save Christmas!

TANNER grows discouraged when friends abandon him after his father becomes their city’s mayor. Sometimes politics, love, religion and relationships don’t mix!

DAWN survives a California earthquake in Napa where her family’s winery is nearly destroyed. An act of nature leads to the choice she’ll make for the futureâ??staying in the business of spirits or choosing the path of the Holy Spirit.

NATHAN, dressed as Santa Claus, meets an obnoxious little boy called “Bandit.” After Bandit leaves behind a trail of destruction, only Jesus can restore peace and harmony at the makeshift North Pole in the mall.

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