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Beekeeping: 12 Easy Ways To Master Beekeeping. Learn How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Get to Know The Hive and Keeping Techniques (beekeeping, beekeeping for beginners, beekeeping for dummies)

by Wilfred Horton

Beekeeping is an incredibly rewarding hobby and one that is in high demand as the world’s honey bee population is steadily on the decline. Bees are remarkable creatures that are social, intelligent and incredibly entertaining to watch. Keeping bees will allow you to safely observe the behavior of a hive in your own garden; from the leadership of the Queen Bee, to the foraging of the workers and the production of honey. If you are successful at maintaining your colony, then you’ll also be able to reap the rewards of organic, homegrown honey which is free from the synthetic processes of supermarket brands.

This book offers a brief introduction into the world of beekeeping, including information on how to set up and maintain your hive and an overview of the equipment and knowledge you’ll need to be successful as an apiarist in 12 easy steps.

The chapters cover:

  • The Honey bee and the Hive
  • The Life of the Hive
  • Building a Bee Garden
  • Constructing a Hive and Introducing a Colony
  • Beekeeping Equipment
  • Beekeeping Laws

This book contains everything you need to know to assess the cost and commitment of beekeeping and to decide if this hobby is right for you. Read on to learn just what it takes to become a beekeeper. A must-have read for anyone considering a home apiary.

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Crystals: Your Beginners Guide To Crystals And Healing Stones (Power of Crystals, Healing Stones,Relieve Stress, Energy Healing)

by Michele Gilbert



Are You Interested In Knowing More About Crystals?

Would You Like To Know The Healing Powers They Possess?

This book will give you a quick understanding of some of the uses of the more common crystals you can find.

For thousands of years, crystals have held a sacred and honored place among those who seek spiritual enlightenment, transformation, peace, and power

With this book, you’re going to get a quick look at some of the more common crystals that you’ll find at any local crystal shop and what they represent to those looking to do chakra work, meditation, or just carry them with them.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to crystals and the power they provide. Let this book be the first step on an adventure of a lifetime as you experiment and study the unseen truths of the world.

Watch your life transform through the power and energy of crystals and see what secrets you can unlock.


  • CHAPTER ONE: What You Should Know Up Front
  • CHAPTER TWO: Agate Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER THREE: Amazonite Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER FOUR: Amethyst Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER FIVE: Aventurine Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER SIX: Carnelian Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER SEVEN: Chrysocolla Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER EIGHT: Citrine Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER NINE: Fluorite Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER TEN: Garnet Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER ELEVEN: Hematite Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER TWELVE: Howlite Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Jade Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Jasper Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Labradorite Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Lapis Lazuli Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Malachite Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: MoonstoneCrystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER NINETEEN: Peridot Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER TWENTY: Quartz Crystals And Healing Stones

    CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: Topaz Crystals And Healing Stones

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A Beautiful Life: animals

by Repina Nataliya

Wildlife – it is beautiful. With pleasure I want to share this beauty, simplicity and immense charm. With gratitude to nature and all the living world.

The Cancer Machine(s)

by Anonymous MD PhD


The Cancer Machine(s) is a nonfiction short story about the treatment of the disease and is intended to raise questions in the mind of the reader.

Are we doing everything possible to cure cancer; now, efficiently, and urgently? And if not, why not? Who or what is standing in the way?

Author Biography:

The author is a physician-scientist at a biomedical research institution in the United States who has published over 200 clinical and laboratory research articles, is an inventor on a dozen patents, co-discovered a major familial cancer gene, and founded several biotechnology companies.

AS Physics Particles, Quantum Phen and Electricity (Animated Science Physics Revision Book 1)

by Daniel Powell

AQA Spec A Unit 1 – Particles, Quantum Phen, Electricity Notes for quick revision. It gives all the little quick revision elements you need for the basics and beyond. There are some calculations as well for the forumula bits. No images on this one.

There are three main topics which relate to the exam board texts so it is easy to follow and written by a Physics teacher of 10 years AS Level teaching experience. This is what I use with my own students and it works!

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