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Alexander Co. Abroad: Living in the UAE

We are two American expats living in the United Arab Emirates, a small country located in the Middle East. Follow our adventure with pictures and commentary as we leave everything and everyone behind for a chance to travel the world. Visiting well known international destinations and parts unknown. A book filled with first-time events and emotions from newbie explores living in a foreign Muslim country for the first-time. See how living in the Middle East compares to the Western world through our eyes. Every photo is our own and every situation happened during our adventures.

Cuba Travel Guide: Top Attractions, Hotels, Food Places, Shopping Streets, and Everything You Need to Know (JB’s Travel Guides)

by JB’s

If you’re looking for a vacation destination that isn’t just exciting and fun but also will leave you unforgettable memories, then Cuba should be on your top list!

Cuba isn’t just a country that’s simply famous for its world class cigars; this country also has one of the world’s best tourism destinations!

This country also has one of the most interesting and unique cultures in the world. A lot of tourists fly all the way to Cuba just to experience the culture and amazing architecture. If you’re a bit handy with your camera, you’ll have a lot of amazing photos by the end of your trip. There is a lot of wonderful Spanish architecture that you can explore while riding old American cars. You’ll feel like you’re in an old Hollywood movie set or traveling back to time.

Cubans are really friendly and welcoming to tourists which make this country more fun for travelers.

If you like to dance, then don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes with you because once you hit the night clubs, you’ll dance until your feet catch on fire.

Cuba also boasts of a lot of stunning beaches. Prepare to walk on beaches of amazing white sand and swim in the clear blue waters!

To learn more about Cuba and what it has to offer, this book will give you all the information you need to know before you set your foot on the plane and experience one of the best countries you’ll ever visit.

This book covers the following:

  • Welcome to Cuba
  • Brief History
  • Brief History
  • Festivals and Cultural Events
  • Best Time to Go
  • Must Dos
  • Regions at Glance
  • Where to Go
  • Top Attractions
  • Getting Around
  • Best Places to Stay
  • Food and Drinks
  • Need to Know
  • Shopping Around

Germany Travel Guide: Top Attractions, Hotels, Food Places, Shopping Streets, and Everything You Need to Know (JB’s Travel Guides)

by JB’s

Germany Travel Guide: Top Attractions, Hotels, Food Places, Shopping Streets and Everything You Need to Know – travel book with the best value!

Germany, famous for wine, women and song is the highlight of many European visits. This book will help you get to know the towns and people that have made this country a powerhouse. Full of beautiful architecture, local traditions and rich in culture this country is alive with both legends and history. This book gives you the information you need to find out what to see in this ancient country.

From the Alps mountains to the Baltic sea, Germany is one of the most populated countries in Europe. Many different ethnicities come together in a land scattered with romantic ancient historical monuments and reminders of it’s brutal yet still recent past.

Germany has so much to offer travelers young and old, whether it’s quaffing steins of Ale at Octoberfest, quaint Christmas markets in the Black Forest or a relaxing cruise down the Rhine this book will tell you where to find all of them.

Using this guide you’ll learn tips you need to know as well as insider knowledge of when to visit and where you need to go there.

The information and tips in this book is will get you everywhere in Germany without having to hunt through schnitzel or lederhosen. Buy this book and learn why a visit to Germany is everything you want and more.

Inside the Germany Travel Guide:

  • Overview of Germany:Regions and what’s there
  • How to Travel in Germany to Reach Destinations: Trains, Cars, Flights and More
  • The Best Tourist Attractions and How to Get There:Parks, Museums, Castles, Landmarks etc.
  • Top Locations to stay including well situated Historical buildings in all the major cities and upscale modern utopias in the heart of the capital
  • Satisfy Your Food Cravings: Traditional German foods to Eat from Bratwust to Black Forest Gauteau
  • Where to Find the Best Buysand Lots of other Visitor Tips
  • What to visit In every part of the Country Find out more about the inspiration for the perfect princess castle, the party at the beer festival and the never ending life in the city.
  • Do’s and Don’ts When in the City and when Traveling the Country
  • Vital Information At Your Fingertips: Telephone numbers, Foods, and more
  • Getting around Germany on Shopping, Eating, Sight-Seeing, Nightlife and the Secret Treasures That Other Travel Books Miss
  • Cultural Inputs For A More Wonderful Experience:Info on Cuisine, Festivals, Arts, History and Much More!

The Finest German Travel Book: Complete, Practical and Perfect for Anyone Who Wants to Get The Most Fun and Enjoyment in this rich European country.!

Get the best out of your trip, or know what to include when planning one.

This book is filled with fabulous ideas and recommendations that really work when traveling! Truly a must-have if you have plans of going to Germany or if you need a reason to go.

Learn important tricks to get the most out of your holiday with this great book.

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Travels In Arizona – San Tan Mountains Regional Park

by Paul Moore

Approximately 75 pages and contains more than 70 photographs

This book is a pictorial presentation of this little known destination.

The San Tan Mountains Regional Park is approximately 40 miles south east of downtown Phoenix, Arizona and nearest the town of San Tan Valley. It is little known outside the immediate area yet comprises more than 10,000 acres and has more than 15 miles of trails open to hikers, mountain bikers, and horse riding.

There is a small admission fee if parking inside the park and the best times to visit the area is in the fall, winter, and spring. The summers are usually quite hot and if visiting then be absolutely certain to bring lots of water; which, of course, is always a good idea at all times.

Although not common desert storms can be astonishingly violent so always check the weather forecast before embarking on a lengthy hike and naturally it doesn’t hurt to look up.

The author began photography and photo-journalism in early 1963 when he accepted an offer from his local newspaper to write about and photograph sports events at the Arizona high school where he was a junior.

After a stint in the service, he had an opportunity to study photography and printing techniques with Bernard Hoffman, a true gentleman and scholar, and one of the earliest staff photographers for Life Magazine.

Since that time he had had thousands of photographs and hundreds of articles published by more than 60 national and international periodicals. He was also a contributing editor for one of them for more than ten years. Topics ran the gamut from professional sports, medicine, archeology, and photography to science.

After twenty years away from Arizona he returned in 1985 and it has been the base from which all his photographic excursions are launched. Along with many others he has embraced digital photography but can still be seen, from time to time, peering through the ground glass of a large format camera, hoisting a large medium format 6×7, or indeed still using a 35mm film camera.

The photographer currently has fine art photography on exhibit at The Center for Fine Arts in Globe, Arizona.

Dancing on Ants. A Bill and Sarah Giles South American guide to beach living in Brazil. Adventure Guides (1) (Bill and Sarah Giles Travel Books.)

by Sarah Giles

This is our personal guide to N.E. Brazil and is the book we wanted when we first went there. Bill and Sarah Giles went looking for a beach house and found adventure in the new world in a tropical beach environment. This is the story of our adjustment to life in Brazil. Our book focuses on the N.East with it’s great beaches and development opportunities. It explains customs, the people, how to behave and what to expect. We look at food, restaurants, climate, languague, driving and getting around. Dancing on Ants will help smooth your path if you visit Brazil, whilst also appealing to the armchair reader.

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