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Productivity and Home Organization Box Set (6 in 1): Time and Project Management Hacks, Stress-Free Decluttering Tips, Organize Your Home in Five Days … and Design Ideas (Organize & Declutter)

by Carrie Hicks

Productivity and Home Organization Box Set (6 in 1)

Book One: Best Ways to Organize Your Day: Time Management Hacks to Get More Things Done in a Lesser Time, Be More Productive and Maximize Your Day

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– Understand the value and importance of space, state of mine and time.

– Learn the difference between tasks that are urgent and those that are considered important.

– Find out why procrastination is a habit that one has to break in order to get organized.

– Learn easy time management tricks and practices one can do every single day.

Book Two: Organize Your Day In One Hour: Proven Ways To Hack Your Productivity, Manage Priorities And Get Things Done!

Among the topics covered in this book include:

– How to more efficiently designate your time to increase your productivity

– How to organize your day, your time and yourself to get things done

– Priming your body for productivity

– Learning your limits and managing priorities

– Increasing your productivity by working “smart, not hard”

Book Three: Project Management for Any Person!: Twenty Project Management Hacks to Help Manage Work, Maximize Productivity, and Organize for Success!

This book will teach you the basics of what you need to know about project management and how to do it in an effective manner. It will teach you about how to manage, why managing is important, and inside of this book will include some of the best project management strategies out there for you to utilize in order to stay more organized and to get stuff done. It’s easy to do, and the results are amazing, that’s for sure. Don’t think that project management and trying to organize everything is super complicated, because it’s not. Instead, this book will show you just how easy it is, and it doesn’t take a whole lot to get started on it.

Book Four: Clutter-Free Home: Declutter, Clean and Organize Your Home For a Stress-Free Life

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

-How to declutter the Foyer, Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom of your home.

-How to clean the Foyer, Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom of your home.

-How to organize the Foyer, Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom of your home.

-How to maintain your newly decluttered, cleaned and organized home.

-And Much More

Book Five: Organize Your Home in Five Days: Easy Hacks to Declutter Your Space, Create a Positive Environment & Get Inspiration Back to Your Life (UPDATED AND EXPANDED!)

Are you losing the fight against clutter at your own home? Are you stuck in a never-ending cycle of clutter, disorganization, and more clutter? Do you find yourself losing hope at the state of your own home? Do you feel uncomfortable, ashamed or even feel that you hate your home?

Inside you will learn about:

– Principles for decluttering

– Lifehacks for every major room of the home

– Lifehacks for the office

– Lifehacks for other spaces

– The 5 day plan

– Hidden clutter

– DIY declutter projects

– House rules for all ages

– Declutter list of 7

– Lifehacks for interior designing

– The art of Feng Shui

Book Six: DIY Decoration and Design: Simple, Fun and Creative Projects to Add Zing to Your Living Space

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– How to remake pieces to take them from blah to wow with very little effort.

– How to use paint to make a wall pop.

– Simple tricks and tips for styling an apartment or rental home that will be easy to remove when it’s time to move.

– How to change a room with just a few simple furniture swaps.

– How to use accent pieces and splashes of color to give a room a complete upgrade.

Day Trading: 10 FREE BOOK INSIDE! Strategies For Maximum Profit. For Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Users (Day Trading, Stock Exchange, Trading Strategies 2)

by Ken McLinton

Learn The Strategies To Make A Lot Of Money With Day Trading!

This book, Day Trading: Strategies For Maximum Profit For Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Users is written for the person that wants to learn to day trade by developing known strategies and minimizing the potential for losses.

This book contains:

  • What are the Characteristics of a Successful Day Trade
  • Day Trading Tools
  • Technical Analysis Strategies
  • Five steps to begin your analysis.
  • Pick your strategy.
  • Analyze carefully.
  • Open the right kind of brokerage account.
  • Monitor the parameters of the trade account.
  • Utilize the right resources by studying your needed programs and products for successful trading.
  • Have a complete understanding of what you are doing and the logic behind the trade.
  • Entry Strategies for Day Trading
  • Liquidity
  • Volatility
  • Identifying Entry Points for Trades
  • Components of the doji reversal pattern
  • The Four Most Common Day Trading Strategies
  • Choosing the Price Target
  • Stop Loss Management
  • Evaluate Your Trades and Tweak Your Performance
  • The One Percent Risk Rule
  • Create a Day Trading Routine to Avoid Mishaps
  • A Plan Before You Begin the Day


Although this isn’t everything you ever wanted to know about day trading strategies, utilizing the wisdom and strategies, checkpoints and cautions in this book will minimize your losses and help you make more profitable trades.

This book will get you through the initial process of setting up a trade account with a brokerage, practicing strategies with a dummy account, setting up your 1% risk factor, and tracking your trades to determine how to achieve your goals.

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GODPRENEUR: Tapping The God-Principles That Framed The Universe

God is the greatest entrepreneur. His awesome creations reveal the greatness and splendor of His power. Have you ever thought of how a product called the ‘heavens and the earth and all that is therein’ as created by God has remained in form since creation? Genesis 1:31 says: “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.” God did not finish creation or should we say give up on creation until He saw that everything He made was very good. That is a principle an entrepreneur must imbibe, keep pushing and keep working smart until your product and services turns out very good.

There is no need to be in a haste, do not allow your pursuit for â??quick wealth or money’ to make you churn out sub standard product or services. Our God is unrivaled at what He does, that is why everything He created has no shortcomings whatsoever. Keep working on yourself, keep improving on your products and services; don’t put a lead on it until you see that â??it is very good.’ You have a treasure in your hand, read and meditate and let the words printed on this pages transform your life.

ARBITRAGE EMPIRE: Buy Cheap Products and Sell Them High Online

by Jonathan Parker

Start your Retail Arbitrage Business today!

If you’re looking for a part-time business that you can operate from home, then this is for you!

Inside you’ll learn:

– The exact tools that you need to start this business

– How to find products that will SELL… guaranteed!

– How to sell your products via AMAZON FBA

– How to write product listings that will convert visitors into buyers

– How to use SEO to double your listing visitor count



by Red Mikhail

Make money by selling items online!

Inside you’ll learn:

– How to make money selling creative items on ETSY

– How to find a profitable niche in a few hours

– How to research the best seller market

– How to make money reselling items on Thrift Stores

– Where to find products

– Where and How to sell it fast!

– How to create a product listing that turns the products into cold hard cash

What are you waiting for?, It’s time to SELL and MAKE MONEY

A Practical Guide to eBook Publishing for Small Business Owners

by Assuanta Howard

This is the perfect time to write an ebook. Customers need information from innovative industry leaders who can figure out how to solve problems. Ebooks are a new and powerful tool for small business owners to disseminate information to the millions of people who are struggling to figure out how to do a plethora of different things.

Smart Investors Keep It Simple: Creating passive income with dividend stocks

by Giovanni Rigters

It’s a daunting task to figure out how the stock market works. You’ve probably heard both good and bad things about it.

Still, you want to learn more about the stock market. It could also be that you want to start investing but don’t know where to begin or how much to invest.

If you’re already investing, you want to learn better ways to grow your investments, because you want to be more confident about your financial future.

Up until now, you probably didn’t have enough time to learn about investing and it might seem too confusing, because there is so much information out there about investing.

You also don’t want to lose your money or don’t have enough money to begin investing.

What if you had the confidence to start investing on your own, so you could show off your investment performance to family and friends?

Leave the stress of an insecure financial future behind you and create sustainable wealth, which you can pass down to your family.

In this book I give you a quick overview about what you need to know about the stock market, how to begin, what to do if you don’t have enough cash, how to generate passive income, and how to analyze companies.

I also give you a list of companies I personally invest in and I try to answer all the questions you might have that are stopping you from getting started or progressing in your investing journey.

I’ll show you why you need to watch out with investment vehicles such as the 401K and index funds.

This book is a quick read and great to keep as a reference. Best of all, you can get started immediately after reading it.

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Avoiding Network Marketing: Insights from the Once-Upon-A-Time Dumbest Man in the Industry

by Tony Guthrie

Is network marketing just a scam? Do Real Entrepreneurs Avoid Multi-Level Marketing? Fans of network marketing will probably write negative reviews because they don’t want the truth to be known. Network marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Each year hundreds of thousands enter the industry and each year by the hundreds of thousands they leave. Why? Network marketing (aka: multilevel marketing) is a very challenging business. Filled with hype designed to play on the hopes and dreams of honest people, the industry draws people who want to escape the rat race and make money online or in their own home-based business. In this easy-to-read book I share from my experience of having been in the business for many years. I wrote the book to help the reader learn and understand what to expect in the industry. Network marketing is not all it is hyped up to be. Trust me on this. Enter at your own risk but before you do, read this book. It is a must read.

Here are just a few of the things I cover that you need to know:

Chapter One – Network Marketing: The Simple Truth

In this chapter I explain exactly what network marketing is and how it really works. You simply MUST understand this before diving in.

Chapter Two – Failure is Always Your Fault

In this chapter I explain how EVERY network marketing guru and leader will tell you if you fail it is totally and completely your fault. Gurus, sponsors, and leaders never take an ounce of responsibility for your lack of success no matter how to-the-letter you follow their teachings.

Chapter Three – Four Truths about Network Marketing

This chapter just reveals the truths the company looking to recruit you will NEVER tell you. Very insightful!

-The Truth about Costs

-The Truth about Testimonials

-The Truth about Recruiting

-The Truth about Time Commitments

Chapter Four – Glorious Upline Support!

Similar to the four truths discussed in chapter three, there is another glaring truth related to upline support. But this truth needs its own chapter because the promise of upline support is so alluring to people considering network marketing. So much needs to be said about upline support that I decided to make it chapter in its own right.

Chapter Five – Two Kinds of “Potential” Network Marketing People

If you are considering network marketing then you must face the reality that MOST people are not very gullible. Most are skeptical at one level or another. This makes the process of recruiting or selling very challenging. You can spend hours striving to convince someone to join your opportunity only to be met with continual rejection, excuses, and even more skepticism. Many skeptics will say to you, “Show me your checks and I will consider it.” Well, you haven’t made any money as yet and even if you have it probably isn’t much.

Many sponsors and network marketing gurus will tell you to NOT spend hours with potential prospects. They encourage you to share the opportunity once or twice and if the person is not interested say, “Next!” These are the people who promote the idea that it is a numbers game. These people have a personality made of steel. They are certainly not in the “norm” of humanity. They can receive countless rejections and not allow it to impact them in any way. To them, the person did not reject them as a person, they simply rejected the opportunity. But most of us are not that way. This chapter covers how people are and why you will likely face tons of rejection.

Chapter Six – Inspiring Conclusion (I hope)

Before you spend your hard-earned money joining a network marketing company and before you put in all the VERY hard work, just invest in this book. You’ll be glad you did. It may help you see that you are perfect for the industry. Then again, it may save you tons of cash, frustration, and rejection.


by Red M

Start your own new business today

Inside you’ll learn:

Online garage

– The exact step by step process on making a killing online via selling unused items

– What exact products are selling like crazy right now… 2016

– Where to sell your product for maximum profits

– How to create a product listing that sells your product for you

– How to increase traffic via SEO

T-shirt Selling Business

– The exact niche that will never become obsolete…ever.

– How to find designs in these niches.

– How to create a good product listing … so you could sell more shirts

– How to market your t-shirts for free

– 10 best practices for t-shirt startup owners

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The Beginner’s Guide to Budgeting: How to Organize Your Finances, Choose a Budgeting Method, and Successfully Manage Your Money (Personal Finance Book 1)

by Allison Lindstrom

DISCOVER: How to Organize Your Finances and Find the Budget That Works For YOU!

Want to start a budget or fix the one you have, but don’t know where to start? This compact guide will help you identify potential weaknesses, choose a proper budgeting method, and guide you through the implementation process with step-by-step instructions.

LEARN: How to Track, Organize, and Plan Your Personal Finances

Budgeting can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start. These chapters take you through the entire budgeting process and are perfect for the ultimate beginner.

Various budgeting methods are covered, including pros/cons and step-by-step instructions for each. By identifying any of your budgeting weaknesses, you can take control of the spending, saving, and planning of your money.

ACHIEVE: Success in Managing Your Money

We all want to be successful when it comes to managing our personal finances. While money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness, the security it can provide is always a good thing to have. By broadening your budgeting knowledge and adding a healthy dose of determination, you can find the financial security you’ve always wanted.

Never accept that your budget is destined to be a failure.

ORDER: The Beginner’s Guide to Budgeting: How to Organize Your Finances, Choose a Budgeting Method, and Successfully Manage Your Money

“The Beginner’s Guide to Budgeting” includes a catalog of ideas you can use to jumpstart your personal finance budgeting. You will learn:

*How to Prepare a Successful Budget

*How to Choose the Budgeting Method That’s Perfect for You

*A Step-By-Step Process for Preparing, Organizing, and Implementing a Successful Budget

*Reasons Your Budget May Be Failing

Would You Like To Know More?

Download and start building your successful budget.

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VIRTUAL BUSINESS – (Home Based Business 2 in 1 Bundle): MAKE MONEY VIA UDEMY & AIRBNB

by Red Mikhail

Make money at the comfort of your home!

Inside you’ll learn

– How to start your new teaching business with UDEMY

– How to create a course…even if you never created one..ever

– How to take advantage of the growing AIRBNB customers

– How to create listings that blow customers’s really simple.

Download, Read and Apply!

Getting Ready for Driverless Cars: Everything you need to know to invest now in the companies developing the technology that will revolutionize the way we commute

by Patrick Sullivan

Getting Ready for Driverless Cars – Everything you need to know to invest now in the companies developing the technology that will revolutionize the way we commute

Did you know that:

– IEEE projects that up to 75 percent of vehicles in the U.S. will be fully automated by 2040

– According to a University of Texas report, if just 10% of the cars on U.S. roads were autonomous, more than $37 billion in savings could be realized due to less wasted time and fuel and fewer injuries and deaths. If 90% of cars were autonomous, then the benefit rises to almost $450 billion a year.

– A recent survey found that more than 75 percent of Americans said they’d consider buying a self-driving car.

– Analysts predict cars with self-driving features will create an $87 billion global industry by 2030.

Driverless cars are poised to become the next technological innovation that will radically change the way we live. They will make driving safer, more efficient, and cheaper.

Think driverless cars are a far-off futuristic dream? Think again. Driverless car technology is already here and is slowly being phased into many vehicles on the road today. Manufacturers like Ford, GM, Audi, BMW and Tesla have all either implemented elements of driverless technology into their cars or are developing new autonomous control features that will soon become standard features in passenger vehicles.

Driverless cars have the potential to become a multi-billion-dollar industry. From the cars themselves, to the many advanced technologies that allow these cars to operate autonomously, there are a select group of companies at the forefront of this industry that are set to profit from the proliferation of driverless cars.

Getting Ready for Driverless Cars offers the most comprehensive listing of the companies developing these companies and includes background information about each company’s contribution to the driverless vehicle revolution. If you want to invest now in driverless cars, then Getting Ready for Driverless Cars will provide information you can use to identify these investment opportunities.

In this book you will learn:

– How driverless cars work

– The technology that allows cars to operate autonomously

– Safety benefits of driverless cars

– Environmental benefits

– Productivity and time savings benefits

– The social implications of driverless cars

– Public policy implications

And most importantly, you will learn about the companies developing driverless car technology.

Why you should read Getting Ready for Driverless Cars:

– You want to invest in companies developing driverless technology

– You want an easy to understand explanation of how driverless cars work

– You want to know when driverless cars will become commonplace

– You want to understand how driverless cars operate safely

– You want to know how society will adapt to adapt to driverless cars

– Your skeptical about the market potential of driverless cars

Options Trading: 2 Manuscripts + 10 BONUS BOOKS – Options Trading, Options Trading Strategies (Investing, Options Trading, Forex Book 8)

by Ken McLinton

2 Options Trading Books + 10 Free Bonus Books Included!

The Most Complete Stock Options Box Set – Start From 0 And End Up In The Money!

This Options Trading Bundle Contains:

  • Options Trading: The Ultimate Guide To Making A Profit With Stock Options. Proven Methods.
  • Options Trading: Strategies For Maximum Profit For The Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Users

Are You Looking For Methods By Which You Can Earn Cash For A Long Period Of Time? This book is for you! The famous Stock Options finally revealed!

The Problem

Finding good and unbiased resources on stock options is becoming increasingly challenging due to disinformation, fake testimonials and more-than-biased reviews. Looking for information online means, in 99% of cases, hopping from website to website full of affiliate links without ever getting the information you are looking for.

The Solution

Ken McLinton Publishing‘s aim is to bring clarity to the most common and profitable money-making methods, Stock Options being one of them.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter1 Options Trading In Plain English
  • Chapter2 The Risks And Rewards
  • Chapter3 How To Read The Options Ticker
  • Chapter4 The Moneyness Of Options Contracts
  • Chapter5 The Four Basic Option Trading Strategies
  • Chapter6 Other More Complex Options Trading Strategies
  • Chapter7 Choosing Your Broker
  • Conclusion

Options Trading: Strategies For Maximum Profit. For The Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Users

In this book we teach you basic and advanced options trading strategies, including:

  • The Basic Vocabulary for Purchasing and Selling Options
  • The Greeks
  • The Basic Butterfly Spread
  • The Out of the Money Butterfly Spread
  • The Modified Butterfly Spread
  • Mini Options
  • The Long Call
  • The Long Put
  • Buying LEAPS, or Long-term Equity AnticiPation Securities
  • Bull Call Spread
  • The Collar Strategy
  • The Costless Collar
  • Bull Put Spread
  • Call Backspread
  • Married Put
  • Protective Put
  • Uncovered Put Writes
  • The Fig Leaf, or The Leveraged Covered Call
  • Cash Secured Put
  • Top 10 Mistakes New Options Traders Make

Although this isn’t everything you ever wanted to know about securities and options trading, this will explain the various options scenarios with an example of each trade, and give you a reference for placing puts and calls.

This book will get you through the initial process of setting up your first option trade, choosing an investment firm, identifying fees and commissions, determining whether to hire a full service brokerage or to trade online with a discount brokerage, and when to let go.

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Sea Bird Prosperous: Picture Book (30 Days of Aspirations & Words Series 26)

by Allison Heath

Take a few minutes to boost your mood and focus on your aspirations and dreams with these inspirational words and engaging photographs.

Starting a Business Online: 3 Simple Steps: Self Discipline, Getting the Right Product and Marketing Fundamentals

by Chathura Meegama

This is a simple eBook written for business owners or anyone planning to start anytime of business. Inside this ebook you will learn 3 very important key steps and learn how to master them.

Self Discipline

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Focus

1.3 Self Motivation

1.4 Goals

1.5 Creative Visualization

Is Your Product Ready?

2.1 Focus on the â??why’

2.2 Solving a Problem

2.3 Create Your Mastermind

2.4 Validate Your Business

Getting Your Product out There or Marketing It

3.1 Find Your Audience

3.2 Narrow down Marketing Channels

3.3 Do the Actual Work

Helpful Resource available at the end of the book as well.

Following these key steps will definetely help grow your business online. I have also added a resources section with list of mentors and guides for your to follow.

These mentors have helped me with my journey and I am sure you will learn from them as well to help grow your business and enjoy a wonderful life.

How to be successful in Network Marketing: Earning Your Freedom

by Rodney Clack

This eBook contains information on what Network Marketing is and how to become successful doing so.

Concept Builder: Five Business Ideas that Work for Any Business Plan; Transform your Idea List

by John Endris

0.99 cents LIMITED TIME PRICING for this new release

Have you always wanted to have your own business yet never had the perfect idea? Maybe you did, but just did not notice it was just the right one? Whether you are an idea machine or struggle to find new ideas, this book help you build a great list of potential business ideas.

In this short read, all of the key things you need to help you come up with a list of excellent business ideas for a great business plan are covered in a succinct way. It won’t take you long to learn how to use disruptive business strategy from the simple examples of the five most common business models included in this book.

This book will help inspire you to come up with something unique yet classically simple.

Here are a few things you will be able to use right awayâ?¦.

– How to define an industry

– How to find a niche market

– Tools and techniques for developing a competitive edge

– Learn how legacy firms are disrupted

– Ways to grow your business idea list

Author Profile:

John Endris is a business strategy advisor who specializes in helping people to achieve their fullest potential. He has worked in banking operations for almost a decade, and has also built a small business from scratch. John earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and an MBA from St Mary’s University.

30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance

by Gail Thackray

In 30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance, author Gail Thackray reveals tools, affirmations, and daily exercises to program your subconscious to manifest abundance. The power is within you to create all that you desire. Learn how to harness this ability and use it to create positive, joyful, and abundant results. By following this 30-day program, you can reconnect to Source to create the life that you want. Start living your dreams, now. Gail presents the material in a straightforward, simple manner with the program designed such that anyone can easily follow it. Whether you believe or not it doesn’t matter, it simply works.

4 Steps To Making A Living Trading Forex: The 4 Steps System


Learn the techniques I use to turn $10,000 into $53,000 in 5 months. Learn how you can take charge of your own retirement with Forex. Get this book now.

You will learn the 4 Step technique- The technique I use to make a living trading Forex

—How to make money reading and analyzing volume signals (something that 98% of traders cannot do)

—How to trade along with the smart money

—The no demand entry, the supply/demand line entry and test of supply line entry

—How to profit from reversal signs, signs of supply and demand

—How I am able to make $2300 in one day an how you can do the same trading forex

—The 4 step confirmation technique (the technique I use to trade for a living))

Learn how to spot market manipulation, giving you an hedge over most traders

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