Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Dec 15

Romance: Regency Romance: The Duke’s Scoundrel Romance (The Duke’s Bride and Scoundrel)

by Alayna Shavonne

If I never see Kristoff Wellesley alive again, it will be too soon!

He insinuated himself into our family before anyone noticed. He aided my brother Whitcomb to enter the British Navy. Then he charmed my mama and my sisters with his noble manners and dubious aplomb.

But I know the truth. He is charlatan and a lying, scheming rake! He thinks he has pulled the wool over my eyes. Yet I am the sheep bearing a gift. Now that is a Duke, he believes he is untouchable. But I have discovered he used my family to gain title and advantage, destroying my mother’s happiness, and preventing my brother from returning home.

I won’t let him get away with it. I will repay him the pain and suffering he caused me and my family. But not before I grant him the greatest pleasure he has ever known. We are married, and I have waited an eternity for tonight.

I have heard revenge is a dish best served cold. And I plan to give the Duke his recompense that will chill even the darkest corners of Newgate. I will not rest until I destroy the Duke, and I have saved his best surprise for lastâ??!

Perfect for fans of Christi Caldwell

Changing of the Guard (Pomp and Poverty Book 1)

by James Farner

“I thought my parents were killed when two runaway packhorses threw off their loads at the Ebonson Carrying Companyâ?¦I was wrong.”

Queen Victoria ascends the throne in 1831 and heralds in a new era of prosperity for the British Empire. Whilst the great Norlong and Ebonson families fly the flag for the British Empire, Edward Urwin spends his time scratching pieces of art into the cobblestones of Birmingham.

Life is straightforward for Edward until a strange old man approaches him in the street. With the help of Henry Beechworth, Edward learns to read and use his special talents to win a place at St. John’s Boarding School.

But it isn’t all down to good fortune. Edward doesn’t realise he’s under control of forces far more powerful than him. Forces that are determined to shape him in their image. Forces that are determined to bury the mystery of the demise of the Urwin family for goodâ?¦

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Christmas Fire: Christmas Mail Order Angels

by Jennifer AlLee

Blacksmith David Esterly expected the woman he’d corresponded with to be his mail order bride. Instead, he finds that she’s changed her mind, and someone else has taken her place. Tragic circumstances forced Caroline Buchanan to join the group of mail order brides heading to Angel Vale, Wyoming. As these two strangers work through secrets and past hurts, can they make it through the fire and find the gift God has for them?

The Field of Miracles: Heroes of Florence – book 3

by Jude Mahoney

In a world riven by invasion and treacherous deceit, Giovanni and Otto are back as the mighty French war machine invades northern Italy, and a loose alliance of Italian city states is formed to repel it.

With old enemies revealing their murderous intent and new alliances formed, The Field of Miracles pits our heroes against a merciless and unyielding foe, where whole cities are sacked and burned, and the weak and the innocent bear the brunt of man’s unrelenting greed.

Whilst Italy burns Rome sits quietly by as a deadly plot within the very walls of the Vatican threatens the Papacy, and a race against time begins as the Holy Inquisition unleash their wrath.

The battle lines are drawn, yesterday’s friends are today’s enemies and medieval Europe is in turmoil.

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