Free history Kindle books for 30 Dec 15

Global Superpowers: How Dangerous Are These Countries?

by Eleanor Wittakers

With the future of the world peace and billions of lives remain uncertain, history of the world has taught us, the horrifying nature of outcomes when one’s who holds an enormous amount of power use them in an inhuman manner towards others.

It is alarming, still in this modern era where people are generally more civilized, there are countries being bombed and we were unable to reach an agreement without having to go to war and kill each other.

With the technology available in the world today, it is undoubtedly that weapons are more technologically advanced. And more worryingly, world now are administrated by these cruel rulers with the sole purpose of money and power.

In this book, you will find the author uncovering the true strength of war active countries, what they are hiding from the world, and what does these strengths really presents to another nation.

This will have you asking yourself, whether The World War III is coming very soon?

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