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Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Explorer 2 Rise of the Ender King (Unofficial Minecraft Book and Minecraft Diaries for Kids)

by Minecrafters

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Diary of a Minecraft Explorer Series

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Well, things have gotten interesting.

A new adventure continuesâ?¦

Luke Landrunner has unleashed a terrible evil upon an unsuspecting Minecraftia, resulting wide-spread destruction. An army of one million Endermen sieges the lands, and the Developers are powerless to stop them.

The only chance Minecraft has is for an assault on The Lost Realm, home to the Endermen. To get there, one particular Developer has requested Luke’s help.

As Luke trains for the upcoming battle, old mysteries are revealed and new mysteries are presented to him. But even with the help from the Developers, can Luke overcome the terrible darkness of the Ender King?

Diary of a Minecraft Explorer introduces us to a new line-up of hilarious and cool characters, whilst bringing back the classics. Meet Luke, an explorer whose about to get into more hilarious trouble than he realizes.

The perfect gift for any Minecraft lover.

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The First Traitor: Book 2 of the 27th Protector Series

by Laura Campbell

My name is Aislyn. My story started the day I was named the 27th Protector of the 188th Generation.

My story wasn’t what I was expecting.

I met my trainer, Collin. I expected to struggle through my training, and hate him.

He fell in love with me.

I infiltrated the Republic three times. I expected to save three Unnecessaries.

I saved five.

I expected to battle with any enemy soldier I saw.

The first one I ever met saved my life.

But the last night Alex saved my life, eight of us died.

I’m no longer the 27th Protector.

The Council has altered our objective from saving Unnecessaries to destroying the enemy.

The Republic has threatened to retaliate. Lives have been lost. Collin has focused on fighting the new laws. Alex has tried to survive his regret.

I just want to save a life.

To change the story.

It will take a miracle.

A dangerous miracle.

A traitor.

Runaway Smile: An unshared smile is a wasted smile (Niditales Book 1)

by Nicholas Rossis

Winner of the Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award, in the Young Adult Fiction category. Award-Winning Finalist in the “Children’s Fiction” category of the 2015

International Book Awards
, Award-Winning Finalist in the 2015 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards.

“I woke up this morning and I had lost my smile and it wasn’t my fault and I looked everywhere and it was gone. Then I met a workman and a king and the best salesman in the world and a clown and no-one wanted to give me theirs. At school, I asked Miss to give me hers, but she gave us a pop quiz instead, and then no-one was smiling and…”

A little boy wakes up in the morning and realizes he has lost his smile. After spending the entire day trying to find it, he learns the truth behind smiles: the only real smiles are the shared ones.

Fire and Water (Book #3 of the Angel Story Saga)

by Julius St. Clair

After defeating an Archangel, Team Six is ready for some rest and relaxation.

But their respite couldn’t have come at a worse time.

The Battle of the East has ramped up, the demons are winning, and no one’s sure why. Cadence and his team think that the humans have something to do with it, and so they investigate Adam’s descendants, coming across a man named Noah, and the people that threaten to destroy his ark and his family.

After uncovering a plot that threatens all of humanity, Cadence finds himself overwhelmed. For in order to discover who is behind the scenes, he has to face his past.

And then to defeat his enemiesâ?¦survive a flood.

Tinkletown: Your Favorite Place to ‘Go’

by Riley Dayberry

Come, journey through witty rhymes and whimsical illustrations and celebrate the restroom with your family. Your child will love tinkle time when your ordinary bathroom is transformed into Tinkletown!

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