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Autism Resource Guide: Help for Parents and Families with Autistic Children (Self Help)

by Kim Beinke

Help for Parents and Families with Autistic Children and Resource Guide was written by a parent of an autistic child to reach out to families with autistic children.

Hearing that your child has autism can be quite devastating. Caring for a child with such a disorder brings about many difficulties and challenges, but life doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to be discouraged. You can help your child overcome his condition by developing skills that will allow him to have a better life.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to understand your child’s situation and cope with it. You will find different strategies that you can employ to aid his treatments and different ways through which you can care for yourself while caring for your child. The book also outlines tips to encourage family members become a vital part in the development of the child with autism.

Autism doesn’t have to hold you back. You can lead a normal life and you can help your child be the best that he can be. There are various treatments available and you just need to find out the best approach for your child. Just remember that your child is unique. There is hope!

Why Am I So Insecure? Step-by-Step Guide to Stop Feeling Insecure About Yourself and Lead a More Present Life (Self Improvement Book 5)

by Jennifer N. Smith

Insecurities can affect every area of our lives, from relationships to finances to our jobs. Even though experiencing some insecurities in life is perfectly normal and it is something that everyone goes through. The problem comes when we allow these insecurities to take over our lives and we allow our emotions to control us.

This book is going to help you understand why you are dealing with the insecurities that you deal with on a day to day basis and more than that, it is going to teach you how to overcome these insecurities and become a confident person.

No longer do you have to deal with the insecurities in your life and allow them to control you. Now is the time for you to take responsibility for your actions and take control of the way you feel.

Exit Normal: How We Escaped With Our Family and Changed Our Life

by Domini Hedderman

An escape from your life. A break from the busy schedule and the excesses of American culture. Time to relax with your family away from the rat race and time to reboot yourself. Even though it seems like an impossible dream, Domini and Kevin Hedderman did all of these things by pausing their life, packing some suitcases, renting out their house, and boarding a plane for the remote jungle of Belize with their four young children.

There in Belize they spent six epic months, house sitting for a seafront, off-the-grid property, hanging out in simple local villages, and rediscovering each other without the constant distractions of television, instant entertainment, and too much stuff. The experience broadened their perspective of the world and reminded them how important it is to create the life of your dreams now, even if it means breaking out of what is considered “normal.”

Follow their story from the beginning, when they thought it was just a crazy idea like everyone else, to the end, when they realized that this family sabbatical was a necessary, powerful step in their family’s journey. Learn about how they planned the escape, financed it, and handled the kids’ education while away. Listen to how their exit from normal changed every element of their lives. And be inspired to leave your own version of normal, if only for awhile, to gain a new and fresh perspective on life.

Guide To Understanding The Principles of Manhood: Guide To Understanding The Principles of Manhood

by Ronald Barnes

Guide To Understanding The Principles of Manhood is a book that clearly identifies the principles and values that every man should have. It embraces the reality that there is a difference between an adult male and a man.

Each chapter is designed to be a springboard for conversation that will allow individuals to internalize the positive values of manhood.

Parents, teachers and counselors use this book as a tool to instill and develop the core values that should be in the mindset of every “real” man.

The principles articulated in “Guide To Understanding The Principles of Manhood” have been the foundation of mentoring programs in schools, churches and community organization all over the United States of America.

Programs such as “menformation” in the Boys and Girls Club of America and the “S.A.T.U.” program in the Connecticut Mental Health Department at Yale University have used this book to positively change the lives of hundreds of people both male and female.

The book “Guide To Understanding The Principles of Manhood” has a to the point, easy to read, non-intimidating format.


by TM Allen

Many people live in a circle of debt. This may continue for life except something is done to remedy their situation.

The only way to be free from debt and move forward is to plan. The planning in this regard is to budget. Less than 10% of adult budget in their life time.

People who are rich budget. They watch their expenses. To join the rich you must do what the rich do.

The rich among other things budget more than other thing.

In this book I solved the problems of budgeting. Even if you have never done so before. with this guide you will be able to do it.

The book is written in such simple language that even a child will be able to understand.

I will have brought the experience I had for years as a family finance advisor.

I also provided a template you can use to start.

You will happy you bought this and like my clients you will send a thank you


How to be Happy?

by Susie Jane Fortess

It’s a strange world we live in. Half of us are starving while the other half have far too much. This book won’t help you to make money, but it may help you achieve a sense of well being, happiness even. You just need to change the way you think. Money and fame does not bring happiness. What does Peaches Geldof, Amy Winehouse or Michael Jackson bring to mind? They were rich. They were famous. Were they happy?


by Dennis Gac

At one time or another most Fathers’ rights contested cases face some form of alienation of the children against the Father. The term Parental Alienation Syndrome was a phrase coined by Dr. Richard Gardner who categorized this syndrome as a consistent pattern of alienation against one or the other parent; mostly against Fathers who are normally not the custodial parents. This important book teaches you about the syndrome and what you can do.

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