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Writer’s Retreat New York City (Writer’s Retreat Travel Guides Book 1)

by Juliet C. Obodo

In this comprehensive guide to the best places to read and write while in New York, traveling writer Juliet C. Obodo explores tons of cafés in search of the perfect place to sip and savor while you write your life’s tale. If there is one thing that is vital for a successful writing experience in the portable world of laptops and lattes, it is a workspace where you can actually work! What began with one writer’s experience during construction on her building, and a need to escape in order to produce her next book, has become the Writer’s Retreat series. Created with a keen eye for what you need to write/read/study/blog with gusto (and caffeine), this book will help you navigate all five boroughs of New York.

Focusing on an affordable budget for writers, bloggers, and students, there is something here for everyone. Highlighting café hours, locations and specialties and noting which times are just right for uninterrupted productivity, Writer’s Retreat New York will help you find what you are looking for: inspiration and just the right amount of caffeine. In addition to coffee, there are a bevy of New York locations that boast sprawling tea selections, multiple levels to accommodate the rather large, travelling creative population of the Big Apple, and treats ranging from cheesy breakfast sandwiches to dessert delights.

Wi-Fi access is listed, as are those small shops that only take cash so you can arrive prepared rather than waste precious time running to an ATM. From trendy Brooklyn haunts to bustling Manhattan gems that slow down after the morning rush, Writer’s Retreat has something for you. Hungry? No problem, there are selections from Queens to Staten Island that will leave you satiated and streaming consciousness. Grabbing a basic black coffee and blogging? Done! Searching for somewhere to sit and savor a crafted cup while studying for finals? Check! People watching and devouring a rollicking read? C’mon down!

No matter what your retreat requirements may be, Writer’s Retreat New York likely contains the place you always wanted to discoverâ??without the work of being the one to find it first. Obodo thoughtfully includes local spots guaranteed to inspire in each borough. Begin in a museum or wander through botanical gardens, then follow your inner child to a park or sooth your soul and meditate in a quiet chapel. In addition to the café selections that are neatly divided by neighborhoods within boroughs, you will find a section on etiquette and timeframesâ??you know, for those novellas written in a single sittingâ??and yes, you should spend a certain amount and tip well if you plan to return. So grab a cup of Joe with your Writer’s Retreat in hand and head to your new favorite place!


by Gary Beziers

This e-book is based on a true story that happened in Unitec New Zealand. Real names of the involved persons are changed.

“The Thought Train Series” presents a series of thoughts visualized as a train that keeps traveling across different territories of the human mind. It is a journey from nowhere to nowhere. It stops though at various “stations” represented by numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on. Each of these “stations” will delight you with unique and interesting learning experiences.

Come and take a seat in this “Thought Train”.

There is ample space for everyone.

Study Techniques: 14 Practical Tips for Students to Excel in University

by Gordon Leger

Today YOU Can Learn How Excel in School!

You might consider college as a mystery, your exams as hit-or-miss, and your success on shaky grounds. High grades might be something that you simply don’t know how to get.

If you’ve ever wondered how to earn high grades, and how to study, and you’re currently in school, you need this book!

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Learn from the guy how has made every mistake when it comes to studying and being a student, who has gone from Cs, D, and Fs, to As and Bs, who utterly hated his major to loving it.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The characteristics of top students (simply follow the ‘Rules).
  • Why the test questions don’t alwaysreflect what you learn in class
  • The subjects which you MUST master to become a fully independent student
  • The biochemistry of learning, and how to use this to your advantage.
  • How to keep your motivation throughout your semesters and many years of school.
  • How to memorize very difficult-to-remember facts, terms, names, places, etc.
  • How to win, and continuously win in studying

Can you honestly say that you can do all those things?

If yes, show this to a friend who can’t. If not, then…

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This book is part of a series that teaches study techniques, how to study, how to excel in school, student life

Charlie and the Gratitude Bunny

by Waihuini

Teaching children simple gratitude.

The biggest mysteries of the world: Apocalypse 2016

by Peter reteP

The biggest mysteries of the world

Only for adults 18+


Materials contained in this book can, and probably will change entirely your picture of reality. Reality is much different from that, what is shown by the media even called alternate. After reading this book you will understand the basics so that you can create everything.

We will discuss the most important mysteries of the world.

We will learn about the construction of the world, we discover the secrets of gravity and antigravity, along with many examples. Also all possible sources of energy and the principle of obtaining, collection and transmission.

From the knowledge of prior centuries, through the messages of the Bible, the discovery of scientists and visions from science fiction films, we will discover all the possibilities of the modern world and technology to see what life really is, and how may look.

If you really are ready to discover the greatest mysteries of this world and you want to understand the reality, find out what is eternal life and how to achieve them, you found the best source with all these answers In a simple, digestible for everyone language.


1) The construction of the world.

Construction of flat Earth and the principles on which operates the universe.

2) What is gravity and examples for antigravity solutions.

Many examples of antigravity solutions.

3) Teleportation and time travels.

Discuss the principles of teleportation and time travel with the most important related risks and what is the time and why it is just an illusion.

4) Electricity.

What is electricity and the principle of obtaining voltage.

5) Creating and processing each matter.

Gold from garbage? Explanation of the principles of creating each matter.

6) Holography.

Optical illusion of the world, that is how works the human eye.

7) War with aliens and secret of the Fallen Angel.

Armageddon or Apocalypse ? What it means and when it will happen.

8) Other secrets in brief.

Global warming, longevity, eternal life, levitation, cancer and few others…

Magical Realism and Symbolism in The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira and Her Heartless Grandmother by Gabriel García Márquez

by Julien Siino

A short analysis of the use of magical realism and symbolism in Gabriel García Márquez’s short novel Innocent Eréndira.

Martial Arts: Various Fighting Styles

Describes various fighting style and histories of Martial Arts around the world from Japan to Ireland.

101 Tips for First Grade Homeschooling (How to Homeschool Book 3)

by Adriana Zoder

Volume 3 in the How to Homeschool Series by Adriana Zoder, 101 Tips for First Grade Homeschooling offers 10 chapters with 10 practical tips each, plus Chapter 11, where Adriana details tip #101, Sex Education. In this succint book, written with the busy homeschooling parent in mind, you will receive guidance on how to teach reading, writing and mathematics, how to make the most of even the smallest fragments of time, how to nurture your child’s creativity, and how to evaluate curriculum, among other topics.

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