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Mail Order Bride: Double Deception (Mail Order Brides Book 5)

by Annie Boone

Ella Barber finds herself in a difficult situation. She’s a survivor, though, and she decides to fight for a better life for herself and her young son.

She has lost her beloved husband and sees that she has few options. She doesn’t want her son to grow up with an expectation that he follow his father’s footsteps of being a butler in a wealthy household. She decides to become a Mail Order Bride and starts corresponding with a doctor in Belmont, Nevada. The two become quite close through their letters and Ella is sure she has found the answer to her prayers. A stable, new life for the two of them.

Dr. George McCade is a well respected doctor who serves the community of Belmont.

He is eager to meet Ella and have her become his wife. He offers a proposal in his letter before they meet face to face. Ella is taken in by his charm and outlook on life.

What could go wrong for these two love birds?

Double Deception is the fifth in a series of Mail Order Brides short stories from Annie Boone. Annie writes clean, Christian romance.

A MAIL ORDER BRIDE ROMANCE: Kitty O’Shea (Montana, Christian, Clean, Sweet Romance) (Inspirational Western Short Story): Sweet Western Historical Romance (Fort Benton Mail Order Brides Book 4)

by Suzanna Murdock

Kitty has been a governess for 10 years. Her youngest charge is leaving for boarding school and Kitty faces a dilemma, does she seek another job and thereby have her heart broken each time a child leaves for boarding school or does she take a chance on finding a husband, to create a family of her own?

Matthew Stewart is a widower with two young children. His interest is only in finding a mother for his children. He never wants to love again, he doesn’t want to open himself to the pain he experienced when his first wife died.

Kitty and Matthew are brought together by a matrimonial agency and the arrangement suits their needs. Kitty’s mother died when she was young and she was left with a father in grief, the similarities attract Kitty to the Stewart family. She wants to heal the wounds of loss.

But there is a secret lurking in Matthew’s past, a second wife who has disappeared. Will the secret be revealed? Will Kitty fill the void left by the children’s mother.

My fifth book in the Fort Benton mail order bride series, Bridget Murphy, will be out shortly.

Holiday Mail Order Bride Historical Western Sweet Romance: A Bride For Christmas (New Adult Contemporary Women’s Fiction)

by Lydia Stone



Riley & Gwen are both in need of a Christmas miracle this year.

Riley never had problems being the sheriff of Springhole until Rubar shows up with his awful business. Rubar is a schemer that sells out mail order brides and is looking to rope Riley’s sister, too. Gwen, a heroic young woman that was sold by her family into the mail order bride business stands up to Rubar and sides with Riley in helping him defeat Rubar and his business.

Gwen and Riley team up to take his business down by advertising in the same publications as him, but their ultimate scheme to success is what can really take him down. If it works, they do not know.

The two of them talk endlessly and take long rides to other towns. In doing so, they get to know one another and begin falling for one another. He loves her and so does she, but will either one of them be able to notice?

When I’m With You (Pure in Heart Book 2)

by Melanie Wilber

When I’m With You: Pure in Heart Series, Book Two

Amber and Seth are on their way to college. Some of their friends from home are staying behind, but they are excited about their new journey and what awaits them during their freshman year at Lifegate.

Kerri is also excited, but some unsettled feelings in the first few weeks seem to be plaguing her for no apparent reason. Among other things, she seeks out some new friendships and isn’t disappointed by them. Nor is she greatly opposed to a surprising turn of events she never saw coming.

Chad and Jessica begin to discover a special friendship neither of them are certain they are ready for, but will God’s faithfulness to restore them not only be real but take them into a deeper love than they ever imagined? And how will their friends cope with the trials and celebrate the joy they experience during this unique time of life?

*When I’m with You is the second book in the Pure in Heart college series for teens and young adults ages 16 and up. Books in this series are meant to be read in sequential order.

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