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ROMANCE: A Thin Line Series (Alphas Bad Boy Billionaire Stepbrother Lover) (Forbidden Taboo Contemporary New Adult Twisted)


Diana Howard had always had what most people would call a normal kind of life. Her stepbrother was the one that got away, or he was, until forces beyond their control made them see each other for the first time. They harbored these feelings, but they never acted on it, until that fateful day that her emotions got the best of her.

Calvin Howard was a man with a lot of baggage and a need to do the right thing. This came in the form of undercover work for internals affairs that led to a group of corrupt cops that weren’t going to allow him to unravel their empire of crime. Unfortunately, he had no choice, but to bring Diana into his world

It was fraught with danger and from the moment that they started this ill conceived love they were constantly thrown into one situation after another. The betrayal that they felt from Travis might be the last nail in their coffin, or could be just the beginning. What happens when they find out who is the true mastermind behind the scene?

A Thin Line is a Five book series

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